President Obama has called on another one of his Chicago gangland buddies to come to work for him in our Whitehouse.  William Daley, son of legendary Mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley, and brother to current Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, is going to be Obama’s new Chief of Staff.  He served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce from 1997 to 2000 and is a lawyer and business executive.  Currently he is serving on the Executive Committee of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co that received $25 billion in bailout cash.  He reportedly opposed the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  He also led the effort to loosen regulations on accounting and auditing.  Daley is known for his supporting business friendly policies.  So, looks like we have another crooked banker in the Whitehouse.  Things are bound to get better now.

Remember when you were a kid in school, remember the big lie, no not drugs, I mean when they told us that any one of us could grow up to be president?  Year after year the same people continue to rule over us.  Our government power base has become a hereditary institution.  And year after year we have to watch new relatives being brought into the fold.  Some of which, like John Boehner, honestly appear to be mildly retarded.  What a mess.
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Pictures of a new Chinese stealth bomber were leaked onto the internet Thursday.  Apparently by the Chinese government in an effort to show off their new technology and flex their military muscle.  The belief that it must have been the Chinese government that leaked the photo is based on the fact that the internet is censored 100% in China and the picture has not been removed.

What do you want to bet that the plane was made with materials derived from scrap metal from the United States?  For ten years before World War II American scrap metal was being sold to Japan.  This is indeed what they built the war machine with that they used against us.  How ironic would it be if seventy years later we once again had bombs dumped on us from a plane made out of American scrap?
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Before the 112th Congress begins business the Constitution of the United States will be read from the podium.  From this day forward each new piece of legislation introduced in that body must cite the Constitutional authority for the bill.  Speaker of the House John Boehner, commenting on the issue spoke those famous words, “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Beautiful words, unfortunately for Mr. Boehner they were the wrong words.  Apparently he needs to go to the third grade teacher that is teaching him American history so that he or she can explain to him the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Representative Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, called the reading of the Constitution “Total Nonsense.”  Nadler went on to say that the act of reading the Constitution by the Republican Party was hypocritical as he asserts that the Republicans routinely violate the Constitution as much as the Democrats do.
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It had all the pomp and circumstance of crowning a king as Nancy Pelosi passed the two foot, ten pound gavel to John Boehner, in effect making him Speaker of the House.  All this pomp and circumstance redefines the word “childish” and makes one wonder where these pompous idiots come from.  If you think about it, a soldier in Afghanistan serves his or her country in a tent while being paid about what John Boehner lays on the table for tips in a year.  Why do these people need marble buildings to do the business for people that cannot afford to eat?  Is it because they know they are frauds and phonies and think that the building they are in will actually change who and what they are?

One of the first things Boehner said in his acceptance speech was that he and the rest of Congress were there to protect the freedoms and liberties of the citizens who put them in office.  If this were not a bald faced lie, the first order of business for the 112th Congress would be to repeal the Patriot Act which has stripped the American citizen of his or her 1st through 8th Amendment Rights.  The second order of business would be to order the arrests of 90% of the CEOs that have stolen our wealth and left us on the verge of bankruptcy.
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Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab Province, was killed in a shooting in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad on Tuesday. Apparently Mr. Taseer had been backing the release of a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blaspheming against Islam.  The assassination has immense political ramifications, causing a near collapse of Pakistan’s government as members of the coalition government are moving to the opposition’s benches.

The whole scenario has been described as a setback for the American cause in Afghanistan as the opposition groups in Pakistan harbor the Afghans who are in opposition to U.S. interests.
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The U.S. National debt now stands at $14 trillion.  It is easy to type the number but I believe to truly grasp the enormity it represents is beyond the average citizen’s comprehension.  House Republicans are pledging to cut $100 billion from our $3 trillion budget.  With the quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve it has come to the point that our government no longer bothers to print the money the numbers represent.  They just keep adding zeroes on the accounts and our grandchildren just keep getting further and further in debt.

To give you some idea as to what $14 trillion represents let’s look at something we all can relate to.  $14 trillion would pay for 466 tiers of unemployment.  So you are looking at about 300 years of unemployment benefits, and remember, this is money that is borrowed and has to be paid back.  This is an impossible figure and the only way the richest country on the planet could possibly owe this amount is through fraud and deception.
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The people of the United States have always worked toward the ultimate goal of full equality.  This ideal is preached to us every day in every way.  We have even fought wars over it.  So how is equality faring in 2011?  Well that depends on who you are.  The top 1% of the richest Americans at present have 90% of the wealth.  I think this is not equal or fair.

I have been thinking a lot about equality and fairness lately.  Is it equal that there are thousands of plush resorts around our country that many of us will never get to see except on a television screen?  Is it fair that our tax monies go to the peoples of Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands when they pay nothing in?  Many will say that you get what you work for.  These are the same people that make idols out of Paris Hilton and the Saudi Crown Prince.  Think about it.  There are people born in this country that never hit a lick, and not only have everything, but are looked up to for having it.
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Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah are considering legislation to put an end to the anchor baby boom.  If any illegal pregnant woman can make it across our border before she gives birth that child is granted automatic citizenship.  The theory being that the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to anyone born here.  Right or wrong aside, the 14th Amendment was passed to grant citizenship to the children of African slaves who had been living in this country for generations and were brought here against their will.  And that was the right thing to do.

The so called anchor babies fall under international law, which asserts any person born abroad retains the citizenship of his or her parents.  I believe the Democrats are so desperate to keep Obama in office that they are willing to give to the illegals anything they want for their votes.  Even if the things they are giving away are not theirs to give.
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World population is growing by about 80 million people per year.  We are now at 7 billion and counting.  The U.N. estimates that we may reach 9 billion by 2045.  At present there are 1 billion people in the world without enough food to eat.  The situation is not being described as one in lacking space it is rather being described as a situation involving our ability to produce enough food to feed everyone.

Some experts are citing global warming and CO2 emmissions as the largest barrier to producing sufficient levels of food to support the population, which I do not quite understand.  I have in fact conducted experiments in an effort to explore the hypothesis.
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It is being predicted that gas prices will be climbing to $4 to $5 per gallon in the next year.  Though the mainstream propagandists are trying to belittle the situation the fact is this is going to cause drastic affects on our economy.  If gas goes to $5 per gallon, diesel fuel will go to $8.  If there are any smaller trucking companies that survived $5 per gallon diesel two years ago, they will be put out of business this time.  And this is a good thing if you happen to be one of the big trucking corporations as the hike will further eliminate their competition.  Once the smaller companies are out of the way the monopolized trucking industry will be able to set the going rate for ground shipping.

Beef, poultry, and milk have all seen dramatic price increases in the past year.  If the diesel fuel goes to even $6 per gallon we are going to see large increases in literally every consumable commodity we purchase.  And at the same time the speculators are driving up the price of oil and everything else with it they are calling for not only reductions of the minimum wage but wage reductions across the board.
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The new Congress will be convening on the 5th and the false Tea Partiers will be raising the hatchet to the poor, unemployed, old, and even the middle class.  The way Obama is talking it is like he is getting ready to go to his high school reunion.  If the population of this country could just come to grips with the reality of the false left-right paradigm and realize there are no Democrats or Republicans but only a group of international gangsters that want to finish extracting every last morsel of our wealth and take off to their chateaus in Switzerland while we are left to starve in the third world we might actually stand a chance of salvaging a future for our progeny.

In the United States, the richest country on the planet, there are today children going hungry while the greedy rich spend every waking hour trying to figure new ways to take food out of poor children’s mouths.
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It is 2011, 365 days for the filthy rich to see how much more they can take from us.  Of course the propagandists are blazing away pushing their recovery lie.  People, we no longer have an industrial base, yet the rich continue acquiring more wealth, literally making bank on the stock market in 2010.  As we are producing very little that would represent created wealth, where are all these riches being accumulated by the wealthy coming from?  Well, there is only one logical explanation.

The wealth is being raked up from the lower tiers in our society.  This wealth is represented by profits being made through outsourcing of our jobs and liquidation of the equity we once held in our real property.  It is a transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the greedy rich.  And as they are stealing hand over fist they are spouting out of the corners of their mouths, “End regulation” and “Cut our taxes.”
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United States Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, is busy today securing one of the borders of our homeland.  It is not the border between Texas and Mexico, New Mexico and Mexico, Arizona and Mexico, or California and Mexico.  It is indeed our homeland border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Yes, you heard me right, United States Homeland Security, according to Ms. Napolitano, is going to seal the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Napolitano flew to Afghanistan, taking with her our expert border agents, which have so effectively sealed our Southern border.  So what is our United States Homeland Security Secretary doing in a foreign country leading a crusade to seal their border while the entire population of South America is pouring into the United States through Mexico?
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New Hawaiian Governor, Neil Abercrombie, has stated that he is going to acquire Barrack Obama’s original birth certificate in order to put to rest the issue of Obama’s place of birth and citizenship once and for all.

You would think that all those who support Obama would favor the action.  And what are we really talking about here, nothing more than producing a document that should have been produced a long time ago.  However, leftist Demorats are urging Abercrombie to stay out of the Birther debate.
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Weekly new unemployment claims dropped last week to 388,000 which is the lowest they have been since July of 2008.  Of course we have seen the highest retail spending on Christmas since 2008.  Do you think the two might have something to do with one another?  The fact is the number of people receiving long term unemployment rose for the week.

We will get to see the ugly truth when the yearly unemployment report is released sometime in the next two weeks.  The way the mainstream propagandists are back peddling from their positive growth dogma, I have to believe the yearly report will show unemployment to be unexpectedly high.
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The Economy Policy Institute reported that U.S. companies created 1.4 million jobs this year.  There is just one small problem.  They were all created overseas.  If these jobs had been American jobs they would have lowered the unemployment number to 8.9%.

So why are American businesses doing their hiring overseas?  They say it is because of over-regulation and excessive corporate taxes.  Of course they fail to mention CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, which are American made laws that give incentives to hire workers in other countries.
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Danish Intelligence officers arrested suspected terrorists Wednesday.  They are accused of preparing to attack a Copenhagen newspaper that five years ago released cartoons depicting the Profit Mohamed.  They were apparently well armed and carrying plastic ties in their pockets to use as hand cuffs.  It is believed that the plan was to kill as many people as possible.

Denmark’s intelligence service said it arrested four men in two raids in suburbs of the capital, Copenhagen, and seized an automatic weapon, a silencer and ammunition. Swedish police said they arrested a 37-year-old Swedish citizen of Tunisian origin living in Stockholm.
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South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has announced a change in strategy in reference future South Korean responses to North Korean attacks.  The change in heart comes after mass criticisms from the South Korean people for his failure to counter attack after North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island on November 23rd.

President Lee has also appointed a new defense minister.  He has stated that any further attacks from the North will be answered with massive air strikes.
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Well we are closing in on the New Year and it would be nice to be looking at 2011 as a new start with potential for new opportunities.  But then that god damned old reality keeps getting in the way.  A rich corporate business man, speaking on Bloomberg, said that the rich were still holding on to $2 trillion because the uncertainty in reference to taxes was still looming.  In essence the huge tax cuts given to the top 2% is not going to create one job.

This rich fellow went on to state that a majority of the stimulus monies were being spent on investments in China, and of course he was laughing when he said it.  He finished by saying that he predicted that the states, in order to stay fiscally solvent, will be cutting between one and two million jobs from the public sector.
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Barrack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is truly amazing.  While playing golf and sipping Mai Tais out of pineapples on the private beach we paid for him to stay at, he managed to go above and beyond in his multitasking.  A provision that was pulled from his health care plan, the end of life counseling which equates in reality to the formation of death panels, was reinserted back into the health care law.  Many have labeled this provision as an inevitable death sentence for Grandma and Grandpa but it is far more diabolical.

You see, I live in Oregon where the eugenicists practice their evil before unleashing it on the rest of the country.  We have a lot of rural areas that are under complete control of international corporate interests.  Without any legislation being in place to make their actions lawful, the hospital where I live has enacted policy wherein if you go there for something as minute as a blood test, you are forced to sign a document that gives the hospital absolute control over your treatment for one year. If you refuse to sign you are denied service.
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