It seems everyone is looking for a quick fix for the unemployment problem.  Well to get a quick fix or any other we must understand the motivations of the people who are causing the problem.  And just what exactly is the motivation of the rich?  Profit.  The fact is they have profited to a fault in what they have done to the 99ers and they will continue to abuse us as long as it is profitable to so. 

I am not an attorney but I do believe there is something contained in the body of our law in reference to unjust enrichment.  The enrichment they are enjoying at present is the direct result of an unjust act in that they have unlawfully manipulated our institutions to allow them to enrich themselves through our natural resources without any compensation to the rest of us; in short they have taken their share of our natural resources and ours. 
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We are now 13 days into the Egyptian protests and Friday was more of a whimper than a bang.  I guess the anti-Mubarak protesters rethought the strategy of marching on the Presidential Palace, which is probably for the best as the Egyptian military seems to have gotten things back under control.  The protests are mostly peaceful at present but it is being speculated that violence could erupt again if President Mubarak does not step down soon.

Increasingly we are finding out more about the Islamic Brotherhood, a faction which technically is outlawed in Egypt as no religious political parties are allowed.  Apparently the Brotherhood wields a lot more power than originally reported and in fact has been involved in the uprisings since the beginning. 
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Upon hearing the good news Friday morning that the jobless recovery would continue, I called Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Washington D.C. office.  During a conversation with Jackson’s press secretary I was informed that only two thousand of our resumes had been presented to Congress to date, as it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to print them and the cost could not be justified.  Via further inquiry I found out Mr. Jackson has addressed our Congress on the 99er issue twice in January for one minute on each occasion, making a grand total of two minutes of time allotted to 20 million long term unemployed. 

Jackson’s aid further indicated that Speaker of the House Boehner is responsible for the no-action being taken for the 99ers.  Apparently one man is running our Congress and neither Jesse Jackson Jr., nor any other Congress person can do any business without his permission.  If this is true I guess all the rest of the so called representatives might as well come home and stop collecting a pay check and let John Boehner run our Congress as an undisputed dictator.
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The mainstream propagandists are reporting only 36,000 jobs were created in January, which is far below the 250,000 expected.  In fact 325,000 jobs need to be created each and every month just to keep up with the new people entering the work force that are leaving college and just starting out in their careers.  So how in the world is it possible that the unemployment rate dropped to 9%?  Well I will tell you.  Six million long term unemployed are not being counted as unemployed anymore.  In fact everyone who becomes a 99er is automatically removed from the equation. 

It is now being put forth as a fact that when a person’s unemployment runs out and they have not found a job, it is because they are no longer looking and just do not want one.  As predicted the 99ers have gone from being considered unemployed to being street beggars who prefer that life. 
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Those of us who have been able to go grocery shopping this month have noticed about a third less in our shopping cart than was there in previous months.  We have been told the bursting of the housing bubble is the reason we have lost our jobs and been made impoverished.  Well there is now a new bubble we need to worry about.  It is being described in mainstream media as the food bubble.  Apparently the insane amount of money the Federal Reserve has been printing is starting to show its affects on the commodities markets. 

This is and is not an issue involving supply and demand.  You see, the 21st century farmer is selling his crops before they are even grown to speculators.  The whole idea of the speculative selling was originally put forth as a way to insure stable prices to the farmer.  However, as the dollar is being devaluated at an alarming rate, the crops sold next year at a price that would seem reasonable this year are going to leave the farmer short. 
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Gunshots rang out in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt as violent protests continue.  The violence is being caused by government sponsored anarchists identifying themselves as supporters of President Mubarak.  The two crowds, having established battle lines, have been going at one another all week.  In the skirmishes prisoners were even taken.  Some of those taken by the protesters wanting Mubarak to step down were in fact police in civilian clothes. 

Mubarak’s government is arresting foreign journalists and telling others to stop reporting.  The only news being shown in Egypt is state run television.  Also all foreigners were told to evacuate the country.
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In the 1776 the United States was at war with the British Empire, which was considered the greatest military force on the planet at the time.  The British soldier was armed with the smooth bore flintlock musket known as the Brown Bess.  These rifles were incredibly inaccurate, which is why the European armies had taken up the practice of fighting in open fields and in rank and file.  The two armies would simply march up to one another and fire aimlessly.  The British were well disciplined and would probably have defeated the Colonials had our forefathers played by the rules.  Fortunately for us they did not.

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There is hardly a newspaper left in this country that is still being printed.  The majority of the people of the United States have come to the point that they no longer believe a single word being told to them by the mainstream media.  The fact is the alternate media on the internet has become the single source for those who demand the truth.

The whole scenario is beginning to seriously worry the international corporate mafia.  This is why you are seeing extreme measures being proposed to censor and control all information going out over the net in the United States.  The propagandists are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to shape our reality and control our actions. 
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WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is still in England waiting an extradition hearing.  Meanwhile recent WikiLeaks releases have prompted speculation from one end of the spectrum to the other.  The leaks involve various documents relating to world terrorism and possibilities and probabilities for a nuclear war in the Middle East. 

Many of the documents described terrorists making chemical and biological agents that they intend to release on their enemies around the world.  Some are speculating that the documents were purposefully leaked to rekindle the fear generated by 9/11.  These fears seem to have deteriorated in the face of other fears relating to not having a job and starving to death.  It must be noted that the release of the documents coincides with growing upheaval in the Muslim world. 
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99ers living in tent cities in Pennsylvania will be enjoying their holiday feast.  In an effort to participate in Groundhog Day the 99ers adopted a big fat grey rat.  They are calling the rat Punxsutawney Barry Soetoro.  You see while the rich folk on the other side of the tracks are eating pastries and sipping hot toddies preparing for Punxsutawney Phil to appear, the peasants in the tent city will be having their own ceremony.  Wherein the grey rat Barry is let out of his cardboard box at noon on a hill top with a halide light shining over his head, and if he sees his shadow that means six more months with no relief for the long term unemployed.

After the ceremonies the rich folk will be attending party events designed to pamper their every indulgence and allow them to wallow in the delusion that they truly deserve all they have stolen from the rest of us.  The 99ers back at the tent city will be enjoying their own feast, groundhog on a stick.  That, my friends, is the difference between a rich man’s groundhog and a poor man’s.
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Is the issue of jobs being addressed by those claiming to represent the people of the United States in the House, Congress, and the Executive?  The answer is no.  The fact is the jobs issue has become nothing more than a political excuse for those currently in power to do anything they want.  If they want to cut a program and give the money for that program to the rich they simply say, “We have to do it to create jobs.”  If they want to keep tax cuts for the rich they say, “It will create jobs.”  If they want to deregulate, which in reality is what caused the economic crisis and the loss of our jobs, they say, “We are doing it to create jobs.” 

I expect any day to see a bill introduced to euthanize all the 99ers in the name of creating 100 jobs running the gas chambers.  The fact is not only has not one job been created by our new Congress, but we are losing thousands every day to further corporate downsizing and a further transfer of jobs overseas. 
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Seven days of protests in Egypt and still no clue as to what is going to become of it all.  It is reported there will be a million person march Tuesday and a general strike has been called throughout the nation.  It seems the people of Egypt want the dictator Mubarak out, and they are not going to settle for anything less, which begs the question, if Mubarak steps down who is going to step up to lead the country until elections can be held.  

The Egyptian military is definitely the prominent power but if it is not being controlled by a civilian authority that would leave the Egyptians with a military dictatorship, which is essentially what they are trying to get away from.  It is hard to believe that those who planned the revolt, which has thus far been successful, did not have a contingency plan in the event that they succeeded. 
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The United States has a $1.4 trillion budget deficit and economists are saying we simply cannot afford to spend anymore.  If that is true why are we paying to quarter troops in Japan, Germany, South Korea, and in all reality 150 countries around the world?  It has recently been brought front and center that Egypt is the second largest recipient of US foreign aid at $1.55 billion per year.  And of course the chosen people of Israel are number one at $3.175 billion per year.  That is $2.775 billion in military aid coupled with; get this, $400 million in economic aid.  People, our economy is worse than Israel’s so why is this treasonous government borrowing money in our grandchildren’s name to give to the Israelis?  Evidently because they are entitled to it.

According to the government’s user-friendly Web site, Uncle Sam doles out “more than $58 billion a year in foreign assistance through more than 20 agencies.”  This amount is adjusted yearly for inflation and doled out like clockwork.  These are by definition entitlements for citizens of other countries. 
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Today marks the 6th day of protest in Egypt and once again the protesters have defied the government imposed curfew.  It is presently being reported that 100 are dead and 6,000 have been injured in the riots. 

Egyptian dictator Mubarak met Egypt’s Defense Minister today as American made tanks filled the streets and American made fighter jets and helicopters filled the sky.  Mubarak is still refusing to step down and the people are still demanding that he do so.  
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President Obama, in a speech on Friday, said that the people have rights, the right to be heard and have their issues addressed.  He went on to say that to ignore these rights is to invite the people to legitimately rise up against their government.  He further indicated that he supported such uprisings by the people when their adverse conditions are being ignored.  Of course Obama was not talking about the 99ers, or even the people of United States, but rather the people of Egypt.

President Soetoro is not only a two bit liar but a hypocrite to boot.  He talks about his solidarity and support for the people of Egypt who have been ignored by their totalitarian government to the point that they are rioting and being shot down in the streets.  But when it comes to the people of the United States he is projecting a double standard. 
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Protests continue in Egypt today as president Mubarak is still refusing to step down.  Mubarak did however, in addressing the situation, fire his cabinet and nominate one of his top security agents for vice president.  Egyptian troops have replaced the police in the streets in all but one sector wherein they are guarding the Interior Ministry in downtown Cairo where several people were shot when the crowd tried to advance.  It is reported that 68 people have been killed and 2000 wounded to date.

When the riots first began it was believed that they would have little or no impact on the U.S. economy.  However this scenario seems to have changed dramatically as it is now being reported that we will be seeing price increases literally across the board.  The crisis is also now being blamed for the sudden drop in the U.S. stock market on Friday. 
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Vice President Joe Biden, in a Yahoo interview, was asked what the long term unemployed need to do.  To which he responded, “Hang in there.”  He also added that we should stop smoking and eat healthier and exercise in order to bring down health care costs.  Joe Biden does not live on the same planet as the 99ers. 

Three days until the first of February and not one single piece of legislation to help the unemployed in any way has even been introduced in the Congress.  In fact the very word job is being said less and less in the mainstream propaganda.  Meanwhile the filthy rich continue to steal our resources hand over fist.
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As promised the Egyptian people unleashed.  The rioters numbered in the tens of thousands in cities all over Egypt.  In Cairo protesters set fire to the ruling party’s so called Democratic Headquarters while shouting, “Mubarak go to Saudi Arabia” and “We want democracy.”  Evidently the Egyptian people have been experiencing the same brand of democracy that our own government is trying to replace our Republican form of government with.

At last count 400 people are believed to have been injured in the protests.  Specific details coming out of Egypt are sketchy at best as the Mubarak regime has shut down all communication in an effort to stop the protesters form coordinating their events.  Mubarak and company also instituted a curfew, which the protesters ignored.
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There were 454,000 new jobless claims last week.  Hey no big deal, at least that is according to the mainstream propagandists.  What is important are corporations continuing to make record profits and the stock market climbing to above 12,000 points.  When the financial crisis hit the stock market was at 14,000, it dropped to 9,000.  So what did that 5,000 drop in points represent?  It was indeed the final result of the numerous Ponzi schemes being run by the off shore banks that had by that time, taken over complete control of the United States government. 

How many times have you heard the mainstream propagandists and politicians say that we all will have to suffer to repair the damage?  Well we 99ers certainly have done our share of suffering.  But it is a natural fact that the top ten percent have not only not suffered, but have prospered in what they are calling a jobless recovery.  A jobless recovery means every one recovers except the jobless. 
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Nobel Peace Prize winner and Egyptian diplomat, Mohamed Elbaradei, returned to his home town of Cairo to participate in a mass demonstration scheduled for today.  Elbaradei is expected to spearhead the demonstrations aimed at ousting Egyptian President Mubarack in a peaceful manner.

It is being rumored that Mubarack has fled to England as the battle in the streets of Cairo intensifies.  Apparently the police are now shooting live rounds at the citizens.  At present it is reported that five citizens have been killed and numerous injured.  To date 860 protesters have been “rounded up”.  I love the way they talk about people as if they were cattle. 
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