First Published 11-12-10

Well it seems that the top 2% earners are going to get their extension of the Bush tax cuts.  According to the mainstream propagandists this is what the American people want more than anything.   Oh yes, and we also want more tax cuts for businesses.  Thank God that the filthy rich are not going to have to be tightening their belts around their size 55 waists.

Isn’t it funny how the dominant issue went from jobs, jobs, jobs, to tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts overnight?  But then this is a funny country we are living in today.  Of course all these tax cuts will have to be paid for.  So who is going to have to cough up the cash?  Well to begin with, if you still own a car you are going to get to pay 15 cents more per gallon for your gasoline.  That is on top of the $4.00 per gallon you will be paying as a result of rising oil prices.
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First Published 11-11-10

Students in London are rioting in response to their government’s plans to double and in some cases triple the cost of tuition.  They stormed the building that houses the conservative branch of their government.  On top of the tuition hike their government is planning on raising taxes and cutting 40% of their spending.  That sounds kind of familiar.

Nearly every propagandist who reported on the riots asserted the possibility that we would see the same sort of riots here when the new congress cuts spending and entitlement programs.  England is a neo-socialist society which is to say that their government is as a nanny to them in ordering their lives from the cradle to the grave.  They are also unarmed.
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First Published 11-10-10

Well winter is closing in and with the start of quantitative easing, in the form of $600 billion being printed by the Federal Reserve, energy and commodities prices are on the rise.  The value of the dollar has begun to drop and as a result investors are shielding their huge profits they have acquired over the last few months by buying tangible goods such as commodities and oil, which is estimated to rise in price to $90 per barrel by the end of the month.
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First Published 11-9-10

I have been writing articles on Tier 5 unemployment and related issues for a couple of months now.  I am a 99er and my unemployment ran out back in May.  So what I put forth is from a 99er’s perspective.  Someone was complaining on the comments board yesterday because I did not mention the Tier 5 unemployment extension.

Well, so as not to offend, here goes.  Boy, we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  God, please give us a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  And I sure hope President Obama knows we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Well there you go, that should do it.  Now everybody can start watching the mail for their check.

In case anyone’s interested, it looks as if the filthy rich members of the international corporate mafia have applied adequate pressure to assure a compromise in reference to the Bush tax cuts.  If they get their way the cuts will be extended to the top 2% permanently, at a cost of $700 billion over the next ten years.  Now let’s see, at $30 billion a tier for unemployment extensions that would be 23.  But then what the hell does that have to do with a Tier 5?

Maybe if we all pick a minute in an hour in a day, and all chant in unison, “Tier 5, Tier 5, Tier 5”, it may just magically appear.  Some people out there are so pathetic they make me want to puke.

On the other hand, one lady from Georgia put up a post asking the readers who came on the comment section to put the abbreviation of their state after their names, as she wants to try to organize the 99ers, state by state.  I think it is a good idea and I immediately responded and added OR to the end of my name.  I have seen very little response thus far.  And why is this?  Because people would rather curl up in the fetal position and cry, “It’s not fair”, than stand up and take affirmative action to try to change the situation.  You people had better start using your minds and every other resource available to you, like the gal in Georgia, or you are finished.

When our forefathers were confronted with a tyrannical government that wanted to take everything they owned and make them slaves, they communicated and organized themselves into an army that put down the oppressors and won this country for us.  And they didn’t have the advantage of a computer, radio, television, or telephone.

When you have a functioning government that is under the control of the people, the old adage, the squeaky gear gets the grease, applies.  When you do not, you had better have the intestinal fortitude to pick up a hammer and beat the machine into scrap, so that you can melt it down and start over.

I guess what I’m trying so hard to say here is, quit your whining and grow some damn guts.  Because in your slide into apathy you are trying to drag me down with you.  And, by God, I will not go down without a fight.  So everybody out there; stand up, dry your tears, and start looking for some remedies, like the girl from Georgia.

God bless the Republic!  Death to the new world order!  We shall prevail!

First Published 11-8-10

Apparently the people of India want Harley Davidson motorcycles but do not want to pay the import tax for the finished product.  President Obama, being a one world citizen, has found a way to help his brothers and sisters in India.  Harley Davidson will be building an assembly plant in India.  I wonder if we paid for their CEO to fly there, stay in a lavish motel, and eat the finest cuisine before going forth to pick out the site for the new plant.

Isn’t this how our auto industry was originally infiltrated?  First assembly was moved overseas and then parts manufacturing.  I think Americans should boycott Harley Davidson until they agree to manufacture and assemble all of their products in the U. S.  Right now they are saying that the motorcycles assembled in India will only be sold in India, but we all know how fast that can change.

I have heard new calls for the reduction of the minimum wage and benefits for American workers, and the reasoning is always the same.  We need to make cuts in order to compete with India, North Korea, and China.  The workers in this country had better take a long hard look at the standards of living in India, North Korea, and China.  These people, for every intent and purpose, are slaves and we had better realize that the only way to compete with slave labor is with slave labor.

Barry Soetoro has made it clear that the only solution he is going to offer for our economic crisis is further involvement in the failing one world economy.  He is a one-worlder and our country is nothing more to him than another world state, which he and his one world corporate masters are seeking to bring to its knees.

We cannot forget that Barry went before the United Nations and condemned the United States.   Or that he openly sided with the foreign country of Mexico in filing law suits against the sovereign state of Arizona.  He is a traitor who is hell bent on turning our once great nation into nothing more than another third world, slave economy being milked dry by a one world tyrannical communistic government.

He must be stopped; which raises the question, how?  The American people have got to band together and consolidate what wealth we have left and use it to force a freeze on all imports, a huge tax on all American products being exported for further manufacture, and a freeze on the export of any natural resource, except in the form of100%  manufactured goods.

We also need to force an audit of all American businesses that are manufacturing overseas to find out how much they have made and are holding in foreign banks and then tax them.  Maybe if they realize that their out-of-country profits are going to be taxed whether they bring them home or not, they will do the right thing.

The bottom line is we cannot allow our standard of living to fall a single notch further.  And every citizen had better realize that unless we want our children and grandchildren being dictated to in Mandarin Chinese, we have got to take this country back for them.

At present our country’s standard of living is being monitored via the middle class.  This is a huge mistake because it does not show the drastic reductions that occur when citizens are cast from the middle class into the unemployed standard of living.

First Published 11-7-10

Have you ever noticed how those who make up the discussion panels on the mainstream propaganda programming are all rich?  I think it tends to make the reporting a little biased.  They have been harping, almost in unison that the Bush tax cuts need to be extended to everyone, not just those who make under $250,000 per year.  And when anyone suggests that the cutoff should be put at a million dollars they still take offense at the idea.  Every once in a while they betray themselves, as I suppose it is inherent in human nature for people to brag.  Judging from their actions, the majority of the people who appear as guests on the various mainstream media programs make more than a million dollars per year.  That must be why they can relate so well to the situation we 99ers find ourselves in.

I heard one such guest make the statement, “Unemployment is a non-issue.”  He spent a couple of minutes explaining how unemployment monies did nothing to stimulate the economy.  And when he finished making the case for no more unemployment extensions, the next words that came out of his mouth were, “If they do not make the tax cuts to everyone permanent, the private sector will not start hiring again.”

Another guest put forth the notion that maybe the tax cuts should be extended across the board for one year.  To which the other guest became very irritated and said that if they were only extended for one year, the businesses could not make long term plans and so they still would not hire.  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this sound a little bit like extortion?  I swear they are so blatant in their actions.

Locally, when a tax levy fails to pass for the schools they immediately say that the busses must stop running.  Then after a few months of the citizens having to drive their children to school, they bring the levy up again, and it used to pass, but not anymore.  People have come to the point where they are saying that if the schools shut down they really don’t care.  And do you know what?   The busses start running again without the levy.  This is because the bus drivers belong to a union.  These agencies are getting to the point that they are starting to steal from one another, as each is questing to create the perfect bureaucracy which serves no one, nor anything, but itself.

$60 billion was made by American companies overseas this year and they will not bring it back to this country.  Instead it is being used to bolster economies in the countries that have taken over our industrial base.   Our new Congress to be is not saying a word in reference to stopping the export of our jobs, rewards to the rich for moving their businesses out, or forcing that $60 billion to be brought back into this country where the businesses who created it are based so that the people who own those businesses can pay their taxes like everybody else.

Our situation cannot improve until we stop the theft.  This is the richest country on Earth and there is no reason why every person willing to get up and do a day’s work should not be able to earn a living wage at minimum.  The fact is in the richest country on Earth, unemployment should be a non-issue.

First Published 11-6-10

Yesterday the mainstream media was blowing sunshine up our arses like a hurricane.  It brought back memories of when we were told that the recession had been over since 2009.  The headline everywhere was 159,000 private sector jobs were created in the month of October.  We have these places in America, they are called farms, and every October they hire people to harvest their crops.  I believe that in November we are going to see an unexpected decrease in private sector jobs as the harvest will be over.  These people truly believe us to be ignorant.  The fact is quantitative easing will begin soon and we are going to see more job losses as a result.

President Obama said in a speech yesterday, “Extending unemployment benefits to help those hardest hit by the downturn”.  He did not define who those hardest hit are.  Is it you, I, the guy or gal down the street, the person who lost their job two years ago, or the person who lost their job yesterday?

I think he is deliberately being vague and not mentioning Tier 5 because that’s the way the unemployment legislation is going to be.  It is like the unemployed out there who have only received 20 weeks of unemployment because they did not fit into a certain slot.  The legislation will probably say that you will have had to of lost your job to a Martian on Thursday, December 32- 1939 to be eligible for benefits.

After the speech, our so called president boarded Air Force One and took off for his Asian tour.  And apparently a score of rich corporate CEO’s are going with him and we will be paying their freight.  But hey, it’s only money and it is going to filthy rich people who evidently can’t afford their own trip.

Obama said he would be negotiating with India to open up their markets to American made goods.  I believe this consists of Lego’s and Monopoly Games as I’ve seen these two items being pushed front and center for the last couple of days.  I think Obama needs to play a game of Monopoly and when he’s done, he needs to ask himself, is there more money to be made on Boardwalk or Mediterranean.

When this country was in its heyday we sold planes, train, and automobiles of the highest quality in the world to Europe.  You see, Europe had something we wanted.  It’s called real wealth in the form of precious metals and stones.  And what does India have?  Oh yeah, dirt cheap labor.

I believe that right now we are paying for the business people, who have hurt us the most, to go to India and pick out sites where they intend to place the last of our industrial base when the quantitative easing finishes destroying our dollar and we are completely wiped out as an economic power in the world.

The world politburo (G20 Summit) will be meeting in Seoul, South Korea on November 11th and 12th and Barry will be attending as a part of his Asian tour.  After which we will be finding out the true consequences of our having belittled the G20’s authority in voting the incumbents out.  I would be real surprised if we are not in another war within three months, probably with Iran.

It seems that the more the traitors in this country are exposed, the more emboldened they are becoming.  Obama has the nerve to come out four days after the election and act as if the problems brought forth in it have already been solved.  Not a week ago we were being told that private business would not create any jobs until the Bush Tax Cuts for the filthy rich were extended.  Today they are saying that they have been creating jobs all along and that if there is a problem, it is a small one, which is essentially fixing itself.  They treat us like children in goading us into believing in Santa Clause for the sake of the promise of presents on Christmas.

I tell you, Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama, while you are in Asia visiting your boyhood home; you had better procure another handful of passports as you are going to need them when Christmas rolls around in this country.  As your statement, “Expanding unemployment to those hardest hit”, is as empty on its face as every other con man terminology you have used in duping the people of this country.

First Published 11-5-10

Well it’s only been three days since the election and those who were ardent enemies last week are already swapping spit and talking compromise.  However, it seems one thing will not be compromised and that is the wanton disdain and hate for us 99ers.  They see us as something used up that they need to find a way to dispose of.

Let’s look at Obama’s statement during the C-Span meeting yesterday, “Unemployment for folks that are still out there looking for work.”  If you are a 99er you have exhausted your benefits and most of you have ceased to report to the unemployment office, hence you are categorized as no longer looking for work.  The elitist scum have no intention of lending any aid to the long term unemployed.  No, you say?

Well let’s see what Republican Representative Devin Nunes from California, who is currently serving on the Committee for Ways and Means, which has jurisdiction over all taxation as well as Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Medicare, and TANIF, and the Committee on Budget, has to say on the issue.

Nunes stated during an interview on Fox Business’ Varney and Co.,

“The 99ers are a group of people out there who have already received 99 weeks of unemployment.  You can’t keep people on unemployment.  It’s kind of like the state of California right now, where you just keep giving more money, more money and it becomes like drugs to a drug addict.  So look, I’m all for people that lost their jobs, make sure that there are unemployment benefits out there, but 99 weeks is probably too long.

“We’re going to have to come up with some type of change to where that people who actually lose their job have access to unemployment, and where people that have been on for 99 weeks at some point have to come off.  We just can’t keep supporting people that don’t want to work.”

This dirt bag should fear walking the streets that we have been forced to live upon.  But then I’m sure the tax payers provide him with a chauffeured car and body guards.  We cannot let this affront go unchallenged.  Starting right now we need to call, fax, email, and tweet this piece of tripe and tell him that we are 99ers and he had better enjoy his next two years in office because they will be his last.  Let him know that we will work for the next two years to make sure of it.

So what is the great compromise going to be?  These new uncompromising Republicans will only remove from the health care plan those provisions which would have helped the old and poor and would have cost the rich money.  And what will they keep?  The parts that are already hurting the lower middle class who are paying up to one-third of their income for healthcare.  And what’s the trade-off?  A continuation of the Bush tax giveaways to the super rich.

What about the great emancipator, Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Obama?  Well he’s off to India on an all expense paid vacation that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. I would like to see him impeached, but I know that his ring knocking, spit swapping brethren on the other side of the false left-right paradigm have no such intensions.

Everybody had better prepare themselves, as I see no way that this abomination is going to be stopped, short of a shooting war.  99ers, we are again betrayed, as there will only be unemployment for those still looking for work, and evidently that is not us.  No Tier 5 unemployment extension.

Representative Devin Nunes contact information:

Clovis, CA Office:              Phone – 559-323-5235

Fax:        559-323-5235

Visalia, CA Office:             Phone:  559-733-3861

Fax:        559-733-3865

Washington DC Office:  Phone: 202-225-2523

Fax:        202-225-3404

Email Form:              

Twitter Account:    

First Published 11-4-10

The Republicans have taken control of the House.  They are hailing their victory as a referendum from the people in support of their platform and ideals.  No, Mr. and Mrs. Republican, we did not vote you in, we voted the incumbents out.  Your election to your posts is just a consequence and in two years, unless the issues of jobs and unemployment are addressed, your Democratic counterparts are going to be hailing their own victory.

I did enjoy watching Ed Shultz lash out in anger at the Democratic base for failing to re-elect Democratic incumbents.  I have to believe his size 55 pants popped a button.  What the Demopublicans and Republicrats know but are refusing to acknowledge is that it was Independent voters, which consisted of ex-Democrats and ex-Republicans who are fed up with lies and betrayals, who decided the election.

President Obama, as a part of his post-election address stated, “That’s also why I think unemployment insurance is important.  Not only is it the right thing to do for folks who are still looking for work and struggling in this really tough economy, but it’s the right thing to do for the economy as a whole.”

Now was that so hard?  The fact is that had Obama and the Demorats taken that trillion dollars they gave to the international corporate mafia, and used it instead to cater to the needs of the poor and unemployed they would not have lost the House.  As I said earlier, we did not vote the Republicans in, we voted the incumbents out.   The poor and unemployed do not suffer from any illusions when it comes to the Republicans’ long-held views in reference to trickling on us.  The incumbents failed to court our vote with the carrot so we gave them the stick.

Well, Mr. President, there are 733 days until we see if you will be a two-term or lame duck president, so I would suggest that you have a long talk with your brethren and sisteren in the House and Senate, who are already lame ducks, and convince them that the only chance you have lies in the hands of the poor and unemployed that you and they have thus far considered too ignorant to be of consequence.  That is if you make it to the next election.

When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House she proclaimed that the Democrats would not seek to impeach President Bush.  This was an act of treason as the prima facie evidence existed to not only impeach him, but put him in prison.  The Democrats are calling upon the new Speaker of the House to give an assurance to President Obama that the Republicans will not impeach him.  Again, the prima facie evidence exists to not only impeach, but to imprison.

Anybody who thinks that this election will result in a turnaround in our country’s downward spiral is wrong.  The Federal Reserve has announced they will begin monetizing our debt by printing $50 to $100 billion per month to buy up securities, with the goal of buying $600 billion by the end of 2011.  I even heard one reporter mention the infamous Weimar Republic while reporting on this issue.  If you do not know what the Weimar Republic was, I would strongly suggest that you look it up.  If you do know, I hope you realize that if we do get a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, we had better use it to prepare ourselves for hyper-inflation, more job loss, and starvation.

President Obama and every politician out there know what the Federal Reserve is getting ready to do, so I think he needs to do a hell of a lot more for us than to just simply state that unemployment insurance is important.

First Published 11-3-10

What a great country.  Fifteen counties in Missouri evidently have over 100% voter registration.  I wonder how many dead people there voted in this election.

In many states voters who came to the polls yesterday were told that they had already voted via absentee ballots.

Other states reported van loads of voters being driven to different precincts to vote over and over again.

In the state of Texas, there were precincts whose identification signs outside of their buildings were in Spanish.  It is being said that illegal aliens were told to get out and vote if they want to secure their amnesty.  I wonder who is providing them with ballots and how they are doing so.

President Obama said last week, that anyone who is against open borders is our enemy.  I suppose that when he says, “our enemy” he means himself and the Mexican nationals that he represents.

It is reported that Black Panthers (an African-American revolutionary organization) and Brown Berets (a Chicano nationalist activist group) with billy clubs were stopping American citizens from voting.

Now to the Diebold voting machines:  The Diebold voting machines practically brought voting to a standstill in New York yesterday morning.  Those running the machines had been said to have told many voters to just write their vote down on a slip of paper and trust them to put their vote into the machines when they came back online.

In the state of Nevada there were complaints to the effect that the votes being registered in the Diebold voting machines were the exact opposite of what the voters intended.   Hence, straight Republican tickets became straight Democratic tickets and vice versa.  Also in Nevada there were complaints that said the only candidate that would come up on the screen was Harry Reid.  I guess that would take the aggravation out of trying to decide who you want to vote for.

These Diebold voting machines were used in 34 states in 2008 and were found to be a serious problem.  So were they replaced?  Hell, no, what better way to cover up voter fraud than to have voting machines that the citizenry already know to be faulty.  Half way through the voting day there had already been more complaints of voter fraud, intimidation, and malfunctioning voting machines than there was in 2008.  I wonder how much the American tax payer paid for these faulty voting machines.

Mark Koernke, patriot spokesperson, made an excellent point on yesterday’s Liberty Tree Radio Intelligence Report.  It went something like this:  If you go down to your local Quickie Mart you will find on the counter a machine designed for itemizing, calculating, and tallying items and numbers by the hundreds.  These machines operate 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and they keep a printed paper record of everything that goes through them.  This amazing machine is called a cash register, and if the person who owns the store was to find the slightest flaw in its calculating ability, he or she would throw it out in the parking lot and beat it into a pile of junk with a ball peen hammer and then get a hold of the person that sold it to them and demand replacement and compensation for any monies lost.  But then hey, we are talking about important things, like candy bars and potato chips.  I mean really, what’s a few thousand votes one way or another?

I say if any incident of voter fraud, intimidation, or voter machine malfunction is proven to be true, the results in that district should be nullified and there should be a re-vote.  But that’s not going to happen as the only ones who have the power to stop the fraud are the ones perpetrating it.

I’m sure we will hear a lot of protests of outrage, but when the next election rolls around, if I’m still here, I will no doubt be writing yet another article entitled, “Vote Fraud and Intimidation”.

First Published 11-2-10

It is Election Day, time to go forth and make a difference…… or not.  There have already been allegations of voter fraud and intimidation in the states of Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

How many illegal aliens do you believe will be voting in this election?  I don’t know.  You don’t know.  And the election officials in the fifty states? They don’t know.  What we all do know is that illegal aliens will be casting ballots.

The electronic voting machines that were supposed to be tamper proof have been proven not to be.  Paper mail-in ballots are wrought with fraud, as I bore witness years ago as a mayoral candidate in my hometown.

So, with all of these obstacles, how are we supposed to come up with an honest consensus of the people?  The answer is we cannot, will not, and have never.  The fact is there has never been an honest election in this country since its inception.

We have space probes that are at present traveling to other galaxies, and we can’t devise a tamper proof system?  Sure we can, we are just not going to, because if we did, that would mean that the people could conceivably take control of their government and force it to function for their benefit.

75% of Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction.  Will today’s vote cause a change in the direction we are headed?  No it will not.  We are at present living under a totalitarian corporate system that allows us naught but the illusion that we have even the slightest control over our destiny.

When I placed my ballot into the ballot box today, I had no more feeling of empowerment than I would had I blown my nose into a napkin and thrown it into the trash.  I had been hoping against hope that the massive awakening I have been witnessing in the populous would frighten those in positions of power to act with reason in reference to the shaping of the policies that will be defining our country for the next couple of years.  It has not.

The only logical explanation that stands to reason for the establishment’s callous and uncaring attitudes towards those they are supposed to be serving is that they want a war.  They are not going to veer from the path set by Bill Clinton and carried forth by George Bush, Jr. and into our present by Barack Obama.  They are intent on the wholesale slaughter of Americans and when it happens, they will be sitting back and watching with smiles on their faces.  Like their predecessors, Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao, they lust for a feeling that only the cries of dying children can provide.

Tomorrow, when the dust has settled and the propagandists are relaying to you what you have decided, ask yourself, was there one candidate that you could honestly say represented more than a few of your personal political views?  I can say that there is not one that has represented a single view that I agree with without also representing a view that I adamantly oppose.

When the lame duck congress reconvenes, we are going to look back on these last two years as the good old days when they at least used to pretend to listen to us.

I am going now to sharpen my knives and oil my guns.  I may have been a fool to harbor the illusion that perhaps the awakening of the people might affect a political change, but I am not a damn fool that’s going to stand by and wait to have chains clamped on my legs.

I know there will be some of you out there who will try to make light of the stance that I and others are taking, but the fact is, I don’t care.  If you cannot see the truth of your own enslavement then I suggest that you keep your Democratic or Republican faith and continue to vote for the employment illusion.

First Published 11-1-10

Question:  How many socialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer:  One hundred, one to screw the bulb in and ninety-nine to counsel the bulb so that it can deal with the idea of being screwed.

It would appear that the unemployment offices in Indiana are frightened at the prospect of dealing with the large influx of angry unemployed who will be exhausting their benefits at the end of November.  They have hired armed guards who will be standing sentinel at their offices.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” As the government has hired the armed guards it would seem that the government is afraid, but as the armed guards are there to hurt or maybe kill those who the government fears, is there liberty or is there tyranny?  I guess we will all find out come the end of November.

Our so called representatives will not be back in Washington and ready to take care of any business until the 15th of November.  There have been a lot of you out there asserting that we who believe our present batch of legislatures to be completely without a care, for the plight of the 99ers and unemployed are harboring misplaced fears.  Well we are about to find out who is right and who is wrong.

The lame duck congress can easily pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension and avoid the need for armed guards, but will they?  I think not, otherwise, why would they have hired the armed guards in the first place?  It seems clear that those presently holding the offices of our representatives are beholden only to the international corporate mafia’s money.

Think about a government that starves a portion of the population to the point of revolt and then hires armed mercenaries to keep them at bay.  Well it didn’t work during the Revolutionary War when the English brought in the Prussians; in fact, the only difference the colonists found between the Germans and the British was the sounds they made while they were dying.

Maybe it would be a good idea for those working at the unemployment offices to simply walk off and leave their jobs.  Hell, what do we even need the staff at the unemployment offices for anyway if there are no benefits for them to distribute?

Sounding a little too radical?  Like maybe I need counseling?  Not to worry, apparently the unemployment offices are also hiring counselors who will come to the offices and teach the job clerks how to deal with and counsel those who have exhausted their benefits.  Personally I can’t think of anything that anyone could say that would make my current impoverished situation palatable to me.  In fact I believe that anyone who tries to do so will only accomplish enraging me further.

So if the members of this lame duck congress have a single brain cell left in their collective head and can see the threat to the peace that the failure to pass a Tier 5 extension will cause, they had better get with the program and get it done before they too need to hire mercenaries to guard them from those they supposedly represent.  Come on Congress; pony up before every state joins with Indiana’s unemployed.

First Published 10-31-10

Two days until the election and the propagandists are pulling all of their tricks from their bags for Halloween.  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held rallies yesterday at our nation’s capitol.  The rallies were dubbed, “Rally to Restore Sanity” and “The March to Keep Fear Alive”.  Both Stewart and Colbert have asserted that the rallies would be non-political. This must have been a joke, as the people attending the rallies were anything but non-political. It should be obvious by now, that both John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Fabian Socialists on their faces and harbor communist ideology which they have been feeding to their audiences for years.

I have stated before that constructive treason against the United States consists of avocation of any form of government other than that prescribed in our Constitution.  Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart openly advocate Fabien Social Communism.  Both are traitors and should be treated with the contempt that entails.

Our government has provided us with a little terror for our Halloween before the election.  If anyone cannot see that the circuit boards and wires on the Fed-Ex plane are a staged event designed to put the people in a state of fear going into the election, I say you are beyond help.  How do you know when the mainstream media is lying?  Answer: their lips are moving.  Who do they lie for?  Answer: the international corporate mafia.

It is not a far stretch to say that any incumbent who knew he or she was facing defeat in this election could have at any time during their campaign come forth and endorsed themselves as an advocate of a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension and secured enough votes to save their seat.  If we the 99ers forget this we will be condemning ourselves to another two years of being ignored.  However, if they see that the Democrats and Republicans among us have awakened to the reality of the false left-right paradigm they will have to recognize us as a force to be reckoned with.

They know we are out here but believe that the $3.2 billion they have spent on advertizing will be sufficient to pull the wool over our eyes one more time.  And I tell you that if they are successful one more time is all they need.

If we fall for their Halloween tricks remember, it will be two more years before we will have another opportunity to strike out at them and return a little of the pain that they have wantonly inflicted upon us.  That is two more years of spending on wars, stimulus, bailouts, and gluttonous giveaways to foreign countries while ignoring the plight of the dispossessed that are making up a larger portion of our population every day.

Do not fall for it, do not let it happen.  Vote the incumbents out.  Look at it honestly and you will have to see this is the only way we can hurt them.  If we fail to act we are going to find ourselves trying to look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren and explain how we allowed the freest country to ever exist on this planet to be turned into commie central.

First Published 10-30-10

Three days until the election and I am so looking forward to it.  Not because I believe that it is going to result in positive change, but rather the end of the political commercials.  I have taken to muting the television whenever the programming pauses, as I cannot bear to hear the political rhetoric one more time.  The mainstream propagandists are admitting that two thirds of the voters would just as soon throw out the whole government and start over again.

Today’s political arena has become so pathetic that the Demopublicans have resorted to bringing Bill Clinton to center stage, as the politics of ten years ago seem to be a better option than the present status quo.  On the other hand the Republicrats have resurrected the ghost of Ronald Regan which is speaking out from the shadows in every venue.

It is reported that economic growth for the month rose to 2%.  They say this number is measured through consumer spending.  I wonder if the $3.2 billion spent on the campaigns could be responsible for the increase.  If so, I think it’s safe to say that no further such spending will be occurring after the election and that number will be dropping back to its past rate.

The propagandists are trying to use this small increase to declare that the economy is getting better just before the election.  Now there’s a surprise.  Frankly I think that anyone who believes anything coming from the mainstream media days before an election is naive.  It seems that every time we are given positive numbers supposedly derived from the gobbley gook that makes up government statistics, the next month those figures are revised to not only show there was no increase but a decrease.

After the elections, when the economy resumes its downward spiral on the back of Quantitative Easing Part Two, all can be blamed on the actions of the lame duck congress, which will no doubt be passing outrageous legislation.  However, the effects of their actions will not be felt for months to come.  We can only hope that while they are flushing this country down the toilet, they will at least pass Tier 5 unemployment legislation to allow us a rope to hold onto so that we are not sucked down by the swirl.

One piece of legislation we had all better be keeping our eyes on is the Small Arms Ban Treaty, signed by the Fabian socialist traitor, Hillary Clinton.  They will try to sneak this legislation through in a late night session with only four or five Senators forming a quorum.  This legislation is a direct attack on our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms in order to keep ourselves free from tyrannical government.  As the international corporate mafia is hell bent on exercising tyranny over we the people, they are going to try to disarm us.

Mark Koernke, noted militia organizer and patriot spokesperson, is calling on all citizens to cast an alternative vote.  It will be hard for 99ers and the poor, to participate in this voting drive as it involves spending a little money, which very few of us can afford.  I personally will afford it whether I can or not.  Koernke is calling upon all Americans to buy guns and or ammunition on Election Day.  I will probably only be able to afford to buy a box or two of .22 cal rounds, but I will be participating in the alternative vote.

As the government has taken the authority upon itself to monitor the gun and ammunition sales, the spike for the day will be noted and the message that we have not fallen for the left-right propaganda will be made clear.  So all of us that can afford to do so and wish to send a message outside of the main stream to the international corporate mafia need to participate in the alternative vote.

First Published 10-29-10

With the election only four days away, there are still a lot of people undecided as to who they will vote for.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this conundrum was prevailing because the people were having a hard time deducing which candidate would be doing the most for them, instead of having to try to figure out which one will do anything or which one will do the least harm?

As for myself, I can say there is not a single candidate that I am enthused about.  Not a one has spoken to the issue that is most important to me at the moment, which is the Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Many have suggested looking up the records of each candidate to see which ones voted in favor of previous employment extensions.  The fact is there was not one incumbent who stood up and said we have to help these people before we go on the campaign trail.

I have looked at my ballot and the truth is I do not see a whole lot of choice.  And the longer I look at it the more I realize that neither the Demopublicans nor Republicrats represent a thing I stand for.

If there is one thing the election propaganda has got across to me, it is that in this election no one is making bones about the fact that each candidate has already been tainted by the $3.2 billion in campaign spending.  It is being said that there are millions of dollars being pumped into the campaigns from foreign interests.  Wouldn’t it seem that if there was any evidence that foreign monies were being accepted by any campaign, that the election should stop and those allegations be investigated?  And if found true, should not any candidate found to be representing foreign interests be disqualified from our consideration?

I look at what we have become as a nation and am thoroughly disgusted.  For the past ten years I have refused to vote as I see it as an affirmation of the great fraud.  This year I changed my voter affiliation to Independent and will use the only strategy I can see that makes any kind of sense.

As the only way my vote can cause an effect is to remove incumbents, this will be my first priority.  As we all have learned, when we vote politicians out they in essence retire with their current pay and benefits package for the rest of their lives, so getting them out as soon as possible rewards them the least for their treason.

Also if every individual voter in this country who felt that their concerns were being ignored voted every incumbent out, sooner or later the politicians would have to see a consensus among the people.

Another reason for voting incumbents out is that in every election cycle we are putting a new batch of individuals into office and it will take a while for them to be blackmailed or bought off and controlled by the international corporate mafia.  Of course with the massive campaign financing the mafia will already have their foot in the door.

After voting all incumbents out, I will be voting for candidates of third parties.  Again it will take longer for them to be corrupted.  If I cannot vote an incumbent out or a third party candidate in, and the two candidates presented do not offer a choice, I will leave that spot on the ballot blank.

I do not believe that this election is going to change anything, as the integrity of our political system has been compromised to the point that we have about the same choice as do the peoples in the banana republics.  I never thought I’d see the day when the question on the minds of the truly informed had been reduced from what is best for our country to vote or not to vote.

First Published 10-28-10

If you are a 99er and still have a television, you, like I, glimpse daily into the world of the haves.  I see people living normal lives wherein their greatest worries lie in arranging their affairs in more efficient ways so that they might be allowed to better enjoy life.  It must be an annoyance to them to have to look upon us as we represent what could happen to them.

Most, but not all of these people, represent the brownest nosed of the brown nosers.  When the culling of the employed began, I have to believe that those who worked to live rather than lived to work were ushered to the front of the line.  I say this because I noticed a trend that began about ten years ago wherein those who indulged their bosses in feeding their delusions of superiority started becoming more valued than the person who better performed the work task.

I was taught from a young age that if you took on a job and did it better that your contemporaries, you would eventually become more valuable to your employer and be rewarded accordingly.  And this was indeed what I found in pretty much every work environment, up until about ten years ago.

I think this trend of the last ten years has contributed a lot to the decline in quality in what few American made goods there are left.   I also believe that if the aforementioned is true, those cast out to be 99ers would naturally be the best entrepreneurs.  Further, they must represent the greatest threat to the international corporate mafia.  I think that the hope of the possibility of a Tier 5 unemployment extension, which they have left dangling just out of reach, have been specifically engineered to slowly and agonizingly drain us of our pride and dignity.

As for me, it has not worked.  Every time I think of them, I see a weasel faced, little scum bag with a smirk on his face sitting behind a big desk thinking that his conniving has made him superior over those to which he is inferior in every way.  I then have an overwhelming urge to grab him by his collar and stuff him down his coat rack.  I think these dirt bags had better realize that the actions they are taking are only serving to antagonize people who are already at their limits.

As I watch the ads on my television, rather than seeing things that I envy, I see things that have been taken away from me.  And rather than feeling like I want to hide in disgrace, I’m am filled with righteous indignation that makes me want to seek them out and get right up in their face and shout, “You’d better give us our damned Tier 5 while you’re still able.”

We need to remember that we are everywhere.  So from this day forth anywhere the politicians go, they need to be running into one of us.  If all you manage to get out is “Give us our damned tier 5 now!”, sooner or later, like the outbursts in the town hall meetings, it is going to make the mainstream news.  Maybe then they will have to go out and report as to who the real 99ers are.  Not a bunch of yuppies from the Silicon Valley, but good old, every day Americans who have no qualms about getting up in their face.

First Published 10-27-10

An industrial base has to exist before any solvent economy can ever come into being.  At the industrial base, you will find facilities for mineral extraction, logging, drilling, fishing, and clearing and plowing fields.  Then you move to smelting facilities, refineries, lumber mills, and food processing plants.  At this point you have already put a lot of people to work and as they are making money, they will have wants that go beyond what they produce, like cars, clothing, refrigerators, stereos, televisions, houses, and furniture, thus adding another layer to the economy.

The second layer is supplied and supported by the first layer, thus the metals extracted are manufactured into wire, tubing, sheet metal, and bar stock for lathing.  Silicon and other substances are used to make electrical components.  Lumber is milled to build and furnish houses and the needed food is produced.

Now that everyone has a home and job derived from the industrial base, maybe they would like a little entertainment on that television and stereo.  Bam, another industry, more jobs.  They will of course need health care, there is another one and once in a while they will want to just get away from it all, thus a recreational industry becomes necessary; restaurants, resorts, hotels, ski boats, and the list goes on and on.  The economy we have just created functions solely as a sovereign entity.

So what is missing in America today?  You’ve got it, an industrial base.  We are no longer consuming products derived from our natural resources and manufactured in our factories.  The international corporate mafia has by design broken up our industrial base and moved it to locations all over the world where our natural resources are taken to be manufactured, thus making us dependent upon other countries for our basic necessities.   (Not to mention the components necessary for our defense systems)

I know you are going to say that we still have farming.  The fact is we do still have some.  However, most farming today consists of large corporate operations that sell their crops all over the world as much as three years into the future.  So most of the produce you see growing in the fields today belongs to foreigners.  The produce we get is substandard and comes from south of the border, as the elite look at the problem of feeding us as nothing more than acquiring fodder for their slaves.

Before this country can ever get on its feet and become whole again we the people, the true sovereigns of the United States, must take back control of our natural resources.  We must kick all the foreign corporations out and nationalize all lands and industry not to a government, but to 300 million individual sovereigns.

If we all spoke in unison and demanded that all export of natural resources ended immediately, our so called representatives would be forced to either capitulate or admit that in fact they do not represent us.  After which, we as a people would have to forcibly eject them from our shores and take back that which they have refused to return peaceably.

Again, if we are to survive with freedom, liberty, and dignity there is no other course of action.  If we have to, we must start all over again.  And how do we start over again?  We have about 20 million citizens possessing every skill necessary sitting idle and craving work.  That would be us, the 99ers, who have been denied a Tier 5 unemployment extension completely without rhyme or reason, and all other unemployed.  All could be accomplished in a few short years beginning with establishing a new industrial base.

First Published 10-26-10

As things continue to get worse, the propagandists seem to be getting narrower in their views.  You see them on the television with the most serious looks on their faces saying, “What about more tax breaks and more incentives for businesses?”  Would somebody please tell me when it was declared, and who exactly said, from this day forth those who own business will have an exclusive on entrepreneurship in this country and that any further creation of new businesses is forbidden.

To hear the propagandists talk one would think that the current business interests have been granted some sort of entitlement.  I say if we are going to start cutting entitlements, the privileged business person’s entitlement to that status should be the first thing to go.  Unemployment is at 17.5% nationwide and the people who currently own businesses should be considered to have failed.

I watched the 60 Minutes piece and, though I’m glad that the 99ers have finally been acknowledged, the report must be considered milk toast journalism.  They went to the Silicone Valley where the people out of work are far from destitute; otherwise they couldn’t afford to be there.  In their so called food banks, I saw fresh fruit; some of it hadn’t even ripened yet.  I think a more fitting place for the report would have been Detroit, Michigan.  But then that might have made it hard to project the image of complacency which I observed in the report.

If any of us is ever interviewed, I would hope to hear the words, “fraud, swindle, and revolution.”  Did you notice when the lady left the food bank that she got into a nice SUV?  Tell me how many of you out there still even have a vehicle, let alone insurance or the gas to go anywhere?  Every one of us should email 60 Minutes and demand that they tell the rest of the story.

The winter is creeping up on us and more and more we are hearing, “Well there’s just not going to be a Tier 5 with the economy in such bad shape.”  When we hear anybody saying this, we not only have to contradict them, we have to let them know that they have just angered us to the point of fighting.  We have to start treating this situation and those perpetrating it in the manner they deserve.  I personally treat them like an intruder in my living room trying to take over control of my house.  They will get a few words of warning, after which I will unleash violence on them until I feel that my house is once again secure.

As for the talking heads on the television, I say take your propaganda down the road, as I don’t give one little damn about those who already have businesses and pockets full of money.  The fact is I think I could do a better job than they do in manufacturing my natural resources.  In short, I want my own business.

First Published 10-25-10

If I hear one more person calling my country a Democracy, I think I’ll scream.  This country is a Republic; with an emphasis on the rights of the individual.  The only time democracy enters into the equation is during elections.  Once the representative is elected, his or her number one priority is the protection and preservation of the individual liberties of the citizens.  This priority is supposed to be first and foremost on their minds when they are enacting new laws.

John Adams said of democracy, “Democracy…while it lasts is more bloody than either (aristocracy or monarchy).  Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

The Articles of Confederacy, Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, and the Constitution of the United States are no longer taught in our schools.  American history has been replaced by international social studies.  It is not a wonder that our country and our ideals are fading into the past.

The fact that the aforementioned is known by all and resisted by few explains why the international corporate mafia continues to push our people around like the proverbial bully on the playground.  They have committed so many blatant offenses against our Constitution that, if they were all recorded on microfilm, we would need a dump truck to haul them around in.  People, one offense should be too many.

Our grandfathers allowed their gold to be taken away. This is when the international corporate vampires sunk their fangs deep into the arteries of this country and began sucking out its wealth.

John Adams also said, “All the perplexities, confusion and distresses in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, as much from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.”

My fellow citizens, we have not made bad decisions or fallen victim to greed.  We have been swindled by professionals.  We have sat and watched as our industrial base was disassembled and moved out of our country and we did nothing.  Why did we do nothing?  I’ll tell you why; because it was the government doing it and somehow we have come to believe that the government is all powerful and can do anything it pleases.  Wrong.  The government of the United States is subservient to the people, which is to say that each individual one of us is a sovereign and equal to the Queen of England.

As a people we are the sleeping giant but I fear the sleeping giant has been slipped a Quaalude and may not be awakened until he is literally set on fire.   Well get ready for the flames.

Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens are joining the ranks of we the 99ers every day.  Some of them cannot even be called 99ers as through manipulation of numbers they have not been afforded 99 weeks of unemployment compensation.

It is passed time that we as a people grow a collective spine and stop acting like a spoiled child who has been kicked out of the candy store.  No more whining and no more apathy, it’s time for aggression.

I know you are saying that we have no resources and I know this to be true.  But we are here, there, and everywhere, so no matter where you encounter your fellow citizens, do not shrink into apathy, rather assert yourself with anger.  Let them know that you will not be made a beggar at your own table and that the natural resources of this country that belong to you will not be taken without a fight.  And especially let them know that this country is a Free Republic and all our troubles we now see are all about democracy.

First Published 10-24-10

The Obama administration and the democratically controlled Congress have spent $3 trillion to date.  We the 99ers and the disenfranchised poor are living in the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression.

Approximately $50 billion per year is being spent to finance the drug war, which has to be considered one of the biggest money scams since prohibition.  We will never win the drug war and we will never lose the drug war.  The fact is we are financing both sides.  The war against drugs is financed via the $50 billion.  The war to perpetuate drug use is financed via the $150 billion per year in purchases of illegal substances.

The experts are predicting that unless somehow restrained, the lame duck congress, which has become a foregone conclusion, is going to vote for a trillion dollars in spending.  It will be interesting to see where they intend for this ungodly amount of money to go.

It looks like some may be apportioned for the federal enforcement of federal laws banning the sale and use of marijuana, as it is now a distinct possibility that the people of California will be legalizing marijuana and federal law enforcement is vowing to nullify the will of their people through federal enforcement.

I believe this will occur as it did during prohibition.  The fact is the distribution of illegal drugs is one of the international corporate mafia’s franchises.  They do not care about the tens of thousands of people being killed on both sides of our southern border, the overtaxing of our prison system, the lives ruined when an otherwise law abiding citizen is incarcerated with rapists and murderers for smoking a joint, and the billions of dollars in lost revenues to states such as California.

I have no doubt that there will be billions more spent for bank bailouts, as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack have already started the push to force we the people to buy up more of the toxic assets that they created.

There will be more funding for war, another one of the international corporate mafia’s franchises.

The truly sadistic among our lawmakers and potential lawmakers are advocating raising the retirement age and outright cuts in social security benefits.  There is no way that a trillion dollars in spending, coupled with cuts in social security, can be justified in the world we are living in today.  These acts show a blatant lack of concern for the welfare of our people.

But then if you are a 99er, this is nothing new to you, as you have been denied the benefits of a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension. All the while gluttonous amounts of wealth are being transferred from the poor to the rich via liquidation of our natural resources and distribution of the monies procured thereby among the rich.

When you stand up and shout the outrage, your protests are met by a detached image on your television screen, smiling like the cat that ate the canary, and saying, “What’s all the fuss about?  It’s just a trillion here, a trillion there.”