First Published 10-9-10

We have all probably seen images from the Great Depression Era of soup lines, sometimes several blocks long.  Some people today have a problem coming to grips with the depression we are in as there are no images of those soup lines.  You have to remember we are living in the twenty-first century and the soup lines of today consist of a plastic card in your wallet or purse.

There are many people out there who like to advocate ending the food stamp program.  These are the same people who say the 99ers are lazy and should not get any further unemployment extensions.  The average food stamp recipient gets $133 per month, divided by thirty days equals $4.43, divided by 3 meals per day equals $1.48.  If you are not near a grocery outlet your average can of soup will cost around a dollar fifty.  Now imagine any citizen back in the Great Depression days begrudging the people in line that bowl of soup.  What have we as a people become?

I have seen the party line of the Republicans, which it would seem only a rich man could back being parroted by people making $20,000 per year.  Mark my words this day; the international corporate mafia is getting ready to hack another large chunk out of the middle class, and by this time next year the people talking down at the unemployed will have become the biggest hypocrites to ever breathe.

Oh yes, I’m going to be online using names like Tony and Big Daddy telling them to get a job and pound the pavement.  Or maybe I’ll be real sadistic and tell them that the best thing they can do is kill themselves as their situation is hopeless because nobody cares and who knows maybe a few of them will.  If things keep progressing the way they are I will probably be charged with a hate crime, have my computer confiscated, and be sent to a reeducation camp where the very same people complaining about Tier 5 and food stamps will be paying a couple hundred dollars per day to house and feed me.  But that will be alright with them, as their infatuation with Fabien social communism defies all logic and reason.

There are presently 42 million people receiving food stamps.  Now that’s a long soup line.  There are approximately 22 million people out of work indicating that about 20 million of the 42 million receiving food stamps are working, yet there are still people out there advocating lowering the minimum wage and telling others that they should accept a reduced standard of living.

These very same people will not speak out against the corporate welfare recipients as they idolize and long to become one of them.  But that’s alright, as I know that the international corporate mafia will see to it that one day soon our ignorant brethren who are looking at the world through their five dollar pair of Chinese made, rose colored glasses bought at Wal-Mart, will join us in the great soup line.

Vote out all incumbents, Demopublicans and Republicrats alike.

First Published 10-8-10

So, what is the latest plot being hatched by the international corporate mafia?  Have you ever heard of Quantitative Easing?  Well this is how it works.  The Federal Reserve has raped our country to the point that they can no longer charge interest on the funny money that we print and give to them to lend to us.  So, they found themselves asking, “Is there any way we can possibly steal more tangible wealth from the American people?”

They answered themselves, “Well do you think they might fall for another dose of quantitative easing, if we called it ‘QE2?’”

And then, “Yeah, that’s a great idea.  Let’s call Timothy Geithner and order him to fire up the presses and print us up a trillion dollars in funny money, have him send it over, we’ll stamp it received, send it back to him, and then he can send us a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds, which we’ll put in our strategic reserves and earn 3% interest from the American taxpayers on our funny money, through the treasury bonds.”

If we take this one, we might as well surrender this country and hand the keys over to the international corporate mafia, as we will have proven that we are the dumbest people on this planet and do not deserve to have our own country.

I’m sure China will be excited to hear about the new QE2 plan, as they will be assured that the interest rates on treasury bonds will be going up and they will be procuring more of the U.S. through our debt to them.

There have been a lot of people on the comment board expounding, “Now just stop all the bad talk”.  Well, I’ll tell you what people, we had better be talking about these things every second we can while we still can.

There is a push, at present, to pass legislation that would in effect put the internet under the control of a new agency made up of government and corporate representatives, with a communist czar at its head.  The excuse for the legislation is to combat malware.

Last year the government put out a false release saying that The Drudge Report, which is the number one online alternative news site in America, was infected with malware, in order to try to stop people from going to that site for the truth.

If this legislation becomes law, the only way it can be enforced is to have a firewall installed in every computer that will send its data to a centralized database so that it can be analyzed, to separate and quarantine computers with malware.  So how are you going to like having all the contents of your computer sent to a database controlled by a Czar?

Call me paranoid, but I believe that these social communist lowlifes will infect any computer or site that they do not want on the net with malware and shut it down.  Not that any of us are going to have the resources to buy a computer or internet service, as we are going to see the rest of the middle class wiped out through the QE2, when they fire up the presses.

First Published 10-7-10

The mainstream propaganda machine is advising the rich who have been sitting on their fortunes to buy gold as a hedge against inflation, as the Chinese have been manipulating the value of their currency which will be driving down the value of the dollar.  Isn’t it interesting how efficient the one world economy is at picking the pockets of the poor and transferring that wealth anywhere in the world with the push of a button?

If there are any 99ers out there who are not feeling like their whole world has been turned upside down, I’d like to know what you are taking, as I want some too.  The private sector lost 39,000 jobs in September.  Initial unemployment claims have been averaging 450,000 per week since January, and as the unemployment rate has not been rising, one has to believe that an average of 450,000 people per week have been losing their unemployment and joining the ranks of the 99ers.

How long does the international corporate mafia think this can go on before violence erupts?  Answer:  Not very long.  The fact is the internationals want violence, as they need violence in order to justify enacting a total police state.  This is why the Tier 5 has not been passed.  They need to get the people in this country under control, as we are hampering their progress on many fronts, one being the North American transcontinental highway which would run from Canada to South America.

This is why doing away with our borders is essential to them.  Once the borders are removed, a flood of cheap labor will come pouring into our country.  Even those enjoying life in the middle class right now will be wringing their hands and asking themselves, “Why didn’t we stop it when we had the chance?”

As many of you know, the traitor Obama has filed suit against the sovereign state of Arizona, which is a member state in the sovereign united States of the Americas.  He is now procuring the assistance of Mexico and Brazil to send their legal experts to aid him in our courts in his treasonous attack against the people of Arizona.  And what is his excuse?  Arizona’s law might affect international commerce, as it could hypothetically result in a Mexican or Brazilian business person being unnecessarily detained.   (What a crock)

Anyone who cannot see this blatant communist traitor for what he is is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other one.

Constructive treason against the United States of America consists of the advocating of any form of government in the United States other than the free republic described in the Constitution for the United States.

Prima facia is a term in law.  It is defined as follows:  At first sight; on the first appearance; on the face of it; so far as can be judged from the first disclosure; presumably; a fact presumed to be true unless disproved by some evidence to the contrary. (Source: Black’s Law Dictionary)

By all rights Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached and then tried in a court of law for the crime of constructive treason against the people of the United States of America as the prima facia evidence clearly indicates that he is a traitor.

All you Tea Partiers out there had better start asking yourselves why no politician, in power or out, is addressing this undeniable fact, including the Independent candidates.  If any of our so called representatives knows that treasonous acts are being committed by any other representative they are bound by law to stop and correct the situation.  Every damn one of them is complicit to the treason for failing in the duty to stop and correct, including, I’m sad to say, Ron Paul.

I think it’s time to get on our phones and computers and text, email, and tweet demanding that President Obama be impeached.

First Published 10-6-10

Seems like just last week, our so called representatives were forking over another $30 billion to the banks, in particular small banks.  We were told that this money was going to loosen up lending so that the rich people who owned businesses could get a new line of credit.

My fellow 99ers, when I was learning about business and economics in high school, one of the most basic principles involved getting out of the red and into the black.

Where I live a lot of businesses failed due to the economic crisis.  But what exactly was the economic crisis that shut down these businesses?  The fact is most of the businesses that shut down had been operating using a line of credit (in the red) for the past twenty years.  This is how rich people run businesses and make sure that if their business fails, they are not the ones who eat the losses.

President Obama told us that the only way we are going to get these private business people who are sitting on their private fortunes to start back up so that they might give us a job, is to put billions of dollars in our local banks so that the businesses can access it, thus a new line of credit and a new chance to accumulate profit with zero risk to their own money.

When we go into a double dip recession we can have another economic crisis, they can file bankruptcy on their businesses again, the tax payer will get to eat their losses, and, of course, whatever money they make while operating in the red, will be added to their personal bank accounts.

Tell me how many times do we have to get punched in the nose before we learn to hit back?

The mainstream media propaganda machine is reporting that the number of small bank failures is going to increase.  In particular, 66 small banks are expected to fail this year and most, if not all, will have received a portion of that $30 billion and will have given rich people with businesses a line of credit.

Then I guess will just scrape up another $30 billion and do it all over again.  Remember, it was just a week ago that we were being told that this $30 billion giveaway was going to solve all of our problems.  They must think we have the memory span of a head of lettuce.

Isn’t it kind of ironic how they came up with $30 billion as the amount to be given to the small banksters?  This is the same amount it would take to fund a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.

Ever wonder where the money goes?  I mean true tangible wealth.  You know like treasury bonds?  As in the Chinese are pushing our so called representative government to up the interest rate on our treasury bonds to 3%, as they hold $850 billion worth of them.  Could it be that the $30 billion was earmarked for China from the get go?  And could it be that Timothy Geithner is going to transfer the $30 billion into Chinese accounts via the interest rate increase?  I mean, what is our so called government going to tell China, “No”?  If the Chinese called in all the U.S. securities they hold, it would send our economy into a tailspin and our dollar would devalue even more, if that’s possible.

The extraction of tangible wealth can be simplified as follows:  The small business operating in the red loses its line of credit (financed by the Chinese), goes bankrupt,  you lose your job, the bank repossess your house you have been paying on for twenty years, the equity you had in your house (the sweat from your brow that created the tangible wealth/product) is used to pay off the line of credit (to the Chinese), that your ex-employer filed bankruptcy on, and the bank has the house so it can start the process all over again.

People, we are being defrauded, conned, bamboozled, and stolen from.  I find myself asking, “What Next?”  Are they going to come bursting into my house to cart off my stereo and television; my clothes and food?   Because the rich man down the road took a line of credit and went bankrupt on it and his money can’t be touched, as his keeping his money is too vital to our economy.

When everything including the clothes on our backs is gone and we are standing in the streets naked, shouting to the heavens, “Why?”, do you think any of us will feel any comfort when the two bit con man, Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, appears in a hologram in the sky that’s being broadcast from Switzerland with that feces eating grin on his face saying, “Now calm down, it’s only money”?

First Published 10-5-10

Ed Shultz, of MSNBC’s The Ed Show, came out swinging in a blatant effort to try to get the demodummies to take another big slug of purple Kool-Aid.  Ed, who is an actor and not a very good one at that, showed a clip of himself addressing the so-called One Nation Rally, which was made up of 400 individual social communist groups.  Ed, wearing his size 55 pants, paced in front of the National Mall shouting like an evangelist preacher that all of Obama’s failures were the fault of forty republirats in the Senate.

Well Ed, if I remember correctly, the demoscums had a supermajority, which is to say they could pass anything they wanted and no one could stop them.  In order to get that supermajority, the international corporate mafia had their boy, Arlen Specter, who was then a senior senator for the republirats, defect to the demodummies.  Have they not shown that when they want a piece of legislation passed it can be done in a matter of days?  The demodummies passed the legislations they were ordered to pass by the international corporate mafia that owns them, just as the republirats did when they had the majority under Bush.

Ed went on to say that the republirat controlled press was downsizing the actual size of the One Nation Rally.  Further, he said that there were actually 170,000 people in attendance, which he bragged was more than the 87,000 who attended Glenn Beck’s rally, which was labeled a “Tea Party Rally”.  From what I saw on television, I would have to say there couldn’t have been more than 10,000 at either rally.

I know some of you are going to say, “But they reported that there was more than 100,000”.  Well there is an old saying in the patriot movement that goes like this, “If a tree falls in the forest and the mainstream media doesn’t report on it, does it make a sound?”  The answer to the question is hell yes it does.

The true tea partiers marched on Washington DC on September 12, 2009 and numbered between 1.2 and 2 million.  The mainstream media barely covered the event, and what they did show were tight angle camera shots that hid the ocean of people who were there; red, yellow, black, white, rich, and poor.  The press didn’t report it, but it damned sure made a sound that is resonating to this day.  There is another old patriot saying, “The mainstream media lies.”

No Glenn Beck, you are not getting out of it that easy.  You and your psycho buddies, like Senator Jim Demint, claim that God is telling you that He wants those tax breaks extended to the top 2% and for the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting poorer.  You’re all a bunch of charlatans and corporate whores.   And if a god spoke to you, it was a god with horns on its head and hooves for feet.

If you people cannot see what these petty dirt bags are trying to do, you are beyond help.  When I was a kid, my brother had a little poodle dog that was the most vicious animal I have ever seen.  My dad worked as a diesel mechanic.  Before he would leave work to come home he would use hand cleaner on his hands and wipe them dry using those little blue paper wipers.  The last wiper he used would be barely soiled, so he would stick it in his back pocket to be used at the next instance of need.  The little poodle dog loved my dad and when my dad would come through the door the dog came bounding up to him with its customary snarling.  Sometimes my dad would take the wiper out of his back pocket and start spinning it above the dog’s head.  The dog would start chasing the wiper, spinning in a circle.  After a while my dad would stop and go sit down in his chair and the dog would continue spinning in a circle, sometimes for more than a minute.

Ed and Glenn remind me of my dad with the wiper and the people who are listening to them are as dumb as that dog.  See, Ed and Glen are hoping that the demodummies and republirats will keep spinning in that left-right paradigm just long enough for them to pull it off one more time, as they know that one more time is all its going to take to finish destroying this whole damn country.

If there is anyone out there dumb enough to listen to either one of these two-bit actors, I say you do not deserve to be in this country.  I tell you, straight up, I am sick and tired of living with the decisions of stupid people.

For the rest of you who have broken free from the left-right paradigm, I hope you are as outraged as I am and are asking the question, “Just how dumb do you think we are?”

First Published 10-04-10

In the debate over the Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, the assertion is frequently made that those seeking Tier 5 want something for nothing.  The majority of we 99ers have worked since we came of age and up until jobs ceased to exist in our country.  Some people had thirty years on the job when they were forced onto unemployment.  Those thirty years earned them only 99 weeks of unemployment.  I have to believe that the interest on the taxes paid by an individual over thirty years would equate to more than 99 weeks of unemployment.

Now let’s look at some other people who got something for nothing.  Passed on May 20, 1862, the Homestead Act accelerated the settlement of the western territory by granting adult heads of families 160 acres of surveyed public land for a minimal filing fee and 5 years of continuous residence on that land.

The Homestead Act is looked upon by many, me included, as one of the cornerstones for the building of our country.  But was it not a massive giveaway of public lands and resources that belonged to the people,  This massive giveaway resulted in huge increases in farming and ranching, which in turn resulted in the establishment of industrial enterprise, which was necessitated by the accumulation of family fortunes and the desire to manufacture goods to sell to the new middle class.

You might call the Homestead Act a stimulus given to the common man who was seeking the American Dream.  But like today, stimulus back then could not be given to the common man without giving a gluttonous amount more to those who were already filthy rich. (The international corporate mafia)

One of the most controversial of the public lands “disposals” was the railroad land grants, a series of federal and state acts between 1850 and 1871.  Prior to 1862, the grants were made via the state governments; nine states granted almost 49 million acres in railroad land grants. In 1862, with the advent of the interstate transcontinental railroads, the federal government began making the grants directly to railroad corporations.

The total land grants to railroads were 130.4 million acres.  The railroad land grants covered ten percent of the continental United States, yet because of the corridor and checkerboard patterns of the grants; their influence extends considerably beyond that. One historian estimates that railroad corporations controlled the settlement of a third of the country, and an even greater portion of the American West, where most of the land grants were located. Even today, the largest land owners in many Western states are still the land grant railroads and their corporate heirs.

Much of the land has been sold to or spun off into new corporations, and the legacy of the nineteenth century railroad land grants is a remarkable and troubling concentration of land ownership and exploitation of natural resources which was never intended by Congress. The control exercised through grant lands has and continues to translate into economic and political power for the corporations which control them.

Since the original land grant laws were written, a third of the land grants have been reclaimed by the U.S. government because of grantees’ failures to fulfill public policies. But millions of acres are still being held and abused by the corporate heirs of the unenforced public land grants. Checkerboard lands within our national forests are being clear-cut, strip-mined, paved, and developed. Scenic lands and wildlife habitat are being lost. Taxpayers are losing millions of dollars in bad public/private land exchanges. Workers and communities are being poisoned with toxic waste. Corporations are squandering our taxes, writing our public laws, and controlling local and national governments.

(Information source: George Draffton,

So, getting back to today, the richest of the rich are crying foul because our so called representatives have not yet extended tax cuts to the top 2% earners in this county.  They are also the ones pointing their fingers at the 99ers and exclaiming that we want something for nothing.

How about you swindling scum bags be made to give back all you have stolen and we the 99ers, working poor, and disenfranchised can just divide it up through a 21st century homestead act which, coupled with trade tariffs, would end poverty overnight.  And like the first Homestead Act, it would necessitate the rebuilding of our industry in order to provide American made goods to the new middle class who would be driven to keep their money in their country to insure prosperity for their progeny.

It is time for the people in this country to stand up and tell the international corporate mafia, “Get out, this land is our land.”

First Published 10-03-10

Banks, CEOs, and people making $1 million plus are in a frenzy demanding the government, that they have bought and paid for, enact measures immediately to protect the wealth they have accumulated over the past fifteen years.  What they do not mention is that the wealth was procured via a transfer from the lower middle class and working poor to them.  This transfer was accomplished through the enactment of legislation that deregulated banks and actually paid the rich to move their businesses overseas, where they pay slave labor wages and very little taxes.   When they bring the money back into our country, they pay little or no tax on their profits.

Now that the rich have accumulated nearly all of the wealth, they want to pass laws that will protect their assets.  It’s really too bad no such laws existed to protect the lower middle class and the working poor.

When Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, and AIG were about to go under as a result of the grandest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on the world, well, we just couldn’t let that happen.  When the lower middle class and working poor lost their jobs, it was C’est la vie, times are tough.

Fourteen million adults are at present living with their parents in order to try to survive from day to day.  They are the lucky ones as many more are living under bridges and in their cars.  At the same time, Paris Hilton, crown princess of the international corporate mafia, announces her new show.  Of course she will make millions of dollars for doing nothing more than babbling the babblings of the mindless twit she is, but hey, that’s just one of the bennies of being a princess.

It would cost approximately $33 billion for a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  The $170 billion still sitting in reserves would finance approximately five more tiers of unemployment.  But then that money wouldn’t be sitting in the filthy rich banker’s bank allowing him to lend out $1.7 trillion to his corporate buddies in order to buy up U. S. treasuries to falsely pump up the stock market, like they have this past September.

After the elections these loans will be called in, the stock market will drop, and there will be more, huge job losses. (Problem)  The people will demand that the government step in and rescue them. (Reaction)  And a whole score of new socialist laws will be put into place by our lame duck congress. (Solution)

After more of the lower middle class and working poor have been reduced to poverty and their wealth transferred into the vaults of the filthy rich, you will hear yet another call to protect that wealth from redistribution as the minions of the international corporate mafia shout out in unison, “There ought to be a law”.

First Published 10-2-10

Nicky Diaz Santillan is a Hispanic who has been in the United States illegally for the past ten years.  She became front and center in the news, when Gloria Allred, a California attorney, decided that she was not illegal, she was instead an undocumented worker who had been abused by her employer, Republican candidate for governor of California, Meg Whitman.

It appears that Gloria Allred is a supporter of Democratic gubernatorial candidate for California, Jerry Brown, and has been his ally for over three decades.  In fact she worked as a campaign volunteer for Brown back in 1974.  She also donated $150 for Brown’s campaign for State Attorney General.

In a news conference Ms. Diaz tearfully stated, “I’m doing this because I know a lot of Megs out there who are mistreating the meekest who work so hard for them.”

Ms. Whitman stated that she had hired Ms. Diaz back in 2000 through a hiring agency and that she was assured that Ms. Diaz was a legally documented worker.  In fact Ms. Whitman says she has copies of Ms. Diaz’s driver license and social security card, which in reality are forgeries illegally obtained by Ms. Diaz and illegally used by Ms. Diaz to obtain employment through the agency.  Ms. Diaz also signed an I-9 Form under penalty of perjury that asserted that she was legal to work in this country.

For nine years Ms. Whitman gave Ms. Diaz 15 hours per week of employment at $23.00 per hour.  So what is Ms. Whitman’s alleged offence?  When she found out that Ms. Diaz was illegally working in our country, she had to, as a matter of law, dismiss Ms. Diaz from her employ.  Ms. Whitman could have, and in hind sight probably should have, turned Ms. Diaz in to immigration officials and had her deported.  Ms. Whitman stated that she did not turn Ms. Diaz in because she liked her and did not want to hurt her.

Ms. Whitman is a billionaire. So how will this whole thing play out?  Well by right and by law, Ms. Diaz should be sitting in a jail, facing charges of illegally entering the United States, trafficking in illegal documents, and perjury and Ms. Allred should be charged with harboring an illegal alien.

But nooo; Ms. Diaz will no doubt be filing a law suit against Ms. Whitman for deprivation of her illegal alien rights, when Ms. Whitman should be suing Ms. Diaz for slander and liable and naming Ms. Allred as codefendant.   This little publicity stunt perpetrated by Ms. Allred could very well cost Ms. Whitman the Hispanic vote in California and ultimately the election.  A part of Ms. Whitman’s platform states that she supports vigorous prosecution of employers who hire illegal aliens.

Tell me this country is not 110% upside down and backwards.  I was born in this country, as were my forefathers back to the colonies.   An illegal alien just now crossed the border and has more rights and more representation in my country than I have ever had.

There are a lot of people online saying that Tier 5 is a dead issue.  I say it is only dead if we let it be.  If Tier 5 is dead I will tell you why.  It is because you 99ers out there, after a few months of being told “no” are willing to just lie down and die.  Nothing disgusts me more than apathy.

You know what I think is going to happen to Ms. Diaz?  Well I think this whole thing is going to quiet down up until and through the election.  Afterwards Ms. Whitman, her time being worth more than the money involved, will probably cut Ms. Diaz a check for a couple hundred thousand dollars.  Ms. Diaz will be allowed to stay in our country with her husband and anchor babies, and who knows, one of you who has lost your nice house might get to watch Ms. Diaz pay cash for it and move in.

Do you think you can muster some anger now?  Do you know who gets things in this country?  The people who raise hell do.

When the majority of California voters passed a law against gay marriage, the very next day the gays came out in force.  And guess what; that law no longer exists.  (Screw the majority)

When the majority of Arizona voters passed legislation mirroring our federal immigration law, the very next day the Hispanics came out in force and threw pop and beer cans at the police who were told to stand down.  And what do you know; President Obama and the Federal Government are now using federal monies taken from the people of Arizona to sue them for trying to enforce the law.

We get walked on because we let them walk on us.  And they will continue to walk on us until we say NO MORE!

This is not an endorsement for Meg Whitman but rather a condemnation of the hypocrisy inherent in the system.

As for the tears of the illegal alien, Nicky Diaz Santillan, I say fifteen hours per week at $23.00 per hour; I was born in this country and I’ll take that job.

First Published 10-1-10

The Fabian Socialist doctrine teaches that socialism can be achieved gradually through a series of reforms (Change).  So what kind of change?  Socialized medicine usually refers to compulsory health insurance in which the law compels citizens to join a government health program. (Obama Care)  The Socialist Party platforms in the United States have commonly included demands for the socialization and democratic control of natural recourses, money, banking, credit, monopolies and semi-monopolies.  Has the international corporate mafia not taken control of the aforementioned via their money sponsored politicians who hold our highest seats of power?  Since the Civil War the United States has adopted much social legislation but the major parties, the Rs and the Ds, have avoided the term “socialism”, fearing the people might rise up in defense of the Republic.

So what does Socialism have to do with Communism?  Many people think of Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto, as the founder of modern socialist principles.  Let’s take a look at Communism.  By the 1960s communist governments controlled more than a billion people.  However the Communist Party was divided as to how to accomplish world communism.  Mao Tse-tung believed as did Joseph Stalin that world communism could only be accomplished through violent revolution.  Nikolai Lenin advocated a different form of world communism which mirrored Fabian Socialism in that Lenin believed that the workers would rise up in places like America, destroy capitalism through the democratic process, and capture the mechanisms of industry.

Control of speech:  Our so called government already controls mainstream media and if the Cybersecurity Act passes later this year President Obama will be able to shut down the internet for 30 days without any approval from congress for a variety of reasons, two of which are economic and military crisis.

Control of religion:  The government in the last few months has been trying to put the issue of religion in a position that would dictate the government stepping in, in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which it has already violated through the monetary support of the religious state of Israel since its inception.

Communists often use other groups such as student organizations to further their agenda.  President Obama sent his minions out on a mission this past week; that mission being to poison the minds of our youth with his socialist dogma and enlist their aid in furthering his cause.

The united States of America was founded as a Constitutional Republic with an emphasis placed on the rights of the individual which are outlined in the Preamble to the Constitution (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) and the first ten amendments.  Individualism is repugnant to communism.

There can be no question that the actions being taken by the Obama administration and our so called representatives are an attack on our constitution designed to move us into a Fabian social communist society.  Like Europe we are to be another district in the one world dictatorship.  We are to have the illusion of Fabian socialism as a district in the one world commune.  But the true power will be exercised through pure communism (all workers united under a dictatorship) via the secret committee known as the G20.  It is a fact that our President goes to the secret meetings of the G20 and receives his marching orders from the international corporate mafia (politburo).  He is monitored by his regional communist controller, Timothy Geithner, the current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.  (9th President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, sits on the Board of Directors of the Center for Global Development, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, trustee for the Economic Club of New York, chairman of the Committee on payment and settlement systems at the Bank for International Settlements, and a member of the Bilderberg Group)

When the first big bank bailout was being voted on in our Senate several senators came forth and said that they were being threatened with martial law if they did not pass the legislation.  Passage of this legislation turned absolute control of our government over to the Secretary of the Treasury Department, Henry Paulson who shortly thereafter turned that control over to Timothy Geithner.  Geithner holds the puppet strings attached to Barack Hussein Obama A.K.A. Barry Soetoro.

People beware as I hear war drums.  I believe that if we the people manage to upset the drive towards Fabian social communism Iran will be bombed to start World War III.  While it’s being bombed four or five selected traitors (senators) are going to go into a dark back room in our Capitol, form a quorum, and vote into law the small arms ban treaty Hilary Clinton signed onto at the U.N.  a few months ago.  If this happens, North Com will be activated, martial law will be declared, and the attempt at confiscating our firearms will begin.  This will result in an all out war.  And as our own troops will not turn against us we had better prepare ourselves to face U.N. troops in the form of Mexicans, Canadians, and Chinese.  Anyone who is not stashing guns, ammunition, and food is a fool.  It is looking more like, “It is not a question of if, but when”.

I know there are going to be people who say that we live in a democracy.  Our founding fathers warned us of the dangers of a democracy in both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.  They said that if we allowed ourselves to be lulled into a democracy the lawyers and the bankers would steal our country from us.  Thomas Jefferson said of democracy, “It is two wolves and a sheep, voting on what’s for dinner.”

God save the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

First Published 9-30-10

There are two kinds of political power; one is wealth and the other is numbers.

Let’s talk about wealth.  Wealth has been the dominating political power in our country for too many years now.  The congress has not even recessed yet and there are five hundred fund raisers on the calendar in Washington D.C.  You see, the politicians do not even have to bother going back to their home states to be bought off anymore, as all is accomplished within the boundaries of the District of Columbia.

Lobbyists literally from all over the world will be writing checks for every candidate up for election.  This is the rich flexing their political muscle, which is money.  Said money is taken by the politicians and a portion goes into what is known by lobbyists as the black hole; having been laundered it eventually lands back in the pockets of the politicians.  The rest of the money is used for advertizing, which we all have seen consists of blanket propaganda depicting each candidate as the worst possible choice we could make.

We the people are then expected to pull those little cards out of our wallets and purses, look at the D or the R, run down to the voting booths and vote for the D or the R, and support the home team reasoning that, as they are a D like me or an R like you, they must be the lesser of the two evils.  Well, I think the cold slap of reality might have snapped us out of the left-right paradigm, but has it happened too late?

Numbers are we the people, the individual voter.  Our power lies in reason.  Once the people have come to the realization that they have been duped, lied to, stolen from, and left on the side of the road like an unwanted pet, numbers becomes the dominate political power.  Numbers can vote all incumbents and all Republicans offering us a redo of the Bush era out.  Numbers can also not vote at all for individual candidates if both candidates represent a non choice.  The non choice votes would have to be recognized because the rest of the ballot is filled out and it cannot be calculated as a mistake as the number of ballots without a vote for a non candidate is too many.

I intend to vote with numbers.  I think, considering the events in Europe, in reference to the governments there taking the wealth from the working people and giving it to the rich, and the violence which is ensuing, our government had better take a long hard look at the votes and the non votes.  Because the most important thing about numbers is that if things get bad enough, the militias in this country are ready to fill the empty hands of the working poor, the poor, and the disenfranchised with guns.

Then these unbelievably arrogant criminal snobs will be facing armed patriots with numbers sufficient to arrest, try, convict, and place every one of them on deportation barges which, will not be landing on the beaches of the Netherlands.  As we will not have killed them, we will be exercising what is known as justice tempered with mercy.  They will understand what this means when the barges land on the beaches of one of the third world countries where the international corporate mafia has robbed those people of their resources, infected them with disease, and left them to starve to death.  We will leave the fate of the rich aristocrats to those they have hurt the most.  Bon Appetit.


First Published 9-29-10

Nothing gets my Irish up faster than an Englishman speaking with an British accent on my Chinese made, American television telling me how outrageous it is for the poor to be blaming the rich for their plight, as was the case on Fox Business’ Varney And Company.  The arrogance of the rich never ceases to amaze me.  Over the past two years we have witnessed one of the largest transfers of wealth (from the working people to the rich) in the history of the world.  It is amazing how they can go from free spending lunatics, (when the money is coming from the working person’s pocket and going into their vaults) to the thriftiest of the thrifty, and not only take control of the purse strings but cut them off .

Apparently, there has been a great awakening and many citizens have been registering Independent.  They have attacked the political base of the Democrats and the Republicans, leading to such statements as, “The Democrats may have to take the vote to the people” and “If the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow we could see a second American Revolution.”

Varney And Company, after announcing the predicament the rich are finding themselves in, then went to work trying to redirect the anger of the poor toward labor unions.  Apparently we are supposed to forget about the $28 trillion the rich have stolen and redirect our anger at thirteen auto workers at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, who were snuck up on and taped by the media drinking alcohol and smoking pot on their break.  The theory being, as Chrysler took bailout monies some of which went into their pension funds, that somehow these thirteen auto workers were ripping we the people off by drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break.

Here’s a news flash for you:  This country was built by people drinking whiskey and smoking pot on their lunch breaks.  It was surrendered by politically correct pencil necks who had no problem peeing in a bottle.  Not to mention the fact that the rich bankers that robbed us blind and even the politicians that work for us enjoy their three martini lunch with a side of cocaine every day.  That is what is known as hypocrisy.

People, we are not only having an effect, we are having a massive effect.  Make no mistake; this is a war for nothing less than our Constitution and country.  When two people with serious differences face off, before the first blow is thrown, the last words are spoken.  We spoke our last words when we said, “Pass the Damn Tier 5 Now” and told Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that we would either work for or against them depending on how they addressed Tier 5.  They ignored us and the fight was on.

We must keep swinging.  If we quit swinging we lose the fight.  We must not show any weakness like announcing in public that we are not going to vote.  Though a non vote may become a strategy, our strategies must be kept unto ourselves.  As in a fight, if you tell someone you are going to hit them in the jaw, that punch will be deflected.

We must redouble our effort which means we must become twice as mean and twice as determined.  I have, to this day, been responsible for myself and nineteen others changing party affiliation to Independent.  This week I will persuade nineteen more.  If each one of you just doubles what you have done, I believe the main stream media will be forced to acknowledge and report that it is the 99ers who are responsible for the mass increase in the last few weeks in Independent registration.  If we can accomplish this, our so called representatives, and those wishing to become our so called representatives, will have to come to terms with us.  They will have to offer us terms for their surrender, as they will know that if they do not, we will have the power to annihilate them politically.  And that if this thing does not soon come to a conclusion that allows us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we might realistically annihilate them utterly.


First Published 9-28-10

We learned recently that the recession is over.  I don’t know about you, but personally I am having a hard time believing it.  And it’s not just me. I know a lot of people that can’t come to grips with the fact that the recession in over.  That is why I became very attentive when a Fox propaganda piece titled “The Mental Recession” appeared on my television screen.  The following is as much of the interview as I can stomach reiterating.  Dr. Keith Ablow, Assistant Professor at Tufts Medical School, and board certified in adult, adolescent, and forensic psychiatry, is being interviewed by Fox reporters on Fox Business Live.

Reporter:  Dr. Keith, great to have you. Welcome.  So people are really concerned about unemployment as we know is surging, but the stock markets been up for four consecutive weeks.  So is there a bit of a disconnect going on?

Dr. Albow:  I think there is a disconnect.  People psychologically are traumatizable.  Right, if they go to war; if they experience a recession.   They don’t come out of it immediately as the charts indicate they should.  They really feel thins.  So yes, the recession can last internally and have its own economic effects even after the charts say it should be otherwise.

Reporter:  Dr. Ablow, how much do you think is real and how much of it in terms of medically diagnosable and how much of it is perceived, because I think a lot of times, people get bombarded with this bad news.  It’s terrible, it’s awful, and then they start to think it awful even though it might not be that bad.

Dr. Albow:  Well that true but a number of forces here are at work.  One is that people are not only going to need evidence that the numbers are moving in the right direction and there’s a lag time to that because again psychologically we can be traumatized into thinking, “Oh my God, it’s going to happen again, I’m going to open that mail box, it’s another bad letter.”  But also, people have lost their faith in government.  People don’t believe necessarily that any number that says good things are on the way, that those cannot be trusted.  So the failure of trust in our government is yet another layer that people need to overcome.

Reporter:  So if you’re one of these people who are really concerned and felling completely overwhelmed about their prospects; what advice do you have for them?

Dr. Albow:  Here’s what you do.  You don’t internalize the recession.  Look, I understand I just said that people do but you can cognitively tell yourself, “I’m not going to do that.  This recession is outside of me.  I’m still possessed of unique skills.  I have my experiences.  What I need to do is an inventory of those things that I can bring to bear.  Now because my intension is that I’m going to write very good chapters of my life story going forward fifty pages down the line in my life story.  Things are going to take a turn for me and I’m preparing for that right now.”

I have in the past read a few books on psychology just to see how much of this field of study is based on scientific fact.  Beyond primal reactions I found the subject matter to be purely theoretical.  The fact is that down to our DNA there are no two human beings exactly the same.  Therefore, logic dictates that there can be no way to set a psychological standard.  Any person claiming that they know the mind of another person better than he or she has to be purporting the epitome of arrogance.

However, always being one for adventure, I grabbed up pencil and notebook and wrote down every word that came into my mind during the interview, and this is what I got:  quack, fake, phony, charlatan, propagandist, b. s., and poppycock.  These had to be the most ludicrous assertions I have ever heard put forth.

I look over at my wife; she has black circles under her eyes, as do I.  The reason being that, since running out of unemployment, we have only averaged about four hours a night of sleep because we are kept awake worrying as to where we are going to get the money to pay our bills.

I guess maybe I should just stop worrying, get out my little journal and start an entry fifty pages ahead portraying a trip to town to buy a new wallet to put all the money in that I will be making in my new life story.  Of course reality would dictate that if I write in the journal rather than staying focused on the problem at hand, I will end up writing in the journal under a bridge.

I have been trying to decipher just why this ridiculous piece was even aired.  I have concluded that maybe the international corporate mafia is trying to create a new mental illness.  They might even call it 99ers Syndrome, diagnosable and treatable.  Treatment might include a stay at a reeducation center, Zoloft, Prozac, Thorazine, Quaaludes, and electroshock therapy.  And I guess one could be considered cured when he or she could admit to their self that, when big brother says the recession is over, by God, it’s over and that the wind, rain, and snow whistling through the bridge you’re living under is all in your mind.

First Published 9-27-10

House Resolution 5297: Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 is passed.  So where is the money going to go?  Well, the bill says that it will deliver $30 billion to small and medium sized community banks (assets $10 billion and under) for a new fund which could leverage up to $300 billion in lending.

What this equates to is the government putting $30 billion into a zero interest savings account that these poor banks worth $10 billion and under can lend $10 for every dollar and collect the interest.  I’ll make it even simpler.  If one of us has a dollar in his or her hand; it has one dollar’s worth of buying power.  Take that very same dollar, deposit it in a bank and the banker can lend $10.  In short, the banker’s dollar is worth 10 times more than ours.

Is this not how we got into this mess in the first place?  Those package mortgages were nothing more than an accumulation of these ten dollar loans, with only a dollar to back them.  I’m sure this bank bailout is going to work just as well as the last two did.  There is $30 billion we don’t have to worry about anymore out of that $2 trillion held in reserve.  I wonder who among the rich, who already have more money than can be spent in a lifetime, will get the other $170 billion.

Hey congress, I’ve got a great idea.  Why don’t we take all assets from every citizen, cash them out, and give the money to the filthy rich?  Then maybe a little bit of that wealth will find its way back to the poor folk.  Wait a minute, that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.  Isn’t that redistribution of wealth, from the poor to the rich?  Wait another minute; this is exactly what they are doing.  Borrowing money in our poor grandchildren’s names and giving it to the richest people in this country.  Note: said money will have to be paid back by our grandchildren and their indentured servitude will have to make the other nine of the ten dollars real.

I can guarantee you that not one independent voter with a lick of sense, of whom the candidates say they are so concerned, supports this legislation in any way.  Now there’s representative government for you.   Is this legislation not the Americans Want to Work Act minus the Tier 5? Unless we the citizens of this country wake up and realize that those we have put in our highest offices are nothing more than thieves, we are doomed.

Another piece of legislation is set to be debated in Congress this week which will, if passed, close loopholes rewarding businesses for taking our jobs out of the country and offer tax incentives for those that bring them back.  It was introduced by Democrat Charles Schumer of New York.  Tell me, can we have any piece of legislation designed for the recovery of our country that does not give more money to the filthy rich who are responsible for our financial collapse?  It will be interesting watching those so desperate to court the independent voter debate a piece of legislation that, although it wants to close loopholes, represents yet another big handout to the rich.

I have no doubt that the lapdog Obama will complete the procurement of the $30 billion for the international corporate mafia banksters in signing HR 5297 into law.  I’m sure he will indeed sign any piece of paper that gives his masters more wealth and power.  Barack Hussein Obama A.K.A. Barry Soetoro, you are nothing more than another slick talking con man out of Chicago.  The only thing you will get from me is my contemp.


First Published 9-25-10

Comedian Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” testified before our congress in reference to granting amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens in our country and working our jobs.  This little Hollywood twerp apparently worked with illegals on a farm for one day and came to the conclusion that we, as Americans, did not want to work on farms, as he found the labor too difficult for himself.

In the early 1980s this country was in a depression.  I live on the West Coast.  I travelled all the way across the country looking for work.  My dad was working in Indiana, so I had a place to stay.  After a month of searching and finding nothing in the way of employment, my dad, who was a master mechanic and had always been able to find a job anywhere, suggested that we all go to Florida, where he was sure we could all find work.

When we first arrived at Port St. Lucy, Florida my dad purchased a local newspaper and found an ad for a mechanic maintaining and repairing equipment on a large, corporate farm.   He applied for the job and was very confident that he would land it, as he had 10 years experience as a road mechanic for Caterpillar.  That, coupled with his 30 years of overall experience as a mechanic and his impeccable references, should have made it a sure thing.  He was denied the job because he could not speak Spanish.  After a couple of weeks of us looking for work, and my dad being denied jobs because he could not speak Spanish, we were running out of money and getting desperate.

I walked a few miles to an employment office.  When I walked through the door, there was a sign that said, “Cane Workers Wanted – $5.00 per hour.”  I went to the receptionist, pointed at the sign and stated, “I want three of those jobs, one for myself and two for my brothers.”  The receptionist replied, “Are you a Cuban or Haitian refugee?”  I said, “No.”  She then stated, “Those jobs are reserved for Cuban and Haitian refuges.”  I was enraged.  I went back to the KOA Park where we were staying and reported what had occurred to my dad.  He said that we were all going to have to take any work we could find and save enough money to get the hell out of Florida.

We finally found work picking oranges and were more than glad to take it.  We picked oranges for a month, saved our money, and each sold a gun. We then took the combined moneys and got the hell out of Florida.  We stayed at our family farm in West Virginia for about a month.  Twice I hitchhiked 23 miles into the nearest town and back trying to find work.  (Note: I was hitchhiking out of a hollow so it was a lot more walking than riding.)  I could find no work.  I sold my last gun for enough money to get back to the west coast; arriving at my family home in the middle of November in four feet of snow, flat broke.

I say to Stephen Colbert, “The reason you could not handle working in the fields for a day is because it’s hard to pick produce with a silver spoon hanging out of your mouth, as it makes your eyes cross and you spend all day trying to decide which tomato to pick.”

From the time I started working, especially during the hard times, I have worked on many farms and ranches picking produce, bucking hay, and processing potatoes from the field.   I live in a farming community and we are overrun with illegals.  I have no doubt that if they were not here my two sons and I, one of which has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics, could be at least making a little money on the fall harvest.  This place has become like Florida was back in the 80s; you cannot get a job working on the farms if you do not speak Spanish, as you slow down production through lack of communication.

The farming, service, transport, and construction industries have become dominated from the second tier down by illegals, who do not speak our language.  There is nothing left for unemployed Americans who have English as their only language.  I think I would experience pure joy in stuffing Stephen Colbert down his coat rack.

I believe there is only one way this situation is going to change.  We have to take our country back.  And how do we do that?  Take back the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia (end the federal reserve), seal our borders and deport every foreign national, end CAFTA, NAFTA, GATT, and all other policies paying business to outsource our jobs, reestablish our industrial base, and offer some relief to those in dire need until the aforementioned can be accomplished.

Stephen Colbert, this is our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren we are talking about here.  It is not a joke.

First Published 9-24-10

The GOP announced their new plan to save our country.  Many have dubbed it “The New Contract with America”.   The provisions of the contract are:

  1. Permanently extend all Bush tax cuts.

Now wait a minute, the ending of the Bush tax cuts is being labeled as the largest tax increase ever.  Talk about double speak, do they think we have no memory?  When President Bush instituted these tax cuts were they not indeed the largest tax cuts ever in our history?  It is not a tax increase; it’s just putting the tax rate back to where it was.  As the filthy rich have the most wealth, they benefit the most from the tax cuts.  I support keeping the tax cuts only for those two worker families making $250,000 or less per year.  So no sale on that one.

  1. Cancel all unspent stimulus spending.

As all this stimulus money has been going into the pockets of the rich, I would have to support this in principal.  However, I do want to know what they intend to do with the $2 trillion sitting in reserve.  Are they going to give it back, or is one of their filthy rich good ole boy puppet masters (international corporate mafia) going to pocket it?

  1. Repeal all health care initiatives.

Now this one really gets my goat, as the healthcare plan was passed in spite of the fact that 70% of the American people opposed it.  Now tell me this, if the Democrats and Republicans, as it took both to do so, could pass this legislation that the majority of the population opposed, why couldn’t they have passed a Tier 5 extension to help those most in need.  Hypocrite – no sale.

  1. Stop Guantanamo detainees from being sent to the U. S.

Frankly, I do not give a rat’s arse about the detainees, as they do not enter my realm of thought.  The only thing dominating my mind is that I’m jobless, impoverished, and running out of time.

  1. Pledge to cancel TARP

You dirty hypocrites.  It was President Bush and the Republicans that initiated and enacted TARP.  Oh no Democrats, you are not getting out of it that easy. I don’t remember any filibusters to stop it.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans give money over to their international corporate mafia masters hand over fist.

Then, almost as if to rub our noses in it, Forbes Fortune 500 released its list of the richest Americans.  Coming in at number one is Bill Gates with $54 billion, in second place is Warren Buffett with $45 billion, and in third place we have Larry Ellison with $27 billion.  If that wasn’t hard enough to swallow, the heirs of Sam Walton, as in Wal-Mart, clocked in at $80 billion split between the four of them. (Now that’s a lot of food stamp money.)  All in all, the richest Americans saw an 8% rise in their income.  Last year they lost some $40 billion, this year $25 billion was regained.  I guess there has been a recovery and the recession is over.  At least if you are a multi-billionaire.

I heard it again, and I’m getting sick of hearing it: “This is a jobless recovery”.  This says by definition that all are recovering except the jobless, and the jobless are becoming more every day.  According to The Department of Labor’s latest report, new jobless claims unexpectedly climbed 12,000 to 465,000 last week.  They do not even address the issue of the unemployed whose benefits have run out.

I’m glad the GOP released its plan on the same day that Forbes Fortune 500 released their list, as it only serves to harden my resolve and more clearly define my priorities.  I still intend to vote the incumbents out, hopefully through a vote for an Independent.  If not, I’ll do what I have to.  As for the Republicans, and their new plan to give more money to people who already have money so they can trickle on me, I say after incumbents I will be voting against every Republican who signs on, even if that means voting for a Democrat.


First Published 9-23-10

I am continuously fascinated and confused by institutionalized party affiliates.  I do not understand them.  The Democratic Party was the first to come on the scene in 1828 followed by the Republican Party in 1854.  So who represented the collective thoughts of the people before the establishment of the two-party system?  No one.  Believe it or not, the citizens of this country prior to 1820 actually followed politics and made individual decisions on individual issues as independents without the help of anyone.

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, the people of this country will rediscover a simple truth.  It is the freedom to think as an individual that made this country the richest and freest on this planet.  It’s called individual achievement.  I personally despise both the Democrats and Republicans with equal enthusiasm.  That means I do not like President Obama, I do not like George Bush Jr., I do not like Bill Clinton, I do not like George Bush Sr., Ronald Regan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, or Lyndon Johnson.  John F. Kennedy was the last constitutional president of the United States.

How many of you know that Lyndon Johnson was air born when Kennedy was killed?  Also air born at that time were planes loaded with United States battle troops who were prepared to, upon Lyndon Johnson’s order, land in major cities across the country to declare martial law in order to stop any who recognized the coup for what it was.

You people need to learn who your enemies are.   Democrat, it is not your Republican neighbor.  Republican, it is not your Democrat neighbor.  The problem is your ignorance.  Here is a glimpse of your true enemies through the eyes of President Kennedy.  The following is an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s speech delivered April 27, 1961 to the American Newspaper Publishers Association:

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

But I do ask every publisher, every editor, and every newsman in the nation to reexamine his own standards, and to recognize the nature of our country’s peril. In time of war, the government and the press have customarily joined in an effort based largely on self-discipline, to prevent unauthorized disclosures to the enemy. In time of “clear and present danger,” the courts have held that even the privileged rights of the First Amendment must yield to the public’s need for national security.”

(Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum)

The Republicans and the Democrats following the murder of President Kennedy began bringing in administrations, first from the radical left and then from the radical right, but both with the same agenda and that is the theft of our wealth and the destruction of our freedom.  Have we not come to the point wherein we are involved in perpetual war for perpetual peace (perpetual clear and present danger)?   And have we not been stripped of our freedoms and liberties as a consequence (The Patriot Act)?   Was this not what President Kennedy was trying to warn us about?

Those of you out there who continue to staunchly defend the Republicans and the Democrats are demonstrating one of the lowest forms of human thought and that is blind faith, which is the ability to believe in something that you know cannot be real.  What will it take for you to see the muddy elephant fornicating with the muddy donkey in your living room?  Do they have to come and do it on your lap?

The left-right paradigm must be broken if we are ever to see freedom and prosperity in our country again.  That means Democrats and Republicans alike are going to have to break away from their beloved political parties.  I know it’s going to be hard; thinking for oneself can at times seem a difficult task, but failure to do so can only result in tyranny and slavery.

When I vote, I won’t be voting anyone in, but I will be trying to vote every incumbent out.  If I have to vote for a Democrat or a Republican to accomplish this I will do so.  The only way you can hurt the modern politician is to cut short his or her stay in Washington D.C. as the longer they stay the more political power they gain to use to stick the dagger in your back.  This coupled with the fact that the longer they stay the higher their pay grade, thus the more we have to pay for their retirement package, is why we have to vote the incumbents out until they start listening to us.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if you and I, after only two years on the job, could retire at full salary with full benefits?)

People, if we do not come together as one and start attacking this problem as individual free thinkers, we are doomed.


First Published 9-22-10

Over this past summer of recovery many citizens, especially 99ers and the poor, have come to the realization that President Obama, with all his promises, has turned out to be nothing more than a horse of another color.  In the past year, and indeed up until today, anybody who tried to point out the discrepancies between what the President promised and what was being delivered were immediately labeled as racist, right wing extremists, and even terrorists.

At a town hall meeting yesterday in Washington D.C., a black lady who has been a staunch supporter of the president put forth the following:  “I’m oneof your middle class Americans.  And quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for.” Well she’s obviously not a racist, right wing extremist, or terrorist.  She is a realist.

It has not even been two years since President Obama was elected and was addressing a crowd of his supporters who had tears in their eyes and were shouting, “Yes we can” and “Change”.

You have to love that little one word slogan, “change”, as it is the only truth you will ever hear slip past a politician’s lips.  I have heard the slogan in literally every campaign I have witnessed since becoming old enough to understand what a political campaign is.  “Change” is the only campaign promise that every politician who has promised it has delivered.  On the issue of “change” they are true to their word.  I have witnessed that the world around me has continuously changed throughout my life.  The problem is that the change has been predominantly a change for the worse instead of the better.

We have at this time $2 trillion in cash reserves that our government is holding, no doubt for the purpose of bailing out the next bank, insurance, or car company that fails.

As we all have witnessed, Senator Harry Reid had no problem with latching on to legislation to benefit gays and illegals (the Dream Act) and attaching it to a military spending bill. It looks like the bill is going to fail but let’s take a look at the intent of the action.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have already packed their bags for the return trip home, as they know they will not be going back to Washington, as they have utterly failed the constituents in their individual states and the American people,  So they are out.  Now poor Nancy and Harry are going to have to try to get by receiving only their current salary and health care package for the rest of their lives.

I wish one of these genius economists would do a study, compile the numbers, and report to us as to the amount of money that is spent every year paying for ex-politicians.  Of course, for you and me, if we lose our jobs, it’s 99 weeks of unemployment then tough luck.

Harry Reid could still fast track the Tier 5 legislation and attach it to the defense spending bill.  If asked how it would be funded he could simply say, “How about we take it out of that $2 trillion that is just sitting over there that nobody can seem to find a use for at present.”  So why has the issue of Tier 5 been and is considered un-fundable when this $2 trillion was and still is just sitting there?  (I wonder who is drawing the interest on that account.)

I think that all the incumbents realize that they are history.  I believe the strategy they are presently employing is to specifically target the 2012 presidential election.  They are spending the remainder of their political clout in a last ditch effort to try and establish some kind of political platform for President Obama’s reelection bid.

I no longer think that they have been ignoring us just because we’re poor.  I do think they have seen that we, in being made poor, have had to come to grips with the reality that there is no such thing in this country as representative government any more, and there never will be again unless we make a radical “change” in reference to the people we are listening to.  I believe the status quo is running scared.  As they see that our nation, in the majority, has decided to swallow the red pill.  We have awoken from the matrix and have seen the reality of the world around us.  We have seen the true colors of our so called representatives and have decided, “No more”.


First Published 9-21-10

The mainstream propagandists report, “The recession is over.”  In fact, unbeknownst to you but beknownst to me, it has been over since June of 2009.  See, all you detractors out there who heckled me last year in June when I said the recession had turned into a depression?  Who’s laughing now?  Can anybody out there believe these people?  Are they on the same planet as we are?  Maybe the economists who came up with this ridiculous assertion did their studies on Wall Street.  The recession is over on Wall Street. In fact it never happened, as the CEOs, who destroyed our economy, saw record bonuses and were paid quite well for the dirty deeds they perpetrated on the rest of us.

The facts are that every economic indicator shows that we are still in a decline.  Sixty-seven thousand jobs were created in August and the economists I have heard speak say 100,000 new jobs per month are needed just to hold job loss at its current rate.

I have to wonder if these other economists who compiled and evaluated the information and came up with the conclusion that the recession has been over since June of 2009 are employed by the same people who employed the climatologists who concluded that our planet was experiencing global warming.  That’s right, the international corporate mafia who needed global warming to be real so that the United States would sign on to the Kyoto Treaty in order that they could start buying and selling carbon credits and taxing the American people literally for breathing.  By the way, has anybody seen the Gorechuck lately?

Also in the news, it would seem that both the Democrats and Republicans are holding brainstorming sessions in reference to how to deal with the tea party and independent voters.  Maybe the worm is turning.

In other news Christine O’Donnell, Republican candidate for Senator from Delaware, was accused of practicing witchcraft in her younger days.  I think I will go online and see if there is anything I can do to help her get elected.  Maybe a witch is just what we need.  I think we could use a witch in our Senate, as it would seem that it is going to take some kind of magic to get us out of the mess we’re in.  Now, before you go jumping on the comments section to call me an occultist, make sure you did not support the policies of Ronald Regan, which Papadoc Bush labeled as “Voo-Doo Economics”.

And, last but not least, at the top of the hour, Fluffy the Cat got her paw cut off when she missed the mouse and hit the trap.   Surgeons at John Hopkins University Hospital have Fluffy in emergency surgery. A Spokesman for John Hopkins said surgeons believe the limb can be reattached, and though it will take many months of rehabilitation, Fluffy the Cat is expected to fully recover.  Now that’s what I call investigative reporting.

Stop laughing. It’s not funny.  How many of you out there can conceive the reality of the following:  We live in a country where the rich person’s pet eats better and has better health care than the poor person’s child,  where sport stars earn more money than brain surgeons, and Fluffy the Cat can dominate the news.  Not so funny now, huh?

“Recession”, I do not think that word means what they think it means.  In fact I tried to look it up in my old Winston dictionary and it could not be found.  However, I did find “depression”, with one short definition: “dullness of trade”.  I then went to my old World Book Encyclopedia (1966 edition) and again could find nothing under the heading “recession”.  So, not being a quitter, I tried “economics” and still no mention of” recession”.  I did however find this excerpt in reference to “depression”, “The economy does not grow at all during a depression.  Total spending drops, production slows down, and people lose their jobs.”  Do you suppose it could be possible that somebody just made up the word “recession” in reference to economics so they could keep from saying that other dirty word, “depression”?  You know, like when you say frick instead of f**k.  I can only conclude from the aforementioned that what they know and don’t want to tell us is that we are all fricked.  There is an old saying, “Don’t urinate down my back and tell me it’s raining”, especially coming up on an election.

I was personally responsible for 16 people changing their party affiliation to Independent today.  I hope all you out there have done at least that much, if not more.  Everyone has to participate and hammer away if this campaign is to have an effect.  I have to believe that, as there are realistically 30 million of us unemployed, there has to be someone from every occupation among our ranks.  We have to use our heads and our skills.

Here are a couple of ideas.  Call into your local talk radio and announce the 99er campaign for Independent registration.  You computer geeks start making video blogs and post them.   Don’t forget about public television.  There are many forms of communication, so use your brains and go forth and do.  There is only one way we are going to get out of this mess, the American way. We are going to have to work our way out.

Everyone say a prayer for Fluffy the Cat.

Donations for Fluffy the Cat can be made by going to and pushing the donation key.  Checks and money orders can be sent to Henry Shivley in care of World News Heard Now.

First Published 9-19-10

Our country was founded on the concept of the 360 acre self sufficient farm.  The idea was that if you were a self sufficient citizen you could not become dependent on any government which might want to use that dependency to infringe upon your freedoms and liberties.

Question: if all you have access to comes from a 360 acre farm, what about the things you want that cannot be produced on a farm?  Answer: our forefathers provided us with a free enterprise system.  This is how it works.  Let’s say I’m not a good farmer or I don’t like farming; so as my property is located on a river, I decide to build a mill for the grinding of wheat into flour.  The farmer growing the grain pays me a portion of the flour milled for my services.  The flour I earn from local farms I trade to other farmers and entrepreneurs working under the same principal for my basic necessities and those little extras I might want if I can afford them.  If the farms have a good yield everyone prospers and as new generations are born a rich and powerful nation emerges.

So what went wrong?  This nation was unnecessarily spurred on to grow faster than it needed to.  This growth was financed and perpetuated by greedy foreign groups (the international corporate mafia), intent upon capturing our wealth.  By pushing the growth faster than it would have occurred naturally, local economies became regional economies, which became a national economy, putting the flour mill on one side of the country while the farm was on the other, thus creating the middle man. (I do not mean local merchants which would have emerged by necessity via entrepreneurship.)

Now the middle man began buying the grain, shipping it clear across the country to be milled and for this service charged a portion of the flour which would have under normal circumstances been retained by the farmer (the producer) and the miller (the manufacturer).  In order for the middle man to operate as he owned neither the farm nor the mill, capitol became necessary which necessitated credit.

Say hello to the banks.  Now we have added middle men and banks to the equation.  Now the farmer who produced the grain and the mill owner who manufactured the grain are receiving much less of the flour.   The farmer and the mill owner are now reduced to borrowing money from the bank to produce.

That is when the self sufficiency ended and the dependency began. The bank had established the power to make or break the farmer and mill owner by controlling interest rates.  We had a government in place that was instituted for the sole purpose of protecting the freedoms and liberties of the farmer and the miller.  The bankers having established their power base through the lending of the capitol. Then began what we now know as lobbying (buying our so called representatives).

Our legal system in this country was, in the beginning, English Common Law, which in essence is public law for private purposes.   The manipulation of our so called representatives by the bankers has allowed our English Common Law to be replaced by Roman Civil Law which is private policy being enforced as public law.  The effect has been to strip us of our freedoms and liberties and reduce us to corporate property, slaves.

So how are we going to fix this mess?  First we have to eliminate the international corporate mafia, their banks, and monopoly money from the equation by ending the Federal Reserve and re-establishing American owned local banks using American money backed by American resources.

Next, in our distribution system, we must return ownership of every train, plane, boat, barge, and semi-tractor and trailer to individual Americans, like the person who owns the farm and the person who owns the mill.

We must institute tariffs on all foreign goods in order to bring our business base back within our borders.  Simultaneously we would have to institute a 98% tax on any and all moneys taken out of our country.  This may seem a little excessive but it would insure that when the international corporate mafia was driven out it would only be allowed to keep 2% of the wealth it has stolen.  Personally I think 2% is a little generous but if it would allow us to get rid of them without a war, I would approve.  The middle man will disappear as a natural consequence.

Now, as a self sufficient country and with our freedoms and liberties in place, we would become a great nation again.  Then and only then should we consider engaging in international trade and only if some other country can create something we feel we need that cannot be created in our own country. (I can’t think of a thing..…well maybe coffee)

It has already been stated in modern terms how this can be accomplished.  Take the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia back and boot their sorry arses out. Destroy NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and all other treaties sending our work out of this country.  Then put high tariffs on all foreign imports, a 98% tax on all wealth leaving the United States, drive out every foreign national here illegally, and seal our borders.  Then reinstitute our common law courts, allowing us to enforce our constitutionally guaranteed rights which will destroy the Roman civil law.  And after that, bliss.

I personally walked two miles through the small town I live in stopping to talk to people I know and have gotten eleven other people to come on board in the “Change Political Affiliation to Independent” campaign.  If everyone else out there is doing the same, we are going to knock their socks off this week.  All of you 99ers at this point have probably realized that doing things that you are not accustomed to can make you feel a little awkward. Shake it off.  Go forth and do and we will prevail.

First Published 9-18-10

I apologize for my tactics but I had to know whether you were an internet agent or not.  Obviously you are not, so my brother or sister, whichever the case may be, onward and upward, let’s take another step.

“Lexington and Concord.  On April 18, 1775, Lt. Gen. Thomas Gage ordered his redcoats to destroy the patriots’ main supply depot at Concord, Mass.  The move was to be secret.  But Joseph Warren, a doctor, saw the British troops leave Boston.  He quickly sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride the 16 miles to Lexington on the road to Concord and arouse the patriots.  “The regulars are out!” Revere warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams.  The two colonial leaders, who had been hiding from the British, fled.

“The redcoats arrived at Lexington in the early dawn of April 19, 1775. Capt. John Parker and his band of minutemen faced them on the village green.  “Don’t fire unless fired on,” Parker commanded, “but if they mean to have war, let it begin here.”  No one knows who fired the first shot.  But 8 colonists were killed and 10 wounded.  One Britisher was wounded.

“The British then marched on and destroyed the military supplies stored at Concord.  Minutemen opposed their advance, and a skirmish followed.  But the shots already fired at Lexington had brought out many of the colonists.  Farmers, businessmen, mechanics, merchants, and planters streamed forward to join the cause of the liberty, forcing the British to withdraw to Boston.”

(Source: The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.16)

It would be more than a year before the Declaration of Independence would be adopted, declaring America and all Americans to be free, sovereign, and apart from the crown.  The point is the American patriots had been fighting and dying for more than a year before any declaration had been made by an official government.

On this coming Monday, September 20th, we the 99ers and every other citizen, rich and poor, who supports our cause, must declare our independence.  How are we going to do it?  The same way the Tea Party did.  Only it’s not going to take us years, only days.

I have said from the beginning that we must take measures that achieve the maximum effect requiring the least resources, as we are depleted of resources.  This will cost some of us nothing and most of us only a little time and pride.  Starting Monday every one of us not already registered as an Independent must do so.  For those who are not going to want to do this, I ask you, what’s more important, whether there is a D or an R on that little card in your wallet or purse, or your future and the future of your children and grandchildren.  I am not, nor will I ever attempt to tell anyone how to vote.

So what is the method to this madness?  The Republicrats and Demopublicans, via the information compiled from their think tanks, have decided their strategy in reference to the upcoming elections.  They have calculated this using numbers in reference to their political base.  If enough of us change our political affiliation, we can cause such an effect as none of us has ever dreamed possible.  If we do not, I can promise you that the 99ers and the poor will not be represented in our next congress.

Step by step our actions to date have caused our numbers to increase and our foes have shown that they realize we are out here.  Now, not only will we throw a monkey wrench into their election machine that they have spent $2.3 billion constructing, but we will leave them pondering as to what we might do next.  Again, we must act as one.  We must spread the word to every venue.   If we do, there will be no denying the unity in our cause.

So starting Monday every one of you must participate.  Whether you are already registered Independent or not we all must go and seek out other 99ers and those who would support us, rich and poor, to join in this action.  We must also realize that there is going to be honest dissention on this one.  Every person who logs on to the comment section in opposition of this idea cannot automatically be considered an agent or troll.  We have already discussed how to tag an agent or troll so anyone who logs on who is in opposition but is willing to debate the issue must be debated and convinced as to the logic in reference to the impact and opportunities that will be realized if our objective is achieved.

That being said I will take on the first argument myself.  That is, “If I do this I will not be able to vote in the primaries”.  Many states do allow Independents to vote in the primaries.  And let’s be realistic, as they have not addressed our issues, they do not, nor do they intend to represent us.  The fact is the only people who care about the 99ers and the poor are the 99ers, the poor, and our fellow citizens who have stepped up in support.  If we want to change this we must let them know that they can no longer dismiss us while counting on our vote.

For this to work every one of us must act in unison.  So decide what’s more important to you, your political party or your people and remember that in the end, if you feel you must, you can ignore the individual candidates and the individual positions and vote that straight Democratic or Republican ticket.

The procedure for changing party affiliation is fairly simple, though it varies from state to state.  To change your affiliation online type into the search engine, “change party affiliation in (your state)”.  From there you will find your state’s website and the procedure to follow.  Or go to your local post office, ask for the appropriate form, fill it out, and put it in the mail.

Do this and get as many others as you can to join.  You may be wondering what my party affiliation is.  I have been since I was 18, registered as a non-partisan.  I believe this is the equivalent of Independent, however by the time Monday afternoon rolls around I will be registered as an Independent.   If we pull this one off in sufficient numbers we will become the mouse that roared.  So everybody as one, CHARGE!!! Declare your independence.  Remember; wait until Monday so they will know it is us.