Well the State of the Union Address turned out to be nothing more than another campaign speech full of half-hearted promises, many of which we have already heard.  And of course, no mention of the 99ers, though there did seem to be a few issues which all seemed to support.

One issue that got the thumbs up was more corporate tax cuts.  Of course we all realize that when corporate tax cuts are doled out the Chinese companies in America benefit and as China is a communist dictatorship; all business in China is the property of the Chinese government.  Hence corporate tax cuts in America equal more money for the Chinese government.
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It would seem that the violence sparked in Tunisia which caused the overthrow of that government has spread into Egypt as thousands take to the streets to demand that their government step down.  An Egyptian airport intercepted tens of millions of dollars worth of gold destined for the Netherlands.  Apparently the Egyptian government was attempting to follow the lead of the Tunisian government in perpetrating one last theft on their way out.  It has not been widely reported but the Tunisian government did take tens of millions of gold with them when they left.

In numbers that have not been seen since the seventies Egyptians have taken to the streets of Cairo, shouting slogans directed against the police, the interior minister and the government, et.al.  So far the violence has been kept to rocks being thrown by the protesters and tear gas canisters being thrown by the police.  The fall of the government may be a foregone conclusion as the theft of the gold was being planned weeks ago.
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In checking the Congressional docket I see no mention of HR 6556 which would give 99ers 14 more weeks of unemployment benefits.  Again the only thing being mentioned is more corporate tax cuts and incentives.  The unemployed are 20 million strong or more accurately 20 million weak.  For those of you who still will not accept the reality that the baby boomers were singled out for culling from the work force and comprise the majority of the 99ers, I have a question for you.

Granting the reality of the fact that the 99ers are unorganized tell me this, do our so called representatives not realize that organized or not, as individuals we are going to vote them out of office for no other reason than they have ignored our plight?  Think about it, we represent 20 million votes.  When in the history of our nation has 20 million voters been totally ignored?  The answer is never.
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42% of businesses say they are going to hire someone in 2011.  I wonder in which country the hiring will occur.  13,000 United States Post Offices are to be closed down in 2011 and another 15,000 are being looked at for cuts.  Record unemployment is being seen in the face of record corporate profits.  There are 19 states facing bankruptcy and either we are going to have to, or rather our grandchildren are going to have to, bail them out or they are going to make drastic spending cuts, hence jobs, pensions, and medical packages.  40 million Americans are now receiving food stamps.  Property crimes are on the rise.

11 police officers were shot in the last 24 hours, four of them killed.  In total, 14 police officers have already been killed in the line of duty in 2011.  So what is my point?  Thus far in 2011 we have lost 20 soldiers in Afghanistan, and I think that we call it a minor war.  So would it not suffice to say that there is a minor war going on in our country as present?
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A bomb exploded at Domodedovo’s international, Moscow’s busiest airport Monday.  35 people were killed and another 150 were injured in what is being called the worst suicide bombing in Russia in the past 16 years.  Though no organization has taken responsibility for the bombing many writing in Russian on the Islamic website, kavkazcenter.com, praised the action.  Islamic rebels have vowed to hit economic targets in the Russian heartland in an effort to bring their bombing campaign to there from the North Caucasus in the year before the Russian elections.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who shares power in a ‘tandem’ arrangement with the less influential Medvedev, has staked his political reputation on quelling rebellion in the North Caucasus.
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Dateline Seattle:  A missing person’s report was filed Thursday evening when record keepers in Heaven came up one short during their roll call.  The case was solved when this reporter found the missing angel, one Emily ChristinaRae Shivley, six pounds, born to Christopher and Amanda Shivley.  Emily was last seen being held by her grandfather like a rich man holds his gold.  The grandfather’s only comment was, “I think we’ll keep her.”

The Chinese have launched a massive ad campaign in the United States depicting themselves as more intelligent, more industrious, more fiscally responsible, and all in all just plain better than Americans.  This from a people that allows political dissidents to be held in cages where they are literally fattened up until a rich internationalist places an order for one of their organs, after which they are taken to a hospital, put down, and parted out.  The human product is then iced down and put on a plane to Japan where the new recipient is waiting.

These are also the fine upstanding people who have a one child policy and for whole generations, kill baby girls at birth.  Of course their illustrious president did admit on Thursday that they need to work on human rights in China.  They must think that we have no memory and will readily accept them as the civilized people they are trying to portray themselves as being.
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On the January 25, 2011 the con man Soetoro will be attempting to blow as much sunshine up the American public’s arse as is humanly possible.  The event is being billed as the State of the Union Address.  It could be more properly identified as the Pathetic State of the Union Address.

I am sure his speech writers, working with every bit of information provided to them through the corporate think tanks, will make this State of the Union Address the greatest attempt at polishing a turd in our nation’s history.  But at the end of the day that turd will still be a turd, reeking and in need of a flush.
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Chinese flags line Pennsylvania Avenue as a big black limousine carrying China’s President (dictator) Hu Jintao passed by on its way to a red carpet reception at the White House being hosted by America’s communist dictator, President Barry Soetoro.  During this decidedly un-American spectacle, Hu was shown an example of our government’s love for our Constitution as a company of soldiers dressed in 18th century British uniforms paraded before him.  Who won that war?  Obviously the British did.  Or maybe the red coats suited the communist dictator better than our colonial blue would have.

Once again President Soetoro, acting on the behalf of all Americans, bowed before a foreign leader.  This visit from Hu is being sold to the American people as some sort of summit.  It is not.  Hu came to the United States for one purpose and that was to instruct Soetoro as to how he wants his real estate to be managed.  Unfortunately for the American people Hu’s real estate happens to be our country.
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At last, the 112th Congress has returned to work.  So have they passed any legislation that is going to get us jobs?  No.  Has any legislation been introduced to help the long term unemployed?  Well, no.  So what emergency legislation was pushed through Congress, hopefully in time to get it to the Senate, just in time to get it to the President, to save us from slipping off the edge and into the abyss of economic destruction?  Well, none actually.

What was passed in Congress Wednesday was the bill to repeal Obama care.  Oh, thank God, just in the nick of time.  The bill is scheduled to go to the Senate where it is expected to be voted down and in the unlikely event that the bill gets past the Senate, President Obama has already said he will veto it.  Being a 99er and watching this crap is akin to a drowning man watching the people on the boat polishing the rope.
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The mainstream propagandists are pushing the idea that in the last month the American people have completely turned around in reference to their opinion of President Obama.  It is being said that a recent poll showed his approval rating going up by 5% in the last month.  This is another pack of lies.  The poll that showed Obama’s approval rating rise was a poll of corporations, and to say that corporations represent the American people is about as ludicrous as it gets.  They are accrediting Obama’s rise in the polls to his leadership in getting the lame duck Congress to give billions more to the rich and as they are polling corporations this makes perfectly good sense.

However they are further asserting that the American people have fallen back in love with President Obama in reaction to a couple of speeches he made in reference to the funerals of the Tucson shooting victims.  No one out there believes this crap.  So why are they doing it?
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Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Washington D.C. Tuesday.  He has apparently come to negotiate the United States’ surrender to the Chinese economy.  Hu Jintao was met with all the pomp and circumstance only afforded to royalty.  It was reported that all the regalia was designed to show the Chinese people China’s strength in America.

Newscast after newscast depicted the strength of China’s armed forces which have seen a 464% rise in funding.  Experts are saying China is gearing its military to fight and win a war against the United States.
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The Haitian people were shocked to find out the dictator, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier they had exiled 25 years ago had returned.  Duvalier fled Haiti literally ahead of the hangman’s noose.  He had been running a dictatorship left to him by his father, Papa Doc, which consisted of secret police, secret arrests, rape, and murder.  The Haitian people are quite logically asking what the hell he is doing there.

Duvalier’s arrival in Haiti coincides with disputed election returns occurring in the wake of the devastating earthquake and cholera outbreak.  Reports make it unclear as to why the French government allowed Duvalier to leave his exile there to return to Haiti.
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I have been evaluating and reevaluating the situation with the 99ers.  I have come to the conclusion that there are two obstacles that take front and center in stifling any forward momentum in our cause.  The first one involves the 99ers themselves as they seem completely unable to take any affirmative action to save themselves.  The second is our fellow citizens that have turned their backs to our plight and are ignoring us.  At this point, for all intents and purposes, the 99ers are disappearing from the internet.

Having identified these problems, I propose the following solution.
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Refrigerated fish trucks are being used to store unidentified bodies in Brazil after floods and mudslides that are being described as the worst natural disaster in that nation’s history.  It is reported that the morgues are overwhelmed and in many areas the people have resorted to burying their own dead, while many are in fear that relatives remain buried in the mud resulting from the catastrophe.

Save the Children is reporting that up to half of the victims are children.

Brazil’s new President Dilma Rousseff has visited some of the hardest hit areas and has promised aid, though it has been slow in materializing.  The slow response by the government is perpetuating anger among the survivors.  The federal government has earmarked 780 million reais in emergency aid and donations are starting to pour in from around the country.
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The communists have geared up the rhetoric for their push to have patriots declared insane.  Their new poster child, Jared Loughner, is being described as a young man who had been disturbed for many years and who could have been helped if only someone would have intervened and if only more money had been put towards mental health.

Well let’s take a look at our young assassin.  Jared was taking the drug Ambien which is attributed with the following severe side effects. Continue reading “They can only do this to us if We let Them”

It had looked like the commies in the gun control lobby were going to back off, unfortunately they have not.  So each time they spout their treasonous rhetoric we have to shove it back in their face.  Dennis Henigan author of “Lethal Logic”, appearing on a segment of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and using the tragedy in Tucson as a springboard, launched into one of the most illogical attacks upon our 2nd Amendment that I have seen yet.

He stated that the gun issue is never easy but asked that in this case referring to Tucson, “Who can really defend the distribution of 30 round ammunition magazines to the general public?  That allows a degree of extraordinary firepower that you simply do not need for hunting.”
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Tunisia’s President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali fled his country on Friday amid rioting.  Ben Ali is described as a ruthless dictator who has exercised authority over the Tunisian people for the past 23 years.  The riots were apparently sparked last month when the government seized a vegetable cart from a vender who set himself on fire in the middle of the street in protest.

It is reported that Tunisia’s work force has been expanding as the jobs available there have been disappearing.  This coupled with out of control food prices has apparently pushed the Tunisian people beyond their limits.  A state of emergency and curfew have been declared and a makeshift government led by the ineffectual prime minister, Mohammed Ghannouchi, is calling for an expedited process in holding elections in order to form a new government.
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Our so called representatives have been parroting the phrase “We get the message” in reference to the devastating defeat of incumbents in the 2010 Congressional election.  They have also said many times that they understand that our main concern today is jobs and our failing economy.  So what are they doing to remedy the situation?

Well, last week the Obama administration announced that they would be attempting to enact the Internet ID Program.  They are trying to sell the deal to the American people under the guise that it will provide for more secure online transactions, and will of course allow the government to more effectively protect us from those bad old internet terrorists lurking around every cyber corner.
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President Felipe Calderón of Mexico is boasting success in the Mexican drug war in spite of the fact that 2010 saw more deaths related to drug violence than in any other year since he took office in 2006.  In fact 2010 produced half of all the casualties since 2006 when Calderon ordered federal troops into the fray.  It would seem that the Mexicans have as hard a time with numbers and facts as we Americans do.

Calderon is citing the decrease as a result of the members of the drug cartels killing more of one another than they are of the innocent Mexican citizens.  Sounds like fuzzy math at best.
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