New jobless claims came in at 397,000 for the week.  The propagandists are claiming that this number shows an improvement.  We have to remember that this number is directly reflected with those running out of unemployment because they have reached the 99 weeks cutoff.  I predict that today the Department of Labor will drop the unemployment rate to 8.9%, citing as cause that there are less unemployed people because more have stopped looking for work.

These two bit cons think that we in the general population, the 99%, are incapable of three dimensional thought.  When a person exhausts an unemployment claim that person is removed from the unemployment rolls and becomes one of those persons who is no longer looking for work and hence not counted in the unemployment percentage.
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President Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is off to France to attend the G-20 Summit wherein he will receive his marching orders from the international politburo.  Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has announced that the proposed Greek bailout will not be occurring unless approved through a national referendum by the Greek people, evidently in an attempt to stave off a forced rendezvous with a guillotine.

Many of the international elite are very upset with Greece.  This being said there may very well be decisive actions around the world by the international corporate mafia in an effort to regain control of the world population.
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Well it seems Herman Cain has run into a little problem.  Apparently when he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association back in 1996, which is a lobbying organization by the way, he was accused of sexually harassing someone who worked under him and thereafter a settlement was paid to his accuser, a part of which evidently included a non-disclosure agreement.  Of course Herman vehemently denies committing any sexual harassment; that is after he had a couple of days to recall the incident.

So, the accuser was paid off under the condition that she could never speak of the incident again.  Hmmm.  Sounds like a rich man bought himself out of a situation that could have destroyed the life of an average citizen.  But that is really no surprise as Herman is a prominent member of the top 1%.  And let’s face it; once you have served with the Federal Reserve, you are above the law.  Hell, you make up your own laws.
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The Dow fell 276 points, the Nasdaq fell 52.74 points, and the S&P fell 31.78 points on Monday.  Can we all remember last Thursday when every economist within the mainstream propaganda machine was shouting “Economic Boom!  Invest, invest, invest!” expecting people with pension plans to dive into the arena to be raped?  Well it would seem nobody fell for it.  That huge enormous 339 point gain on the Dow has now been reduced to 63.

Thursday we will have the weekly new jobless claims report followed by the monthly unemployment report on Friday, after which these same sleazebags will be coming forth to tell us that this proves we must stop taxing the filthy rich.  I know this makes no sense, but since when has any of this made sense?
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It seems that Libya has jumped out of the mainstream propaganda almost as fast as it jumped in.  The reports we have seen are bringing forth the fact that the Al Qaeda rebels committed gross atrocities and mass murder as a part of their insurgency.  Tens of thousands of Libyan citizens have been executed while our Air Force held back the Libyan Army.  There is talk of Muammar Gaddafi’s last remaining son surrendering to be tried as a war criminal.

The hypocrisy has become blatant.  We supposedly instituted a no-fly zone to stop the Libyan Army from killing innocent civilians.  But what occurred in reality was an American led genocide against the Libyan people who represented a majority that supported their government.  Of course there will be no charges of war crimes against the Al Qaeda insurgents and their NATO allies.
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When Ron Paul finished his speech on Saturday in Iowa at the RNC over half of the thousand attending walked out when Dr. Paul left the stage.  Dr. Paul won the Iowa Straw Poll with 82% of the vote for Iowans and 26% of vote for non-Iowans participating.  And the Communist News Network seemed to be the only one reporting on this fact.

The neo-cons, who are a small minority in this country and who are trying to portray themselves through their wealth as not only the Republic Party, but the grass roots Tea Party movement, attempted to nullify Dr. Paul’s win before it was even announced.  The neo-con publication, The Des Moines Register published a poll that came out right after the Iowa Straw Poll results, showing Cain winning with 23%, Romney with 22%, and Dr. Paul with 12%.
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As the United States continues to deteriorate the United States Congress is saying they will revisit the Dream Act.  What part of no do they not understand?  It is truly amazing how different subjects can be interjected and then withdrawn from the mainstream media in order to procure a certain desired affect at a select moment in time.

The investigation into Operation Gunrunner/Fast and Furious has to be getting pretty interesting about now.  Considering the potential impact of the investigation, shouldn’t it be front and center in the mainstream news?  But then again pointing out the corruption in both the US and Mexican governments at a time when there is a push to manipulate the polling places to accommodate illegal aliens voting in our elections, the fact of government corruption might need to be minimized.
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Report for the Patriot Broadcast Network  By Sir David-Andrew 

It is becoming more obvious that the Gestapo’s efforts to silence the people are just no longer working. People from all walks of life are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Being unable to find work, or working and barely having enough money at the end of the week to buy groceries, and being taxed to death; 78% or more of income is consumed by taxes.  And if good folks pay the demands for tithes from State Religion Churches, as well, that does not leave much left to live on.

FEMA’s so-called exercise for testing the emergency broadcast system on November 9 and 10, where FEMA will take control of radio and TV networks, could become more than just a test.  These tests are supposedly to last for only three minute intervals; however, as history has shown us, when FEMA is out playing war games, disaster STRIKES.
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The mainstream propagandists are almost giddy in speculating that the Nor’easter will drive the protesters from the street for the winter, and with a smile and a wink and a nod, they talk about the confiscation of the generators.  It is blatantly obvious that these corporate elitists have nothing but contempt for the 99 percent of Americans who they have robbed blind and left destitute.  The main thing about this whole situation that is really disturbing me is the air of confidence these cowardly pukes are now showing.

There can be no doubt that Mayor Bloomberg was addressed by the Wall Street CEOs, who ordered him to take action against the protesters.  I saw pictures of the generators that were confiscated.  This is top of the line equipment and I would be real surprised if a lot of these government buildings do not have the same or similar equipment as a part of their backup systems.
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Ron Paul has won two separate tallies for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll.

Paul won both the Iowa-voters-only count at the Saturday convention in Des Moines as well as a tally of non-Iowans who participated.

In the Iowa voters result, Paul took 82%. Following him were Herman Cain with 14.7%, Rick Santorum with 1%, Newt Gingrich with 0.9%, Michele Bachmann with 0.5%, Rick Perry with 0.5%, Gary Johnson with 0.2%, with Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman 0%.
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There has been a concerted effort in the mainstream propaganda to divert attention away from the CEOs on Wall Street and move it to the traitors in Washington DC.  As mentioned in previous articles, both share blame as our government has indeed sold us out and the corporate elite have employed them to do so.

The last few days Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth, and son, Andrew, have been front and center in the mainstream, putting forth heart wrenching stories in reference to Bernie’s and Ruth’s alleged attempt at suicide.  Andrew tells a tale wherein he received an envelope full of diamond jewelry and a text from his father that led him to believe his parents were going to commit suicide.  And Ruth tells a story of her and Bernie taking some pills and going to sleep for a while.
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Overnight the US has gone into an economic boom.  Come to find out we were never in a recession.  Stocks are soaring, unemployment is down, and the quarterly GDP came in at a staggering rise of 2.5%.  Who in the hell do they think they are fooling with this crap?  The quarterly GDP is up for the same reason it goes up every time this year.  We call it the harvest.

One year ago they were pushing this same lie and we were calling it a lie, because it is a lie.  The propagandists are saying that unemployment is down in spite of the fact that this week there were 402,000 new jobless claims.  The number of laid-off workers receiving benefits dropped to 3.65 million, the lowest level in three years.  The propagandists are trying to say that a whole bunch of long term unemployed went back to work in the same breath that they are saying that there were 402,000 new jobless filings.
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The income gap continues to grow as more protesters flow into the streets.  And what is the question of the day?  Would Jesus be a part of the Occupy Wall Street protests?  From 1979 to 2007 the income of the top 1% has risen 275%; this is the reality of the theft.  No one can claim that such enormous wealth can be acquired by so few honestly.

The new Super Soviet/Committee has gone to work.  And now we the people are going to find out what raw communism looks like.  On the live broadcast yesterday we revealed eleven pieces of legislation designed to expand foreign worker visas to bring foreign labor into the United States to further displace and replace those among us still fortunate to have a job.  This is a coordinated attack being orchestrated by both the neo-cons and social communists and is targeting everything from our high tech jobs, which is about all that is left of our middle class, clear down to sheepherders and everything in between.
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Police in riot gear converged on protesters in Oakland, California yesterday morning, driving them first from Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall, then Snow Park Camp.  The police used tear gas and bean bags in the assault.  This can only be considered a violation of the law.  Imagine you are parked in a handicapped spot and a pig rams your car and pushes it out of that spot.  Well this is the essence of what happened in Oakland.  These Nazis walked into the protesters’ camps and ripped them apart, damaging and destroying the protesters’ personal private property.

From the reports I have seen these rogue thugs were not taking action under any court order.  Assuming the protesters were on public property, tell me how any group within the public can remove another group within the public from any public domain without so much as a court proceeding?
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In my article yesterday we talked about laborers bringing brought in from Mexico on visas to do forest cleanup.  Mind you, this is the State of Oregon, we are loggers and woodsmen.  The jobs were stolen from us and why?  So the contractors would not have to pay Social Security and other taxes that they must pay by law for U.S. workers.  Now that my attention is focused on this issue, I am seeing it literally everywhere.

52% of businesses want to make new hires.  These are high tech businesses and they are now saying that Americans are too inexperienced and too stupid to learn so they would like to bring in foreign workers on visas.
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At a time when the traitor Obama is pushing a new jobs bill that will pay corporations to hire the unemployed through tax subsidies and sweat heart contracts, an incident in Oregon should be taking stage, front and center.  Four contractors/corporations, G.E. Forestry, Cutting Edge Forestry, Summitt Forestry, and Ponderosa Reforestations, received fourteen Recovery Act contracts worth $7,140,782 in 2009.

These monies were intended to put unemployed Oregonians to work doing clean up and maintenance in National Forests in Central Oregon.  Instead this money was paid to foreign workers brought in on H-2B visas, which is to say workers from another country.  Though the reporting parties have been careful to hide the country that the workers came from, I think it is safe to assume that they were Mexican nationals.
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The rate for a 30 year mortgage dropped from 4.12% to 4.11% last week and as these rates continue to decline, the housing crisis continues to deepen as people without jobs cannot buy homes.  Some months back I predicted the Japanese fleeing the radiation in Japan would be coming to the United States to buy up the properties lost to US citizens through the collapse.  Some called this assertion ridiculous.  Well last week I saw the first signs indicating an opening being made for just such a migration.

So much of our industry has been shipped to Japan and the Japanese people, of course, have procured vast amounts wealth through the transfer.  I believe the Japanese will now start buying their homes here, complete with citizenship, and begin creating a new middle class consisting of foreigners staying here on visas without any loyalty to our constitution, our republic, or our people.  They will move the industry from Japan back to the United States, the work thereof to be accomplished by the Japanese here on visas, with no US taxes or Social Security paid.
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Texas Governor Rick Perry has come out with his economic plan to save the economy, which is essentially a 20% flat tax, which would kick in at about $36,000 annual income.  The neo-cons have been pushing their dream of a flat tax for many years now and it is looking like Bilderberg has ordained Rick Perry as their enforcer who will bring the plan to fruition.

Let’s take a look at this 20% flat tax.  As previously mentioned, people making under $36,000 per year will pay nothing, but is this really a selling point?  A person on welfare, in order to get off of welfare and become self sufficient, must make an enormous leap in the income gap to achieve independence.
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Acting in defiance of the majority of its citizens, the democratic socialist country of Greece has voted in further austerity measures to pay for more loans they have taken out to bail out the international banksters in Greece.  The Greek people are showing themselves to be completely selfish as they riot in the streets in protests of losing the measly amount of $7000 per worker per year, bringing up images of the protesters on Wall Street, sniveling and crying just because they have no jobs.

Well it is time somebody said it.  It is the people’s fault that this international economic crisis has occurred.  We are too damn greedy.  Can’t people see the arrogance in thinking they have the right to eat meat two times a week when the bankers are only making record profits?
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