Over the last 30 years a very disturbing change has occurred in the way the average American views their rights. It has become more and more common for people to be willing to vote away their neighbor’s rights, as long as the aforementioned vote does not affect them personally.

Non smokers watch an anti-smoking add on their television and feel perfectly justified in their voting to incorporate or raise a tax on tobacco. I myself do not smoke, and never have smoked cigarettes, but I would never be self-centered enough to try to enact a law that singles out a certain portion of the population to pay more than their share.
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Seven civilian road construction workers were killed in Afghanistan Saturday and the mainstream media seems to be doing everything in their considerable power to belittle and cover the incident up.  In reading various reports one can only become confused which would seem to be the intent.

The London Telegraph reported the incident as follows:

Local officials said the air strike, by the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), killed seven road construction company employees.

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Apparently there is a new jobs plan out there which would extend unemployment benefits through a low interest loan.  This is one of the more logical and constitutional remedies I have heard.  The only problem is if the loan was distributed in weekly checks I doubt it would help the average 99er become employed.

In third world countries banks are giving micro loans to entrepreneurs to start small businesses.  And the program is working.  Of the course the people of third world countries do not have the barrier of a credit score to make them ineligible for any kind of loan.
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Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, staged a filibuster in the House of Representatives yesterday.  Actually it was not a real filibuster but a show put on for the media.  I took the time to listen to some of Mr. Sanders’ rantings.  I heard a lot about the inequality represented by extending the tax cuts for the top 2% of earners in America.  He also read letters from back home from working poor people who were slowly seeing their worlds collapse.  What I did not hear him mention was the deplorable state the 99ers find themselves in.

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Officials in London, England are vowing to find those responsible for attacking a Rolls Royce containing Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla.  The attackers were a part of the protest against tuition hikes.  The protesters kicked the car and broke a window with a stick that is said to have hit Camilla in the ribs.  The car was also hit with paint.

Apparently the Prince and his wife were headed to the theater and decided to take a detour through the rioting students.  They were met with the attack and shouts of “Scum” and “Off with their heads.”  One photograph that was published showed Camilla in the back of the Rolls Royce with a terrified look on her face, possibly uttering the phrase, “Oh no, the peasants are rebelling.”
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The National Anthem of this country refers to our nation as “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” and when this country was first founded it truly was a free country inhabited by brave individuals who won their freedom by risking their lives, fighting a war against England. Knowing this, it is really hard to imagine how so many people in this country are now willing to give up those same freedoms in order to feel a little safer. When did it become acceptable in this country to be a coward?

I was recently selected to jury duty for the first time in my life, and when I showed up at the court house to do my civic duty, I was appalled to see how I and other potential jurors were treated when we entered the building. Continue reading “The Land of the Scared and Home of the Safe”

Well the million dollar Fox News propagandists were front and center in jumping to the defense of their number one advocate, Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro.  This little scenario should go a long way in proving the reality of the false left-right paradigm.  When the rubber meets the road and the international corporate mafia’s money is on the line, the two party system ceases to exist.

The Republicrats, on the other hand, who swore they were going to stop the pork barrel spending, are now pushing for $144 billion in earmarks.  Let’s see, that is four, almost five tiers of unemployment extensions, but hey, who’s counting?
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Supporters of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, continued their cyber attacks today.  Those orchestrating the attacks have dubbed the actions, “Operation Payback”, which some in the mainstream media are calling “Information Anarchy.”

Julian Assange is a world socialist who is associated with various socialist groups.  Some are even trying to affiliate him with a conspiracy to enact new cyber security powers designed to take total control over the internet.
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The 99ers have disappeared from the radar screen again.  It is indeed funny how we can exist one moment and not the next.  I think our mention in the mainstream news should be considered a proper gage as to how under control they believe they have us.  When we start beating the war drums we appear on every station.  The problem is once they’ve mentioned us we shut up, sit back, and start waiting for results.  I’m afraid that’s not how it works.

All 99ers need to realize that we are under a constant pressure that is pushing us down.  When we push ourselves up the smallest fraction, we are then relaxing and allowing ourselves to be pushed down even further.  Hell, I’ve been hearing talk of relieving us of our right to vote.  If this were to happen, we would truly be disenfranchised and dispossessed.
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Supporters of Julian Assange hacked into the computers of MasterCard and Visa and caused disruptions as an act of revenge for the actions taken against WikiLeaks and its founder.  Apparently PayPal had been attacked a couple of days ago, though the first report I saw of it was yesterday.

Some are saying that this is the start of the first information war, which does not seem that unrealistic as some officials in our government are calling for the assassination of Julian Assange.
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Yesterday morning it seemed the 99ers had been swept under the rug.  The propagandists on Fox Business looked like a group of seven year olds on Christmas morning.  One reporter expounded that she had woke up in the middle of the night, laughing hysterically, with satisfaction for the victory of the top 2% over the rest of America.

Meanwhile, 99ers and opponents of the top 2% tax cuts extensions were inundating the computers and phones of their so called representatives asserting their opposition.  Continue reading “99ers Unemployed Still in the Fight”

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, who has been leaking secret U. S. documents on his news website, was arraigned and denied bail in a court in London, England after turning himself in to Scotland Yard.  Assange is accused of four sex crimes which allegedly occurred in Sweden in August of this year.
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CNN and Fox News are both reporting on the issue of the 99ers and the fact that we are being excluded in the unemployment extension legislation.

I just called my so called representatives and literally screamed at them.  I have to believe many of you are doing the same as it took forever to get through to the Capital switchboard.  Double your efforts as time grows short.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange turns himself in to authorities in London today.  He was arrested and taken to court where he invoked his right to fight extradition to Sweden where he is facing two charges of sexual assault.

Mr. Assange asserts that the charges in Sweden are politically motivated and are indeed retaliation for the documents leaked last week which caused a riff in the international community.

Mr. Assange assets have been frozen in a veiled attempt to shut down WikiLeaks.  He has been denied bail and will be held for extradition hearings.
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It was revealed yesterday that President Barack Obama, hollowed be his name, actually told a lie. No, he didn’t chop down a cherry tree, but he did agree to extend tax cuts to the top 2%. The lie is being sold as a compromise for unemployment extensions for those at risk of losing their benefits. Well 99ers, looks like we are screwed.

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, stated that 40% of the unemployed have been so for more than six months. He further stated that it could be five years or more before we can expect to see unemployment reduced to 5 or 6%. Sounds pretty grim but I believe it is worse.
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Iran has become nuclear self sufficient.  It is reported that Iranians have mined their own ore and are now capable of all the stages of processing, raising tensions in the Middle East.  Apparently the materials they have produced do not violate international law, which only prohibits the import of raw and processed materials.

Israel is renewing threats of a U.S./Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.  Israel is insisting that the materials will be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.  Officials in Tehran vehemently deny the accusations.
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In Iowa, steps are being taken by the state house of representatives to repeal the practice of giving professors at state universities, which are funded by state taxes, paid vacations known as sabbaticals. The incoming speaker of the house of Iowa, Kraig Paulsen, argues, “Why should the taxpayers of Iowa be paying to basically give these folks a year off from teaching?”

College professors who support sabbaticals say that the paid breaks are necessary, in that they allow professors the chance to advance research, get grants, write books and gain new knowledge to share with their students. They further urge the government to stay out of the affairs of academics.
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is threatening to release thousands more documents if he is arrested or his site is shut down.  The documents are apparently encrypted with a code that will cause their release all over the world with the push of a single button.  Mr. Assange is presently in hiding and says he fears for his life.

It is also reported that WikiLeaks is experiencing cyber attacks on its servers.  Where the attacks are coming from is unknown however several government officials have been calling for American cyber soldiers to be directed to attack the site.  Also PayPal has canceled WikiLeaks account making it unable to receive donations.
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Yesterday morning I finally heard a real story about a real 99er on the mainstream news.  The lady’s name is Rhonda Taylor from Rhode Island.  She stated that she has been without income for eight months now.  I believe she has three kids; one of which suffers from disabilities.  Evidently the disability is not bad enough to receive any help.  She said she had to cash in her 401K, empty her bank account, and sell everything she owned.  She went on to say that she is facing eviction.  When asked what she would do about her children if evicted, she tearfully stated that she would have to turn them over to foster care.

This lady was clearly suffering the deepest apathy and it enraged me to my soul.  The propagandist put forth the notion that unemployment benefits give the unemployed an incentive not to look for work.  Continue reading “99er Unemployed Fighting Words”