The worm has turned and the movement is uniting from every angle.  The true grassroots Tea Party, the true grassroots Occupy Wall Street movement, and the true Occupy the Fed movement are merging to become a freedom, liberation army for the reinstitution of the Republic under the Constitution.  The international elitists see our army forming and their fear and desperation is becoming more evident by the day.

The mainstream propagandists have come to the point that they are visibly angered and shaken by their failure to manipulate we the American people of the American race.  The propagandists are now striking out as the inconceivable uprising becomes reality.
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As the protests continue to grow across the United States, the fears of the Ron Paul platform and its inevitability continue to grow right in step.  Every gluttonous pig with a head in the trough is making the case to justify his or her further existence.

CNN, the Communist News Network, has been broadcasting pieces designed to portray the banks and bankers as misunderstood, saying we should support the bankers because we need them to keep our economy going.  The question is, going where?
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Well, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided that he will not run for President of the United States.  Wise choice, Chris, at present you only have the people of New Jersey wanting to try you for treason.   At any rate, good riddance to bad rubbish.

The Occupy Wall Street protests continue to gain momentum and are branching out into protests to end the Federal Reserve.  When the mainstream propagandists launched their campaign to define the Occupy Wall Street movement as socialist and communistic, we at From the Trenches were the first to step up in the defense of our patriotic brothers and sisters, who in reality make up the majority of those on the streets.
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Demonstrations against the bankers’ theft of our $30 trillion are growing exponentially every day.  The fires sweeping our nation has now grown to the point that the international elitists are starting the feel the heat, triggering a propaganda blitz from Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News corporate propaganda machine.

On FOX Business the propagandists, who try to pass themselves off as our fellow citizens, using a couple of clips showing groups of young people involved in the New York protests, tried to portray the movement as consisting of nothing more than young, out-of-work actors trying to get their faces on TV.
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There is now talk of bringing United States troops to Mexico to fight the drug cartels being put forth by Texas Governor/GOP Presidential Candidate, Rick Perry.  And if you read between the lines this action would make a lot of sense in that the drug cartels are vying for control of Mexico with their government, which in reality is a part of the international drug cartel consisting of international bank finance, the Mexican government, and the foreign insurgence in our own government with the foreigner Barack Hussein Obama acting as the cartels’ CEO.

We can still remember a few months back when drug raids were conducted throughout the United States in retaliation for the assassination of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico.  So whatever happened to all those drug dealers that were picked up in those raids?  Shouldn’t the investigations and prosecutions be front and center in our news?  Of course not.  The Mexican drug cartels handed over the assassin to the AFT enforcers and the drug dealers went right back to work, business as usual.
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It is being reported that 20,000 shoulder held anti-aircraft missiles have disappeared in Libya and it is being discussed as a possibility that these weapons might very well be used by the radical Al Qaeda to attack Americans.  So do you think that just maybe this whole so called Libyan conflict might have been orchestrated to procure oil for Great Britain while simultaneously setting the stage for another CIA orchestrated attack on the Homeland, designed to precipitate another war against our friends/enemies, the good/bad Al Qaeda?

The aggressive state of Israel has fallen into an ominous state of obscurity in the past week.  Could this be the quiet before the storm?  If an attack on Iran is to be perpetrated, citing as justification the notion that Iran is using its new nuclear facilities to develop a bomb, would not the necessity to get this war under way be apparent?  That is, saying the longer Iran operates its nuclear facilities without developing a bomb, the more inclined the peoples of the world will be to believe that they have no such intentions.
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It is October 3rd and a cry resonates throughout the land.  “We need Chris Christie.”  “Chris Christie for president.”  “Will Christie run?”  ……..pause……… I apologize; I usually do not puke until the end of the article.   Now where were we?  Oh yeah……. “Only Chris Christie can save us from the confines of the Constitution.”  Can the propagandists think for one minute that anyone is going to buy into this Chris Christie excrement?  Is this bizarro world?

The neo-cons on Wall Street are calling on Chris Fat Ass Christie to champion their cause as the protests against Wall Street expand throughout the nation.  What are they thinking; that if the country went into chaos the people would have to hang Christie first and there is just no rope big enough?  That was just a joke, I wish Chris Christie no ill will as I’m sure the fat around his heart will eliminate him in due time as the parasite on the ass of society he represents.
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The Occupy Wall Street protests are heating up as the mainstream propaganda machine continues to ignore the growing cries for an end to the theft.  I suppose the propagandists will continue to ignore the fire until the flames are licking at their arses.  On the other hand I have to believe that the corporate elite are running scared as evidenced by JP Morgan stepping up to “donate” $4.6 million to the already grossly overfunded NYPD – protection money?  It makes one wonder what exactly JP Morgan thinks they are buying.  I guess if we see incidences of police brutality pick up it will be evident that the NYPD has been reduced to a pack of pure corporate whore thugs.

Dylan Rattigan is putting forth a push to define the protests in New York and indeed around the country as nothing more than a call for campaign finance reform.  No sale, Dylan.  You are going to have to tell your corporate masters that you have in no way established the kind of clout it would take to transform a revolution for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution into a petty issue for the 2012 campaign.
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From the Trenches World Report is adding a live broadcast, featuring Henry Shivley as host.  The Word From the Trenches will be broadcast through Liberty Tree Radio, Live 365, UStream, shortwave, and various micro broadcasts.

This will be a live call in show and all our loyal readers are encouraged to join in the conversation.  The one hour broadcast will air Wednesday, October 5th, at 12 noon Pacific time, 3:00 pm Eastern time and every Wednesday thereafter at the aforementioned time.
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We’re seeing reports on Twitter that protesters from Occupy Wall Street have marched down to the Brooklyn Bridge, and hundreds of people have begun to stream into traffic lanes, completely stopping traffic on the bridge. According to NY Times reporter Brian Stelter on the scene, “Scratch that: a LARGE # of protesters are in lanes of traffic. Traffic out of Manhattan is now completely stopped.” [Watch live video stream below]

Gawker’s Adrian Chen, who is also down there, wrote, “Shit, they’re shutting down the brooklyn bridge,” and also tweeted a picture of the Brooklyn-bound lane completely blocked. We’ll update as we hear more about what’s going on by the bridge.
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If you can’t dazzle with brilliance baffle them with bullshit.  This is what the mainstream propaganda machine has been reduced to.  Never has so much been said about so little in the history of the lie.  The propagandists are desperate for any diversion that will precipitate another week of the theft of our resources.  And the fact is we the people are becoming numb to catastrophe as it has become the rule rather than the exception.

I have to believe that every Middle Eastern CIA Al Qaeda asset breaks out in a cold sweat every time Obama’s approval number drops to 35%.  Has anyone noticed that there is automatically a drone strike on a CIA sponsored Al Qaeda leader every time that magical number is reached?  However as there are not a lot of prominent CIA Al Qaeda asset leaders to kill, we do tend to bump them off two, three, or four times before we take a body out into the middle of the ocean, dump it, and call it a day.
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The noted social communist, Michael Moore, made an appearance at the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.  During the broadcast it was suggested that the cause there had no definable goal.  This is plain unmitigated bullshit and it is not going to be allowed to stand.

The majority of the protesters are long term unemployed, 99ers, who have been organizing on the internet for a couple of years now.  We have been removed from the mainstream media and sites like From the Trenches have been viciously attacked in an attempt to hide our numbers and our resolve.
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A wave of patriotism is sweeping across the United States like a tsunami.  In spite of the best efforts of the propagandists, the people are actually pushing their own agenda as we close in on 2012.  We have been shouting “No!” at the top of our lungs at the neo-cons and their push for another four years of transferring our country’s wealth from the poor and middle class to the top 1% as they lock their sites on our Social Security, retirement plans, and even the food stamps standing between millions of Americans and starvation.  We have been shouting “No!” to the social communists and their push to socialize and control every aspect of our lives and leave us as indentured slaves in a one world communist system.

We have been shouting “Yes!” to Ron Paul and a restitution of our Republic under our Constitution for freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all of the American people of the American race.  Some have questioned Ron Paul’s stance on the unconstitutionality of Social Security and welfare.  Yesterday Dr. Paul directly addressed those people.  He said, “It would be unthinkable to rip out the safety net when so many of us literally have no other way to survive.”
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Well its Thursday again, another 391,000 new unemployment filings and another 400,000 exhausting their benefits and becoming a part of the great invisible, uncounted, dispossessed, disenfranchised, remnants of what was once a robust middle class in the United States.  Meanwhile the stock market continues to go up and down as the wealth of our country is pumped into offshore accounts around the world.

Another week of unchallenged blatant theft of our natural resources, another week of our dollar devaluating, as the police are abusing our people in the streets of cities throughout our nation.  And the only response from the insurgents who have taken over our government is the same old bullshit.  “We can only fix this problem by ceasing to tax the filthy rich who have already stolen $30 trillion from us,” or, “We can only solve this problem through increased taxes on the middle class to finance socialism and a Central American Free Trade Agreement.”
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Coca-Cola, Inc. released a statement indicating that they would prefer to do business in China in yet another bid to end taxation on corporate profits.  So who made Coke the multi-billion dollar international corporation that it is today?  Well that would be we the people of the United States.  I think Coke should move to China and the US should boycott their product here.

I heard a commentator on FOX News say that Lockheed Martin should tell we the people that if we do not acquiesce and support their union busting, that they might move their productions to China.  Again, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  And of course no more contracts paid for by US taxpayer money and we will be boycotting your products in our country.
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Well it seems we are facing yet another possible government shutdown, which in reality is nothing more than another smoke screen designed to perpetuate another week of theft and job transfers out of our country.  As previously stated in other articles, to think that the corporate elite are going to allow anything to change when they are making record profits, as more of our nation’s wealth is transferred from the middle class to the upper echelons of the filthy rich, is naïve.  And as also previously mentioned, our natural resources continue to flow to other countries unimpeded.

Last week we were told beef and dairy prices will raise 32% this year and this week we are finding out why.  In one instance California alfalfa hay is being shipped and sold to China at a cheaper rate than it is offered to our own ranchers and farmers.  The excuse is given that as we are importing so much from China there is a glut of cargo containers here that need to go back the other way.  So shipping the alfalfa from California has been made very cheap at $30 per ton, which creates a scenario wherein supply and demand has raised the price of the California alfalfa to a level that dictates that U.S. farmers and ranchers are going to have to raise their prices just to break even.
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Herman Cain wins the Florida Straw Poll.  I was wondering how the corporate elite would use their money to attempt to push Ron Paul from the top tier.  I guess they just cannot accept that when the 2012 election rolls around it is not going to matter whether Ron Paul becomes president as a Republican or an Independent.  Ron Paul is going to be our next president and no amount of fiat debt dollars can change that fact.  The elite’s bottom line is Ron Paul, the people, and the Constitution must be stopped at any cost.

Herman Cain is among the corporate elite.  He is a neo-con.  He is for the further transfer of wealth from the pockets of the middle class to the vaults of the rich.  If a filthy rich business man like Herman Cain presents a plan, any plan, you can bet it is 999 percent for the rich and the other one percent is to put billions of dollars into his own pocket as payment for services rendered to his corporate brethren and sisteren.
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It would seem the protests are continuing in New York and as the protesters push their rights the police are pushing back with tyranny.  The exact composition and actions of the crowds cannot be known as the mainstream propagandists are avoiding the event like the plague.

Meanwhile FOX News blatantly pulled their online poll when it showed Ron Paul with a commanding lead.  I have to believe the elitists are more than a little concerned and the hints in the news of a change in US policy toward Pakistan, coupled with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejan’s speech at the UN and the Palestinian’s bid for recognition, indicates that it is possible that anything could happen.
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by Zen Gardner

“At mid-day on Friday, September 23, 2011, the popular alternative news blog,, was taken offline. Activist Post receives over one million views per month and has been hosted by Google’s Blogger since its founding in June 2010.

“We remain puzzled as to why Activist Post was erased completely by Google,” said chief editor and co-founder Michael Edwards. “When we tried to load our back-up file into our secondary Blogger account, that was blocked as well,” he added.
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