President Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat apparently up and purchased a brand new Men-in-Black bus to haul his armed guards around in.  And who did he buy it from?  That’s right, a Canadian company.  Is there any more this man could possibly do to hurt this country?  My oldest son worked for Monaco Coach Corporation in Eugene, Oregon before the recession/depression hit.  That business that built busses will never be again.

I hear a lot of the politicians saying to give big business tax breaks, create road projects, high speed rail, and infrastructure projects and the people will have jobs.  This is bullshit.  The businesses left in the United States have moved their operations to other countries where there is slave labor.  What they have left here has been downsized to the raw boned minimum.
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Well it would seem those that make up the mainstream propaganda machine have seen the gleam of light from our pitchforks and smelled our burning torches.  Yesterday the matter of whether the media has been intentionally ignoring Ron Paul was front and center and in every quarter.  When we the people were asked, the answer was absolutely yes, which sent the talking heads scampering like rats on a sinking ship, putting forth brand new shiny experts to say Ron Paul cannot win the Republican nomination.

Well here is one for you.  He can’t lose without there being widespread voter fraud, which I truly believe will lead to violence in the streets.  I’ll tell what is probably going to happen here.  As the Republican Party Members decide who their candidate will be at their national convention through delegates, this is where the kabosh will be put on Ron Paul by the Republican Party.
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In for a penny, in for a pound – the international corporate mafia and their Bilderberg core has now reached the point of no return.  They have spent billions of dollars building their propaganda machine that has been quite efficient for many years at perpetuating the false reality of the left-right paradigm.

Today the American people of the American race have begrudgingly been forced to break free from the false reality as the true reality can no longer be ignored.  The propaganda machine has completely lost credibility, but it is too late to change tactics.  They are now forced to go forward as if we the people are still asleep.
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We are only into the early stages of the decision making process for the 2012 elections and vote fraud is already rearing its ugly head.  Prior to the Iowa Straw Poll, constitutional challenges to the procedures to be used were being put forth.  The Iowa Straw Poll definitely has had an influence on the 2012 election process, as witnessed by the withdrawal from the race of ex-Governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty, after coming in third place.

What was unconstitutional about the straw poll?  Well the fact that it cost $30 dollars to participate eliminated from the voting process all those who could not pay the $30 because they did not have it.  And certainly the people of our country who have been impoverished to the point that they do not have $30 to throw away are going to be a deciding factor in the 2012 Presidential Election.
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Well the days are beginning to grow shorter and within another month the leaves will be falling from the trees as fall sets in.  Okay 99ers, 132 days until Christmas, and like I said, within another month the cold will be returning to the night air.  Every day there are more of us and the lie of our non-existence becomes a greater outrage.

I have been advocating Ron Paul for President as our only avenue to salvation, and I stand by that assertion.  Many of you have pointed out that Ron Paul has not addressed the 99ers and this is true, at least partially.  But then again, what candidate has addressed the 99ers?  The fact is within our government as it stands, the only news we hear that directly relates to us are the calls to get rid of the food stamps that are feeding us and our Social Security which is the only light at the end of the tunnel.
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Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has declared that Syrian President, Assad, is no longer viable or credible and that she is on the verge of demanding Assad’s resignation.  Hillary who?  Has she now become the spokesperson for an international dictatorial empire that removes the leaders of sovereign countries by declaration?

On August 11th the Libyan Embassy  in the US was reopened and occupied by the Libyan Al Qaeda rebels, who are now being recognized by the US as the legitimate government of Libya.  So now we have Al Qaeda setting up shop in Washington DC.  Do they believe we the people to be blind, deaf, and stupid?
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Wages are on the rise, help wanted signs are everywhere, and employers are offering additional benefits in an effort to entice employees.  Of course it’s not here.  We are talking about China.  You know, those people across the ocean enjoying what used to be our economy.  You know, the ones manufacturing our raw resources.  Yeah, that’s them.

And what does this mean to us in America?  Well our Chinese Christmas is going to cost more this year in paying the Chinese factory worker more.  In fact way more, because you see our dollar is also continuing its decline.  But not to worry, despite the massive declines in the stock market, the international businesses based in the United States continue to make record profits.
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Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll, which should be no surprise as Iowa is a farming state, hence a farming subsidy state.  I’m sure those Iowa farmers would be happy to have their native daughter in the White House protecting their farm subsidies, while taking food right out of poor children’s mouths to pay for them.

Michele Bachmann is a neo-con and equates to nothing more than a corporate meat puppet.  As far as anyone trying to defend Bachmann in reference to the farm subsidies, note: Bachmann herself received over $250,000 between 1995 and 2006 for her farm in Minnesota.  Of course these welfare farmers are going to support her wholeheartedly.
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As expected Ron Paul’s overwhelming win in the Iowa debate is being discredited in a hundred ways and Newt Gingrich is the man of the day, according to the mainstream propagandists.  What a government.  Back in 1996 Gingrich was charged with 84 ethics violations, which would be, in the world of the 99ers, 84 felonies, alleging tax evasion.  Nothing a few hundred thousand dollars wouldn’t cure.  And now here he is running for President.  Why the hell not?  Truth be known being a felon is probably a part of the criteria necessary in getting the backing of the international corporate mafia for any bid for President.
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In watching yesterday’s GOP debate there can be no question that Ron Paul is as feared on the phony right as he is on the phony left.  It was plain to see that the entire structure of the debate was designed around minimizing Dr. Paul.  And you know what?  Once again it did not work.  FOX News is self proclaimed as a conservative broadcast.  Well they say “Fair and Balanced” but we all know that each and every one of them is a big-business person.  One thing they are clearly getting across in their message is that conservative can now be equated with anti-constitutional.

Today I’m sure Mitt Romney will be declared the uncontested winner with the only other candidate they talk about being Michele Bachmann.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  No one cares.  These propagandists have become so incredible that it is pathetic to watch them try to peddle their crap like an old west snake oil salesman.  These are some of the goofiest people I think I have ever seen in my life and they sit before the camera and try to put themselves forth as statesmen and women.
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Well the situation in our country seems to be completely out of control, sparking lawmakers to start naming the members of the new Supreme Soviet and calling for Congress to return as the situation has become an emergency.  Historically emergencies are ideal times for insurgencies and coups, and this time it is no different.

Everything we are seeing in the mainstream propaganda is staged.  This whole situation is no more an emergency today than it was last year this time.  I believe the new Supreme Soviet is being convened as fast as possible because the people throughout this land see it for exactly what it is.  And there is a growing defiance to its creation and proposed institution.
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It is one hundred thirty-seven days until Christmas and there are more 99ers joining the ranks of the invisible every day.  If you are a new 99er you may think you know how bad things can get.  We who survived last Christmas as 99ers know what this winter is going to bring.

Two hundred and nineteen days since the 112th Congress convened and not one job has been created.  Of course legislation to continue to pay the contractors has been passed….for jobs, in the sense that the tax monies have been used to ship our jobs and industry out of our country.  And what do they tell us?  They say they can’t come up with a plan and that they just don’t know what to do.  Well here is a plan:
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Two American contractors blew the whistle on the U.S government in 2006, and were tortured by the American military while under their supervision in a military prison in Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld is being held personally responsible. A three judge panel of the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago has upheld a lower court’s ruling. He now may appeal to the US Supreme Court.

It seems that Rumsfeld didn’t take kindly to the two contractors blowing the whistle on suspected payoffs to Iraqi officials to guarantee government contracts. They were caught complaining about it, and got thrown in isolation and were apparently tortured by not being allowed to sleep, amongst other things. Continue reading “Donald Rumsfeld Told Torture Lawsuit Against Him May Proceed”

We here at From the Trenches are recommending that all 99ers buy gold immediately.  Take your money out of stocks and buy gold now.  We 99ers have been laboring through the day biting our fingernails in ever increasing anxiety as the US credit rating has been lowered and stocks are plunging………not!

I wonder just how many realize that there are millions of us out here who cannot get excited about this economic news as the economics that are breathing down our backs are keeping a roof over our heads, paying the utility bills, and getting something to eat with no income or prospect of a job.
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Thirty one US military troops were killed on Saturday when the Chinook CH-47 helicopter they were being transported in was shot down over Afghanistan.  There are so many things wrong with this incident.  Of those killed were 22 Navy Seals, most of which were members of the elite Seal Team 6, which we all remember reportedly accomplished the raid into Pakistan that allegedly procured the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Elite forces like Team 6 consist of highly trained individuals for the purpose of lightening fast operations in extremely diverse situations, such as hostage situations, assassinations, and black op captures of foreign enemies.  Reportedly this elite team was on its way to support a detachment of US forces that had fallen under enemy attack.
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Riots broke out in the streets of London over the weekend in response to police killing Mark Duggan, a 29 year old black man, who was riding in a cab that police pulled over.  Details of the shooting are not available.  It is reported one of the officers was shot in the incident but was spared serious injury as the bullet struck his walkie-talkie.  It is being reported that the shooting occurred in an area known for problems stemming from racial tensions.

What is interesting about this whole situation is the bullet finding itself in the officer’s walkie-talkie.  You see guns are banned in England.  This being said it would seem that if the man who was killed possessed a firearm that was used to shoot an officer’s walkie-talkie, it would have been the headline as it would have shown justification for the killing.
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A week ago the con men were telling us we had to raise the debt ceiling or else there would be a catastrophe.  This week we are being told that we must follow the dictates of Standard and Poor’s or else there is going to be a catastrophe.  The international elite have become like a spoiled child who can’t get what he or she wants.  And what do they want?  The Social Security Trust Fund.

There is only so many ways to mealy mouth around a subject and they are employing all of them to the point that they are now saying that the only money that can pay this debt is that in the Social Security Fund.  You can’t cut defense spending because that is a different kind of money that cannot be used to pay debts.  You can’t cut the budgets of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the EPA, the TSA, FEMA, or foreign aid because again that is a different kind of money that does not work for paying off debts.
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The international corporate mafia elite continue to wage their war of attrition upon the American poor and middle class.  The very definition of a war of attrition is to hurt your opponent in many different ways, and those waging this war upon us are in no way new to this concept.

Grant waged a war of attrition upon the South during the Civil War, cutting off cities one at a time and starving populations into submission by blocking supply lines and tearing up railroad tracks.  And indeed the original invasion of this continent to take it away from the native peoples was a protracted war of attrition.
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Standard and Poor’s dropped the US credit rating to AA+ yesterday.  So who is Standard and Poor’s?  Well they, along with Moody’s and Fitch are the fraudulent slime bags that gave AAA ratings to the bad derivatives that were sold to our 401K pension funds which we lost as a result.

They also rated AAA many more bad derivatives that were insured by AIG, which we had to bail out, in essence pay the claims on, when the loans went bust.

They are the very same S&P that was paid by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to give the AAA rating to the bad derivatives which were packaged and sold.
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