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Beautiful day in Utah – 735 Miles Fom Auburn, WA. 52 Degrees Clear

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This is how I do it in Amarillo, TX.

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Tuckerman, AR. – 31 degrees. Nice

Pork feet to Houston – refrigerated 38,000 lbs

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Big Boy No. 4014

Today I saw this piece of American history as it made a stop straight South of us. 

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Fall a hazard tree with a entry level saw, singing do wa diddy diddy dumb, but I did it.

The tree was 25 to 30 feet above the cut. The cut was approx 12 feet from the ground, standing on the roof. The tree was 15 inches at the cut. The tree leaned over the cabin east northeast so … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, Trenchers! 🎃🎃🎃

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Stuck In Hell – Kentucky/ Ohio Border Wreck – This Is Where Drivers Re-Evaluate Their Job

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The Old Photos Of My Jr High School Have Been Removed. It Looks Like A Chicken House Now

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Columbia River And Mt. Hood – 39 Degrees – 8:50am

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I84 Oregon Just North Of Idaho Border

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Fort Bridger, WY – 36 Degrees 40 MPH winds. WHY IS THE FLAG HALF STAFF?

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Wal-Mart cop suckers

In our shit town!!!!!

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Blizzard headed my way… forecast for up to 30 inches… I’m ready. LOL

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Did it. It was great!

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Patriot Gathering – OKC

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Headed South – 76 Degrees Muggy

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2019 Congressional Calendar

Meanwhile, the American worker they parasite off of, get one day off for Thanksgiving and one day off for Christmas, then it is back to the sweatshops to pay those unlawful taxes so the corporate elite can enjoy their lives. 

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Azteca Milling, Plainsview, TX

This picture of a flour mill in Plainsview, Texas was sent in by a friend of mine driving truck, there to pick up a load. This is what corporate treason looks like. 

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Snow in September

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Gun Buyback

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