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Had a visitor this morning

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I20 Alabama into Georgia some of the smoothest roads in the United States. Always a enjoyable ride. 67 degrees

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Dallas, Texas – Always A Pain

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Time to Get Wet – Heading into Colorado

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New Mexico nothingness Hwy 285

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Just making sure we have enough room for all the illegal invaders.

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Mt. Shasta 4/26. 1:30 pm Pacific

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Beef to Washington – I90 Montana/Idaho Border Westbound.

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Huge solar farm in Utah being built, I’m delivering 24,000 lbs of insulated wire to connect the panels.

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Happy Patriot’s Day From the Trenches!

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My new ride picking up solar equipment

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Not a good day to be in the Chicago area

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Trump cardboard wall to keep out Filipinos and Asians in Guam

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Houston Airport robots

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Territory of Guam pictures

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Got to finally meet Deon

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USA Isreal only bunker even to get to the ticket counter

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Here is a walk up to the place

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Are Americans really so stupid?

Are Americans really so stupid they don't realize United States is not only destroying entire Countries Murdering millions of innocent civilians and literally ripping tiny children and babies to pieces and you are paying the tab — ben campen … Continue reading

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Danger! The Big Storm

Now, you all don’t worry about us.  We have two loaves of  bread, a whole gallon of milk, and flashlight batteries. This ain’t shit.  Here we call this a little snow.  I’ve seen it in this yard six foot deep.  … Continue reading

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