Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Until December, the Dutch government had bucked the authoritarian trend of most global authorities in their efforts to ‘crush’ the virus, but as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths began to soar, the government turned to harsher measures, and ultimately to the first curfew since WWII.

Yesterday was the first night of the newly enforced curfew and that crackdown sparked a backlash across the nation.. Continue reading “Dutch Youth Torch COVID-Testing Facility In Violent Curfew Backlash”

Crooks and Liars – by Rad Painter

Chris Cuomo had a real patriot on his show on Friday night – the son of one of the violent insurrectionists. And even more moving was that this young man, Jackson Reffitt, turned his dad in after he threatened the lives of the family IF they turned him in! Cuomo started off by quoting the FBI documents, which stated that the guy (Reffitt) told his own son and daughter: “If you turn me in you’re a traitor. You know what happens to traitors. Traitors get shot.”

Well, his 18-year old son, fearing for his safety and the safety of others, decided to turn his father in to the FBI. Here is how he explained that decision: Continue reading “Young Man Turns His Father In To FBI For Participating In The Capitol Insurrection”

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is now serving as Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, announced that the president has reversed the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization.

Fauci will be leading the U.S. delegation.

“I am honored to announce that the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization,” Fauci told a virtual meeting of the WHO.

Continue reading “Fauci Announces the US Will Rejoin the World Health Organization, Promises to Give Them Our Money”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden on Thursday.

She made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon.

Rep. Greene promised to file charges against the corrupt Democrat last week.
Today she fulfilled that commitment.  Continue reading “GOP Lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden”

Not the Bee – by Joel Abbott

South Dakota is dealing with a rapid influx of people looking to see each other’s faces, worship, earn a living, spend time with loved ones, and do all the other things that make human life, well, human.

A survey by United Van Lines this month ranked the state fourth in the nation as a destination for people moving across state lines. That’s pretty significant considering that South Dakota ranks 47th in states by population. Continue reading “Peeps are flocking to South Dakota for a taste of freedom and I can’t blame them”