Unz Review – by Andrew Anglin

At some point in the last 24 hours, following the blow-up of CBS’s “Arming Ukraine,” the entire thing has been memory holed completely.   Continue reading “CBS Deletes “Arming Ukraine” Documentary, Says the US Government Told Them to”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Taiwan announced its own live fire drills Tuesday, a day after China’s military announced it is extending ongoing exercises surrounding the democratic-run island past the scheduled end date of Sunday. Taiwan’s defense ministry said the new defensive drills are intent on simulating repelling an attack of the island in the event of a Chinese invasion.  Continue reading “Taiwan Holds Own Live Fire Drills, Warns That China Prepping Future Invasion”

Post Millennial – by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The Biden White House will provide Ukraine with an additional $4.5 billion, increasing the total budgetary support sent to the country since February’s invasion by Russia to nearly $60 billion. These new funds will go directly to Ukraine’s government.

Continue reading “Biden admin to send additional $4.5 BILLION to Ukraine”

FEE – by Richard Fulmer

In war, each side tries to cripple the other’s economy by targeting and destroying its transportation infrastructure: ports, airfields, roads, bridges, railroads, rivers, and canals. The United States, however, like many countries, wrecks its own transportation systems—not with bombs but with laws and regulations.  Continue reading “5 Transportation Industries the US Government Is Crushing With Regulations”