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“This is the epitome of evil,” churches closed “by government that’s wicked and knows nothing of truth!”
Continue reading “Aussie Priest: Lockdowns & vax passports are EVIL & draconian, we have to stand up for our faith, freedom & nation”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

The Biden administration has reportedly flown 1,400 Haitians from the Del Rio, Texas squatters camp back to Haiti in the past week.

There are an estimated 4,000 migrants left at the camp. The rest of these migrants and fake refugees were sent to communities across the country. Continue reading “Joe Biden Is Moving Haitian Migrants from Del Rio Squatters Camp in Dead of Night – Dumping Them Across the US”

NoMask Info

WOW 😳- this woman mildly, politely but sternly presents facts about how harmful masks are for children, and admonishes the school board for lining their pockets with millions in cash for adhering to the mask and vax mandates. I almost stopped watching before the video was over..

But be sure to go to minute 5 for the grand finale! 😲 Video of a mom speaking at the Vandalia, Illinois school board meeting, September 2021.  Continue reading “Mom condemns school board for “SUFFOCATING CHILDREN””

Summit News – by Steve Watson

The Biden administration is pushing for dishonourable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID vaccines.

GOP Representative Mark Green of Tennessee proposed an amendment this week to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would prohibit “any discharge but honorable” for troops who refuse vaccines. Continue reading “Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines”

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Melbourne, Australia for the past few days, vowing to show up “every day” until the country’s draconian COVID restrictions are lifted.

The massive crowd of mostly trade workers cannot return to their jobs because of the country’s vaccine mandate. They have been completely cut off from feeding their families in the name of public health. Continue reading “This is What Tyranny Looks Like: Absolute Mayhem in Australia; Covid-Police Ambush Crowds and Shoot Protesters In the Back With ‘Non-lethals’ As They Run Away”

100% Fed Up – by Leisa Audette

Who isn’t surprised by the fact that when illegals were told they were being deported, they did something like take over a DHS bus to flee from the border patrol? It’s surprising something worse hasn’t happened. The situation at the southern border is a ticking time bomb…  Continue reading “Ticking Time Bomb: Haitian Illegals Take Over Transport Bus in Texas and Flee the Scene”