Daily Mail

A convicted burglar was arrested for murdering an elderly couple, a mother and her 15 year-old daughter then taking to Facebook to claim they’d been controlling his mind by using telepathy. Continue reading “Convicted burglar executes four neighbors then claimed they were controlling his mind”

Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe

The Senate on Sunday passed the Democrats’ sweeping economic package that would allocate billions of taxpayer dollars to facilitate the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s workforce. Continue reading “‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill Will Increase IRS Agents by 87,000 Employees”

American Right TV

In a video that is sure to give anyone hope, an 11-year-old girl calls out Klaus Schwab and the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in one of the most intelligent and well-spoken deliveries that would flaw even some of the greatest speakers in history.  Continue reading “11 Year Old Girl Calls Out Klaus Schwab And His Globalist Goons”

Gateway Pundit

CBS released a documentary titled “Arming Ukraine.”

The documentary looks into what has happened to the military weapons that have been given to Ukraine.  Continue reading “CBS News Exposes Ukraine Weapons Scam: “30% Maybe Reaches Its Final Destination””

Washington Post – by Diana Leonard

In the Klamath National Forest in Northern California, where the McKinney Fire has killed four people, residents have been confronted by a raging inferno and flooding rain.

On Tuesday night, slow-moving severe thunderstorms unleashed downpours near the McKinney Fire, which has consumed more than 57,000 acres and is California’s largest fire of 2022.

Continue reading “Fire and rain: As McKinney blaze rages, floods hit Northern California”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

The Biden administration is reportedly about to send $1 billion more in US taxpayer funded aid to Ukraine, in what will be one of the largest packages so farReuters reports. Continue reading “US Prepares To Send $1 Billion In Latest Ukraine Weapons Package”

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

The Pentagon on Friday rejected DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request for National Guard troops to help with the influx of illegal aliens being bused in from Texas.  Continue reading “Pentagon Chief Rejects DC Mayor Bowser’s Request For National Guard Troops to Help with Influx of Illegal Aliens Being Bused in From Texas”

Gateway Pundit – by Larry Johnson

Ukraine’s President Zelensky is spooked and having a tough time hiding it. In remarks made on August 3rd, Zelensky is complaining that Europe is dragging its feet in supplying financial support to keep Ukraine afloat:  Continue reading “New Batches Of Ukrainian Troops Quit the Fight as Russia Grinds On”


A fight inside at Mall of America escalated into gunfire Thursday afternoon, causing police to place the mall on lockdown for over an hour. Continue reading “No injuries reported after shots fired at Mall of America; police still searching for suspects”