Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter breaks her silence in a bombshell new documentary

Daily Mail

As India Oxenberg walks calmly around the garden of a house in Albany, New York, she gestures towards a window.

‘That was where it happened. I was the first woman in my group of slaves to be branded,’ the daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg explains matter-of-factly.

‘The smell that came from the cauterising pen burning my flesh was so intense that it filled up the entire townhouse. It was torture — but I still went through with it.

‘How do you even begin to explain something like this?’

How indeed. Two new documentary series coming to the UK have attempted to do so, investigating the deeply disturbing scandal of the Nxivm (pronounced nexium) cult and the young women — including India — who fell so far under its spell that they were willing to become sex slaves and be branded with the initials of the group’s founder.

India — just 19 when she became embroiled in the group after she and her mother took one of its ‘self-help’ ESP (executive success programmes) — became perhaps its most famous member thanks to Catherine’s celebrity and her relentless efforts to raise the alarm about Nxivm and free India from its clutches.

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