14 thoughts on “CB Walmarts Not Accepting Cash

  1. I say BS….. How the heck is there a coin shortage when they get their change and money from banks and if less people are spending doesn’t that mean that there would be more in the banks and they can get all they need from the Treasury??

  2. I haven’t figured out this latest scam. My bank denied a guy who wanted rolls coins for his biz a couple days ago. I suggested he go over to the coin laundry across the street. ­čÖé
    I do know it takes the U.S. mint only two months to coin what is needed for the average year. So, a shortage two months down the road, should be inexcusable.

    Just watch, eBay—– four quarters for $1.25 …+ shipping
    I do have two solutions to Walmart’s B.S.
    1) Pay cash to within 99 cents and card the change. Or card the change and pay the rest cash.
    2) Shop elsewhere , FK’m

    1. Seeing new homeless everyday now… sad. losing everything they have worked hard for and these maybe people who always worked hard but got robbbbbbed!!!!! aNGRY AS uSAUL LATELY sHIT HAS DEFINITELY BEEN HITTING THE FAN!!! i SMELL IT F*CKING ANGRY!!!!

  3. Wa. state is getting totally F*cked Snitches, contact chasing real bad………. masks required eveywhere!!!!!!!!!!! Threatening businesses that don’t comply with orders from communist Gov………… Mayor of Seattle will most likely be replaced with a Socialist POS!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting harder trying to stay sane,,,, thanks Trenchers

    1. Please check this shit out if you don’t believe this f*cker is EVIL!!!!!. google Call for investigation into Bill Gates ÔÇścrimes against humanityÔÇÖ and ÔÇśmedical malpracticeÔÇÖ

  4. There’s no way out of this except to stand fight, there’s no running, and no hiding, eventually we are going to have to take a physical stand, there’s no other way!!! There’s no knight in shining armor coming to save us (They have all been compromised, bought and paid for). It’s up to us at some point to take a stand and say enough is enough. And then the fun begins, it will be our turn and the tree of liberty will be SATURATED with the blood of tyrants, and traiders.

  5. Chase bank wasnÔÇÖt accepting cash at their atm two days ago, either when I tried making a withdrawal. I thought that was extremely weird. Now I see this. WTF is going on? How can a bank not have any money?

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