CDC Caught Flying Diseased Caravan Migrants Into U.S. for Medical Treatment

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According to F.A.A. flight data, a plane registered to the Center for Disease Control landed in San Diego to pick up diseased migrants at the border to fly them to Georgia where they will receive medical care paid for by the U.S. taxpayers:  

CDC lands N71PG at Joe Foss Field San Diego to pick up sick illegals (Miramar MCAS)

The CDC flight N71PG eventually landed at Ft Benning, GA with its cargo of sick illegals and then flew back to its home base in Cartersville, GA. I think we will see many more flights bringing communicably sick illegals from the border to various military bases and then on to hospitals in the area. As you know, our government has been flying in dangerously ill illegals into the US for s long time…most especially from Africa. It is a classified program.

This flight was made under a cloak of secrecy. While the Border Patrol was giving the MSM lots of photo ops which kept the ‘news’ focused on the tear gassing at the border, the intake of sick illegals into the US was being done, as usual, in the background. As I have long established by tracking the flights of the CDC BSL 3 and 4 jets, our ‘leaders’ are importing dangerously sick illegals and dropping them off at facilities in numerous locations around the nation…in secret.

This operation should have been called Operation Smokescreen. Although the smoke took place at the CA border, the only thing getting burned was, as always, the taxpaying American citizens. We were lied to and deceived again.

We will continue to see more CDC planes bringing in infected illegals for taxpayer-funded emergency and long term medical care.

No wonder we now see African Sleeping Sickness in Netherlands (incredible) and the need to vaccinate the Netherlands population for Yellow Fever. No wonder Polio is back in the US and Chagas is so prevalent that even dogs and cats are getting it.

With both the illegal and legal Third World invasion of America, we have seen a sharp rise in diseases that were eradicated from the U.S. over 100 years ago, and some of them have never been seen before, such as chagas.  Make no mistake: this is not “incompetence” by government bureaucracy; rather, this is an intentional destruction of our formerly-White country and people by the usual suspects.

The jewish-controlled medical-industrial complex is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy, and much of it relies on U.S. tax dollars to support it, making it yet another jewish enterprise.

That the CDC would fly disease-ridden non-Whites into the heart of America should surprise no one — there are areas in America’s heartland that now look like Somalia, Syria, and Ethiopia.  And just as it is intended to do, eventually putting all these ethnicities into close contact will soon erupt into violence, which will give the “authorities” the excuse to crack down on “racial violence” directed at these “New Americans” who are just trying to “build a better life.”  Your “constitutional rights” will be a thing of the past.

Right of the Right

15 thoughts on “CDC Caught Flying Diseased Caravan Migrants Into U.S. for Medical Treatment

  1. well i have a question. were they in hazmat suits? is georgia one of the places they sent some people that had ebola? medical treatment of what disease??? sounds like pretty serious diseases that they need to come to the us for treatment.

  2. If this kind of bulls*** doesn’t make your blood boil, you’re either dead, or not a American National! One trip to the hospital easily bankrupts any American National who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the cost, yet these invading cockroaches get every f***ing thing handed to them on a silver platter! “Oh, but Sunfire, that is so inhumane of you to say!” You know what?!? F*** YOU!!! If you want to pay for the medical expenses of illegal invaders, by all means, open your wallet and have at it! Oh, and be sure they get the treatment that YOU pay for in their OWN damn countries! Heaven forbid that the enemy force in occupation should demand payment for these criminals from the governments of the countries that they came from! If anyone wants to argue the point, show me ONE DAMN PIECE OF EVIDENCE THAT WE THE PEOPLE AUTHORIZED THIS IN YOUR FACE THEFT OF OUR MONEY AND RESOURCES! Not to mention, it’s a real stupid idea to usher such infectious diseases into our country.

  3. The scum from these third world countries carry diseases that we don’t even inoculate for anymore! They were eradicated 80 years ago or whatever….
    Like the Innuit woman the CDC dug up from permafrost in Alaska a few years ago, I wonder if the government will weaponize whatever diseases these rodents are carrying and use it against us patriot s…

    I need to get my tinfoil hat resized….

    1. How do we know they’re actually sick? These cockroaches could be enemy soldiers snuck in with the pretense of being sick. Could be high ranking soldiers, who the fk knows?

      Nothing is what it seems.

    2. ‘I need to get my tinfoil hat resized….’…..LOL Bud……..larger or smaller? …..I’m thinking if larger perhaps you have been on to this crap since you were a child……if smaller perhaps your head is shrinking ? Even in all the seriousness it’s good to laugh…..thanks Bud 🙂

  4. Everyone should stop paying their medical bills in this country

    Seems you can get care for free, so why bother funding this shit anymore

    We the tax payers of this country are getting royaly fcked!

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