CDC Recommends Putting Hosiery over Your Face along with a Mask

National Review – by John Fund

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has finally recognized that the masks they’ve had everyone wearing for the better part of a year are largely ineffective because aerosols easily go around the top and sides.

Their latest recommendation is “placing a sleeve made of sheer nylon hosiery material around the neck and pulling it up over either a cloth or medical procedure mask,” or using knots and tucking to fit a mask closely to the face.

They came up with these techniques in experiments with mannequins in a lab and have not tested them on actual humans. They have no empirical data, and the study even warns:

The findings of these simulations should neither be generalized to the effectiveness of all medical procedure masks or cloths masks nor interpreted as being representative of the effectiveness of these masks when worn in real-world settings.

And there’s also this warning: “Double masking might impede breathing or obstruct peripheral vision.

As Phil Kerpen of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity pointed out in an interview with National Review: “The media loves the idea of double-masking and never mind that cases are down 58% nationally in the last month and many states have already vaccinated over 50% of seniors.”

Don’t be surprised to see President Biden exercising “leadership” by sporting the hosiery look.

National Review

6 thoughts on “CDC Recommends Putting Hosiery over Your Face along with a Mask

  1. Now they want us to walk around looking like monsters. Few things more scary looking then draping a nylon stocking over your face. Halloween was never so frightening.

    Every damn day, another new dehumanizing dictate. They can shove it!!!


  2. Anyone f***ing stupid enough to acquiesce to such sheer stupidity is just as likely to acquiesce to their upcoming “gun control” measure of asking gun owners to put their firearms in their own mouths and pull the trigger, negating the need for further gun control legislation.

  3. If there were anything to this nonsense about China Flu, wouldn’t they want us wearing actual gas masks? Don’t they give troops NBC gear with special suits and gas masks for this sort of thing? Don’t they use them in Level 4 Bio-labs? I do not recall NBC suits or Level 4 Bio-lab suits coming with a pair of panty hose and a piece of cloth with ear loops.

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