CDC Trailers Being Hidden and Guarded In Hickory, NC

Published on Oct 16, 2014 by DAHBOO77
I have seen CDC Trailers before. But Never have i seen so many at once. I have only seen 1 at a time. None the less, These are being hidden behind a building. And to top it all off , They are being Guarded.…

2 thoughts on “CDC Trailers Being Hidden and Guarded In Hickory, NC

  1. Looks like cooling fridges . This sounds like scaremonger story . But hay I may be wrong. Henry in december Ive decided to send some money your way in monthly installments. enough for your internet bill for one year. I should tell you a little about myself, Bloodline Sawde Busters From France who left to come to Quebec 1777.I reside in Alberta .My wife is Russian, raised from Soviet Union stock.My kid’s Are straight A students. They got the smarts from my wife. My father side is french polish ukraine. Some french friends call me pea hunk . My high school nickname .Gerimia .The buggers still call me that. My mother side Quellet ,French Cree, This makes me Metis. A real Heins 57 EH .Take care and beware. and the all the best to you and your Family. Ps I was Flagged years Ago. 1992 to infinity. Great web sight Brother and Sisters.

  2. Thanks, needed a laugh after all the trash I read this morning [about daily US Gov action/inaction] before going outside – I don’t live in a cave like, seemingly, most Americans.

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