4 thoughts on “Celadon bankruptcy to idle 4,000 workers, 3,300 trucks

  1. And here it is
    You found it

    That print out I send you in email was from fellow gun club guy that plays the market

    Dirty games and shitty deals for sure Mark

    1. Yeah, it’s a big deal because so many people ( employees) got screwed. After I read your email I had to find this, this shit goes on all the time, worse yet it’s a publicly traded company, everybody got fkd. The stock market is rigged beyond belief, I’d rather invest in a left handed bacon stretcher than drop a nickle in the commie stock screw.

      Usually, they dont get caught, somebody ratted this scum out..

  2. So 33,000,000 unsecured owed to the feds, such an even number, strange don’t you think?

    Just rounded to the nearest penny I suppose….

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