5 thoughts on “Cell Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack Movie HD

  1. Hey Katie, I watched this last night. If anyone reading this plans on watching the film, don’t read any further. Spoiler alert. Anyway, Katie, this film was a horrible message of hopelessness. A message that said, no matter how hard you fight, especially to protect those you love, and especially your own child, your efforts will come to naught. You are destined to end up a body-robot, aka a zombie, obedient to the voices the powers-that-be shove into your brain/mind. Your only reality is compliance. And the film itself played like a B-movie with very little character development. More garbage from Hollywood trying to convince us we can’t make a difference, we can’t beat the bas*ards. Yeah, it gave a nod to the dangers of cell towers and cell phones, but used that popular and urgent concern to bring in its “no-way-out” message. Did you watch it? If so, could you find any saving grace? What a waste of such a powerful medium. When we regain our world, oh the films we will make. Sagas about the great deeds humans have done and highlights on our potential, our creativity and innovation. Our art will be true and will open new doors. Now I’m seeing all in Hollywood as traitors to liberty, and we all know Dante has the 9th circle in hell, the lowest circle reserved for traitors. But I think if Dante were alive today and writing his masterpiece he’d add a 10th circle, for those traitors who contributed to the Hollywood Horror who for decades have been spewing lies, romanticizing war, programming young minds, and pushin’ perversion. Well, thanks, Katie (I think – grin). One last thing… John Cusack used to be cute.



    1. Galen, I did not watch the movie. Just posted it for the cell info. Thanks for the run down on a what sounds like a terrible movie. I hate movies as how you described this one.

        1. I tried to watch that a while back but was un entertained, and rather disgusted. It appeared to be a gore fest without any redeeming attributes.
          Cell phones kill? Yeah, we all know that, but to eat somebody’s face because your phone zaps your brain is just typical Jew Hollywood fare.
          Ford vs. Ferrari was fair, but no guns, sex, or racism, just racing.

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