Censorship Lie: “CEOs Complained about Ad Placement” (CIA kills Web Speech)

Published on Apr 1, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Suddenly, web platforms censor free speech because “CEOs complained about ads on extreme channels.” But that’s just another CIA lie — to kill dissent and shut you down.

To enslave you, the Deep State (funded by the Central Bank) needs to control public opinion. But the Regime lied so much on TV, they demolished their TV platform — folks are sick of CNN and NBC.

Since nobody watches TV anymore, TV is useless — it cannot control us with propaganda if nobody watches it. Thus, the Deep State needs a NEW pipeline to carry their venom and lies.

The only remaining pipeline is the internet — so the Deep State is evicting free thinkers from YouTube / Facebook / Twitter to make room for CNN and FOX web streaming.

Their end result will be Mainstream TV channels “moved onto the web” to keep delivering propaganda into your home. But the Deep State overlooked one key factor that dooms their plan….

False Flags Won’t Stop Because:

InfoWars SUED by Comet Pizza?

HALF of NYTimes Traffic is FAKE:

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