Census Bureau: 75 million more immigrants by 2060, 95% of future US growth

Washington Examiner

The Census Bureau is projecting that the population of the United States will hit 404 million by 2060, and nearly all of the net growth will be from immigrants and their families.

new analysis of the figures shows that of the 79 million more in 2060, 75 million will be legal and illegal immigrants and their families, a population the size of France and Belgium combined.  

Without immigration, according to the Census analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies, the U.S. population would increase by just 3.7 million, the latest sign that the country is on a path to zero native population growth.

“We find that varying the immigration component has a very large impact on the future size of the U.S. population. The Census Bureau projects net immigration of 46.4 million between 2017 and 2060, creating total a population of 404 million in that year — 96 million larger than in the last Census in 2010 and 79 million larger than in 2017. The addition is roughly equal to the combined populations of France and Belgium. Almost all (75 million) of the post-2017 increase is due to future immigration. That is, immigrants who have not yet arrived, but who will do so absent a change in policy, plus their descendants,” said the report provided in advance to Secrets and released this morning.

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8 thoughts on “Census Bureau: 75 million more immigrants by 2060, 95% of future US growth

  1. There are still a TON of Deep State S.E.S./Serco operatives embedded within the government apparatus. Let’s wait until President Trump has had a chance to ‘retire’ these uncivil servants and then get an assessment.

      1. galen, I could not do this justice so I’ll leave it to Henry to hang him by the toenails.

        Clairioncaller, is the retiring of the uncivil servants the next move Qanon is prophesying? That next big chess move, huh?!!

        1. Ha, Katie, I was part teasin’ ya and part getting up after fallin’ off my chair, metaphorically, that is. It’s just that draining the swamp is back-breaking work and one sometimes selfishly passes the buck. (grin)

          I just watched the whole State of the Union speech. He knows there are freedom-lovers out there, growing in numbers, so crumbs were tossed, likely to ward off rebellion. Good luck with that, eh? He tried to appease all camps. He laid out a lot of mud and then dropped in a few pearls. Painted a very rosy picture. I kept thinkin’ of the homeless, all the tent-cities housing American nationals. Those were not mentioned. Says we’ll NEVER be a socialist country. Guess you don’t have to name ANY ism when you have a Police State. Could go on and on, but… Basically, protect Iz at all costs. Iran is the demon. Never forget the holocaust, etc, etc, etc. Of course, Bill of Rights ignored.

          Guess I gotta put in my two cents here. Okay Clariaoncaller, did you know that Trump is chipping away at our right to self-defense? See:



          1. galen, sounds like the thoroughly disgusting speech I knew it would be, thus the reason I did not waste my time nor make myself angry or ill. Glad you watched it though to give us the disgusting details.

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