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CenturyLink outage map


I think Silicon Valley pretty much is purely communist at this point.  Looks like a lot of testing going on today.

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6 Responses to CenturyLink outage map

  1. 'ol stewbum says:

    CLink goes clank!

  2. flee says:

    According to this map…

    I still have my overpriced…

    Unreliable. …

    Consistent. …

    Shitty service.

  3. TxRdKill says:

    Guess a short wave radio is in order…

  4. Ed Teach says:

    I have century link.
    It cuts out everyday and most ever ten minutes for 2 min.

  5. Vekar says:

    Looks like a test, far to complete a map to simply be an accident. They shut it down enough to wipe out some areas but not so much that others scream and switch service is what that map looks like.

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