What is Chain Migration and Why is it a Problem?

Published on Jan 16, 2018

Chain migration is the process in which immigrants that come to the United States legally sponsor more and more members of their non-nuclear family members. This process dramatically increases the number of people coming to the United States. This process also has a negative effect on those who are patiently waiting to become the U.S. citizens the legal way.

To learn more about chain migration visit: https://fairus.org/issue/legal-immigr…

One thought on “What is Chain Migration and Why is it a Problem?

  1. What is “chain migration”? What the hell does it sound like?

    It’s an endless chain of wetbacks storming the border to rape your children and take everything you own.

    We all know what it means, and I’m almost looking forward to it because all of these unarmed, liberal supports of this invasion will be the first victims. When your babies are gang-raped by wetbacks, you’ll understand what “chain migration” is, and probably not until then.

    It’s not going to stop until the American people stand up and stop it, and they’re not going to get off their asses until they have to, so let the war begin.

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