Chaos Erupts On The Streets Of Berlin As Police Attack Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Summit News – by Steve Watson

Worldwide protests against the decimation of freedom continued this weekend, with Berlin in Germany becoming the focal point as thousands took to the streets, rising up against lockdowns and the introduction of vaccine passports in the country.

As we reported last week, authorities in Germany have indicated that unvaccinated people could be banned from cinemas and restaurants and that those who have taken the jab will have “more freedom.”

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun stated that unvaccinated people, even if they test negative for COVID, would not be allowed to go to venues like restaurants, cinemas, or stadiums, because “the risk to everyone else is too high.”

Footage from the weekend highlighted riot police fighting with protesters, pepper spraying people and even aggressively pushing around old women and children.

The AP reports that 600 people were arrested.


Summit News

8 thoughts on “Chaos Erupts On The Streets Of Berlin As Police Attack Anti-Lockdown Protesters

  1. In that second YouTube vid, we see horrible treatment by police. But something else awful: They are attacking some women and elderly folks, and NO ONE jumps in to help. You would think it would come naturally, but this is another area that needs light shed on it all over the world: when evil attacks, HELP EACH OTHER!!


    1. Galen, I could not agree more, put the fu$ckin phone down and grow some! Nothing will change until they fight back. It is sickening to watch !

      1. I agree – I could only Watch a couple of the videos because I could just feel my blood pressure rising over the insanity that I’m witnessing. As we know that it’s only around the corner here in the United States. Pushback Has to happen NOW!

    2. They definitely have these people cowed with their Darth Vader helmets and these big tough Nazis seem to want to target the old people and the women. This is why you never let go of that gun. Hell, it takes three of them to take down a woman. What a bunch of faggot treasonous pussies. I guess the Germans should have kept their guns. Better to die on your feet than be pushed around by some punk f-king maggots like this.
      Germans are pretty smart… Well they certainly have something to figure out, don’t they, that is how to defeat an armed force with an unarmed force. They should have been finding out who every one of these treasonous f-kers is and just walked away and went and paid their family a visit. Guess they will learn.

    1. Boy, did I get suckered in. I went back and clicked on “About” and was the brunt of the joke. Too bad it’s some guy running for office.


      1. everyone “running for office” is a Joke

        I dont vote , but if i did .. Id rather vote for the ham sandwich i had yesterday

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