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Chaos In Detroit: Undercover Cops Battle Each Other In Sting Operation Gone Wrong

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

This weekend, a big “embarrassment” is festering inside the Detroit Police Department after undercover units from two separate police precincts exchange blows during a sting operation gone wrong.

Fox2 says it all started when two special operations officers from the 12th Precinct were posing as drug dealers to entrap city residents in a ‘push off’.

The officers were working in Andover on Detroit’s east side, known for high drug activity. 

As officers from the 12th Precinct pretended to be dope dealers, two special operations officers from 11th precinct showed up pretending to be customers. As the deal went bad, the 11th precinct officers ordered the 12th Precinct officers to the ground not knowing that they were fellow colleagues.

That is when all hell broke out and we’ll let Fox2 describe what happened next:

FOX 2 is told the rest of the special ops team from the 12th Precinct showed up, and officers began raiding the drug house in the 19300 block of Andover. But instead of fighting crime, officers from both precincts began fighting with each other.

Sources say guns were drawn and punches were thrown while the homeowner stood and watched. The department’s top cops were notified along with Internal Affairs. One officer was taken to the hospital.

Taryn Asher, Fox2 Anchor/Reporter in Detroit, shares her story of what went wrong…

In a rare incident of ‘blue on blue violence’– this is something that is rarely discussed nevertheless happens. Each officer is now under investigation- as the top brass of the police department and internal affairs have now started their investigations. Nevertheless, top brass of the Detroit Police Department declined to comment and said more details next week.

Bottomline: The story is still developing and we suspect this incident could gain more attention when the ‘reported body-cam footage’ is released.


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7 Responses to Chaos In Detroit: Undercover Cops Battle Each Other In Sting Operation Gone Wrong

  1. H D says:

    This is too funny just can’t make shit up like this

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Pig eat pig world , keep it up.. maybe you’ll leave us alone for a day

    “internal investigation” LOL LOL LOL riiight

    the person who watched lost an opportunity of a life time

    nothing like their entrapment game to backfire

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t start shooting each other.

  4. IAmLonefrog says:

    It looks as if Neverland has spilled into our reality. “Grown men and women” fritting away their lives. Literally sniffing each others asses and they had no idea. I imagine right now that nothing but finger pointing is going on when they ALL should be hanging their heads in shame. A “lost boy” even ended up in the hospital, now that’s sad.

    Didn’t even have to leave the neighborhood for this particular story. Imagine the goings on in our glorious capitol.

  5. Ed Teach says:

    Locked the people up and now they are going after the real criminals.

    Hope they all would self destruct

  6. NC says:

    Bahahahaha!! ROLMFAO!!

    And I thought our world of idiocracy couldn’t get any more idiotic. This truly takes the cake.

  7. NC says:

    The footage will never see the light of day or will mysteriously be erased or they will say that the camera malfunctioned during the dispute. So don’t get your hopes up.

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