Charles on the Rat Race (Truth Hertz)

Published on Dec 30, 2018

I tried to blur what this individual (not Charles Giuliani) has written in the video but it did not work and I did not have the time to re-record Charles’ entire speech. There is another video on the same topic where she promotes her book stating that she wants to get rich. If she will steal more of his videos in order to make money off of Charles’ work, I will let him know but for now, this is what I am doing to counteract what she has done so far. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Charles on the Rat Race (Truth Hertz)

  1. Charles is going further and further. Only listened to half but he said some fearless things. Hope he’s on-board with Bill of Rights.

    Have noticed in the last few months more voices out there wiling to speak of Jewish power and its infringement on our rights and theft of what’s rightfully ours. It’s like a door is opening. Mary’s CD’s must be havin’ an impact.



  2. Does anyone know if he’s still broadcasting? He’s so spot on! A kindred spirit to Henry, I will say.

    I sent what I think is his email and asked him to call into TWFTT.

  3. I like what he said PhD stood for: Paralyzed from the Head Down. Ha!! Can’t tell you how many I met that were dumber than dirt. It was shocking. But boy could they memorize and regurgitate. Well, maybe not all of ’em, but many… well-paid for compliance.


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