6 thoughts on “Charlottesville: Stunt Vehicle Used

  1. Vinyl stripes are a popular add on. Easy to apply. The silver around the lights is actually the light assembly housing. That’s what it looks like when the cheap dodge fascia panel is removed. Neither car has a sunroof. Not sure how people are coming up with the sunroof idea. That thing on the ground is called a splitter, and appears to be hung up in wires that went to running lights. License tags are issued in a consecutive stack. Apparently mommy bought his tag. The only thing remotely questionable is why did the car run after the collision? Cars since the 90’s have an ignition delay after air bags activated.

    1. The car filmed impacting people did not have stripes, the car at the arrest location did, check for yourself. Susan Bro mother of Heather Heyer must have a twin at Sandy Hook and she is stone cold, unable to cry about her daughters passing.

        1. I’ll take a look, no doubt the theater shooting was staged, the crisis actors terrible acting and lack of real emotion is obvious, most of them are acting like they are trying to contain their glee (well paid I assume).

  2. The presence of the smiling tattooed fat lady in 2 different color shirts moments after the “collision” is enough to poo poo this event. Add in everything else that doesn’t add up and it’s a no brainer.

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