One thought on “Charlottesville Victim’s Mother: I Want Her Death to be ‘a Rallying Cry for Justice’

  1. Kiss my ass lady. Your daughter wanted to be a wise ass and cavort with masked terrorists? She got a taste.
    No, I don’t stand up for the anti psychotic addled car driver (whether he was a dupe or it was a f/f) who hit her.
    You want to hate everyone not a minority or queer, spew your anti white racism, deconstruct our nation, think with your ass instead of fairness and reason, as well as advance the agenda your controllers put us into? Well, others play that game too. Other nuts like those your daughter supported, only maybe with opposite views. All that most participants in the rally wanted was a peaceful platform from which they could speak their side. There would have been zero destruction or loss of life if the city didn’t collude with far left terrorists, first of all allowing masked, armed terrorists to amass, secondly, forcing white nationalists into a deranged crowd of leftist terrorists.
    Maybe your daughter shouldve stayed home and watched Oprah if the bitch is still alive or on Talmudvision.

    I agree with THIS lady. Maybe she’s been a bit of a Trump pump. But she’s on the right path.

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