6 thoughts on “Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama

  1. Thank you Dorothy great story. Mr. Marine, you risked it all on a lie you believed to be true and now you are risking the Wellfare of you and yours to tell that fraud in the Whitehouse that One Marine’s anger is fealt in the heart and Souls of our Country Men. Mr.Marine always know that we will stand with you through the great battle that is on the Horizon. Thank you for your service Marine, it was not in Vain! Godbless you and your Family.

  2. I’m glad this marine likes calling himself a “citizen”, I guess he likes being labeled as property. He can post all the videos he wants, that isn’t going to bring about any change. He doesn’t even acknowledge that Barry Soetoro isn’t even an American, nor does he realize that we have no government, only an enemy force in occupation.

      1. I have nothing personal against this marine, all I am saying is that he doesn’t have the full picture. Am I glad he is standing up to the corruption? Sure! I just don’t believe that posting a video on YouTube is going to change anything. Petitions do nothing, videos do nothing because we do not have a government by, for and of the people anymore. We have an enemy force in occupation ruling this country with an illegal posing as President.

  3. This Marine is a true American Hero and is correct that we will rise as one when the time is right.
    We are also here for you,just say the word.

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