Check-Mate – Billionaires Get Kinged By The People

We The People are just too big of a force to reckon with. Simple as that. So far, nothing but uprisings, contempt and fight back are what is in store for the communists within our country. American Nationals have just begun to fight, more and more every day.

Worldwide, subjugated human beings are watching the strongest army on the planet turn this communist agenda into a mix master cornucopia of fight back.

The kind of fight that soon will become a 250 MPH headwind of ugliness; the bastards who brought this on are going to understand the power that comes when threatened with communist agendas.

It just goes to show you the power of mammon when used for evil intent, a billion dollars goes a long way, even today when used for the dirty deed.

What the communist scourge doesn’t, and never will understand, is what happens when you mess with the American National.

Fox News and all of its propaganda puppetry will understand soon that only the might of freedom is the order of the day. To Bill Gates and his pornographic friends, feel around your necks, because your little 15 inch ass hat stick is going to get chapped by the power of hemp, count on it.

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