Check out this ’100 year old’ test for Kentucky 8th grade students

Classroom 1900sIntellectual Froglegs – by JoeDanMedia

So, do you believe American children are smarter than their counterparts in 1912?  And forget about computers—most of these kids didn’t even have electricity.

The following Eighth Grade Exam is from the Bullitt County (KY) Schools in 1912.  Note that there are several typesetting mistakes on the test including a mistake in the spelling list. The word “eneeavor” should be “endeavor.”  

No Googling!  Begin…..NOW.

BULLITTcschoolexam1912sm (1)

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3 thoughts on “Check out this ’100 year old’ test for Kentucky 8th grade students

    But I can, also make my own test you can not pass.

    While I get the point that psychopathic dummies are now in control, I am not sure what’s the point of saying we all suck and grinding that down.. When the LOGIC after all is said and done, is the logic of the psychopathic dummy.

  2. 1848 WAR OF MEXICO… this is a game of memorizing numbers.
    How many FEET in a mile and I be happy to calculate the stuff you ask.
    Aren’t we still arguing?

    Seriously, I think this test has some hella valid points about people huffing paint not able to mathematically make change at the MCBurgerQueen

    The failure is the reality we now are in.

    Let’s talk AND, OR, NOT You know basic first level logic.
    These tests do not cover LOGIC. Which is why people can’t understand SPYING….

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