Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?

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You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.

It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. Len Horowitz. His opinion is not based on conspiracy theory but on conspiracy fact.  

Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. A university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick.

The mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection that doesn’t quite seem like a virus. They are reporting that it’s a “mystery” flu and that the flu vaccines are ineffective against it.

“That’s all hogwash, bogus nonsense”, says Dr. Leonard Horowitz. “The fact of the matter is, we have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999. People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.

If it was a really bacterial or a viral infection, it would have caused a fever but it didn’t  It lasts for weeks, if not months. Sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People have been feeling “off”. 

The Armed Forces Research Institute of Pathology has registered a patent for the pathogenic micoplasma that is causing the epidemic. You can see the patent report in the book, Healing Codes for the Biblical Apocalypse.

Micoplasma is not really a fungus, it’s not really a bacteria, it’s not really a virus. It has no cell wall. It goes deep into the cell nuclei thereby making it very difficult to mount an immune response against it. It’s a man-made biological weapon.The patent report explains how it causes chronic upper respiratory infections that are virtually identical to what’s going on right now.”


“I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure. The immune dysfunction allows people to become susceptible to opportunistic infections, such as this micoplasma and other opportunistic infections”, says Dr. Horowitz.

“I first began to investigate chemtrails when some were sprayed over my home in Northern Idaho. I took pictures of them, and then contacted the Environmental Protection Agency of the state who were clueless and referred me to the Air Force. They got me in touch with Centers for Disease Control Toxicology, and after about a week I received a letter from one of their chief toxicologists saying, indeed there was some amount of ethylene dibromide in the jet fuel.

Ethylene dibromide is a known human chemical carcinogen that was removed from unleaded gasoline because of its cancer-causing effects. Now suddenly it has appeared in the jet fuel that high-altitude military aircraft are emitting!”

Ethylene dibromide is coming out of the jet fuels that is causing immune suppression and weakening people’s immune system. Then you’ve got a micoplasma microbe or a fungus that causes an upper respiratory illness. Suddenly you develop a secondary bacterial infection. Now you get hit with ANTIBIOTICS, and the antibiotics cause your body chemistry to go acidic, so now you get rashes and other things, your liver gets full of toxins and comes out through your skin in rashes and they get hyperallergenic reactions associated with the other chemicals. I’ve got colleagues in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Toronto, British Columbia all reporting the same bizarre seeding of the atmosphere. What is going on is just despicable.

All of a sudden now you’ve got human beings completely out of balance and infected by two, three or four microbial co-factors as well as intoxicated by a variety of different chemicals… and you’ve got somebody who’s going to be chronically ill.


“The Frank Church Congressional Hearings of 1975 exposed the Central Intelligence Agency biological weapons contracting firms – Litton Bionetics and the Army Corp of Engineers who were developing and utilizing various biological weapons on populations. And this is all done under black operations, covert operations, where they get funding and congressional people are never informed really where this money is going. It’s the black budget”, says Horowitz.

“And in the contemporary warfare arena, where experts in biological chemical warfare convene and discuss the ways that are ideal to conduct warfare today, to really take an enemy out, you don’t want to kill the people. You want to produce people who are chronically illand become dependant on the state and totally sap the resources of the country. And then you can move in with your military-medical-industrial complex and your international medical-pharmaceutical cartel. Then you sell these defeated countries all of the pharmaceuticals and chemicals that they need to maintain any semblance of healthy function.

They’re completely depleted. They can’t put together a military. You create a dependence and thereby you weaken the population, and weakened populations are easy to control. So you’ve got population control, and you make vast fortunes doing it, versus just blowing up a nuclear weapon and devastating the infrastructure that you own. You and your colleagues own that infrastructure. You want to get rid of the people. You don’t want to get rid of infrastructure”


“What I’m relating to you now is not speculation. If you were to read the top experts analysis of military warfare, including The Report From Iron Mountain – the Rockefeller family is one of the major players in this conspiracy. They are one of the major players in world genocide, world population reduction. That’s no mystery anymore.

When you examine who owns the chemtrail fuel, who are the fuel company directors, suddenly you enter into the realm of the Rockefeller family and the royal families – Standard Oil and British Petroleum. And what are their other agendas? Suddenly now you see their documents, showing that they have funded, historically, eugenics, racial hygiene, genocide, depopulation, family planning, maternal and child health – where they make and deliver vaccines, and contaminated blood supplies. These are the banksters, the same people who run the blood banking as well as the money banking industries”, says Dr. Horowitz.

“I reference a great book by Dr. John Coleman, who worked as a British Secret Service agent at the highest levels. And he articulated very clearly who was running those companies. It all goes back, ultimately, to the highest level of the royal family. The Bush family, Rothschild family, the Rockefeller money, and the entire Rockefeller establishment is based on Rothschild money and royal families.

If you can’t explain it rationally or any other way, I think you’ve got to begin to consider conspiracy theories and eliminate the negative label that you’ve placed on conspiracy theories which have been demonized along with wholistic medicine.”


The ruling crime families are making vast fortunes off of humanity’s suffering. The Rockefellers monopolized American medicine in the 1920s. They, along with I.G. Farben, Germany’s leading industrial organization, held the monopoly on the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Rockefellers and I.G. Farben worked together before World War II and during World War II. For all practical purposes, the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben were the Third Reich.

Who else is involved? The Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Their president, George W. Merck, was America’s biological weapons industry director during World War II. He was personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stimson.

The Nazis planned for the New World Order. They even had a term for it – “neue Ordnung,” which means New Order, New World Order. This today, this New World Order, is the rise of the Fourth Reich. This is precisely what they envisioned and then carried out on a global scale. The goal of the Fourth Reich is population control and genocide.

99.99 percent of Masons have no clue what they’re really up to at the highest levels. they give you increased knowledge at every higher degree of Freemasonry. When you get beyond the 33rd degree, you get the highest indoctrination into what’s called the Ancient Arcana, the ancient sacred knowledge described in the book Healing Codes of the Biblical Apocalypse. That’s where the devil-doers who are running this planet are nesting.

How does a person become that high in the Masonic organization? Through bloodlines. You’ve got to be major royalty, major royalty, ideally a descendent or you’ve got to be somebody who is very close to the royalty, the major bloodlines.


Who are they targeting for genocide? If there’s an attempt underway to reduce the population of the planet, why isn’t it happening?

“Look at countries like those in Africa, Third World nations that have been heavily targeted with HIV/AIDS. And consider that 73 percent of HIV/AIDS patients in America today are Black or Hispanic. Statistically, 55 percent of gay men in America are already dead. Are you seeing depopulation specifically targeting minority groups now? Of course. It’s happening right now.

They don’t want to totally eliminate populations completely, just certain populations. And isn’t it, from their perspective, wonderful? They’ve got a covert depopulation agenda that nobody’s picked up on yet. It’s ideally what they want to produce.

It’s not just about the money. I think there’s a Satanic or evil ideology, because Nixon himself said, referring to the Rockefellers, – it’s not about money for these people, it’s about power.


At the end of the Monopoly game, what do you do? One person wins, they own all of the real estate, they own all of the assets, they’ve wiped all the other players out and the game is over. You can out the game away in your closet. But you don’t do that on planet earth.

The person who wins at the end of this World Monopoly Game gets to rearrange the board. And that’s precisely what we’ve seen in the last year. You’ve seen not the biggest fish eating the biggest fish in international commerce, you have seen the mega-whales eating the mega-whales in these mega-mergers. All these little companies that are producing your vitamins are a subsidiary of a major conglomerate. Today a Warner Lambert or Glaxo Wellcom, all of these huge, huge corporations own all the little fish. They buy them out. So, again, now the game board gets to be changed if they desire, and apparently that’s what they desire. That’s their agenda, you can see it.

At the Denver Airport, there’s a capstone, in the main terminal building dedicated to the New World Airport Commission by the Freemasons. And there’s a big colorful mural – that is dedicated to the extinct human species. And in the foreground, against the horrific backdrop of flames and destruction, there are three open coffins.


STEP ONE: Detoxification.

Because we’ve all been fed Babylon’s harvest and eaten the toxic garbage that comes from Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Archer Daniel and all their genetically engineered foods and the chemicals and the fluorides and the chlorine’s  we need to detox. An easy detoxification program using fresh squeezed lemonade that you make with maple syrup and fresh squeezed lemons and cayenne pepper.

STEP TWO: Deacidification

To change your body’s chemistry, make it more alkaline. It’s only in the acid state that the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, and cancer, cancer cells thrive. They cannot grow in an alkaline environment. What causes your body chemistry to go acidic and become a breeding ground for the bacterial and infectious agents? Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, red meats, stress – are the main causes. Eliminate or reduce them as much as possible.

Squeeze lemon juice into water. Lemon has a lot of calcium in it and it turns to calcium hydroxide in drinking water. That’s alkalising. It raises the PH of that water from about 7 to about 8. Hot cayenne pepper is one of the most alkalising agents you can put in your body. It detoxifies and deacidifies all in one step.

STEP  THREE: Oxygenation

The Rockefeller-directed international banksters, blood banksters and medical monopolists have been busy suppressing your immune system. You want to raise your blood oxygen levels


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42 thoughts on “Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?

  1. Have been sick like it describes in the symptoms in this article for over a month now. comes and goes. Henry, and John, you guys talked about these symptoms yesterday. Getting really annoying. Any one out there know how to combat this stuff other than what is mentioned in the above article?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yeah,.. actually, I have had this now for close to a month also,.. and that is NO co-incidence!

      I can tell the difference between being sick (from some germ), as compared to be sick from some type of chemical induction.

      The symptoms described in the article are EXACTLY what I have been experiencing, no question about it.

      As to what to do,.. well,… there are really only 3 overall strategies:

      1) No Exposure:

      – Remove yourself from the enviroment of exposure. (The best/most preferred method, but not always exercisable)

      2) Moderate Exposure

      – Utilize tactics that minimize your exposure to the pathogens. (How do you reduce your need to breath??,.. staying indoors when overhead spraying is occuring is probably helpful, except from the time the spray is released in the upper atmosphere, until it drifts down to you for ingestion can be several hours, or even 20-30 hours after the fact!,.. There is no way to avoid that on a practical basis except get out of that enviroment)

      3) Counter Act:

      – Utilize A Counter-Agent: This means you have ingested some concentration of the pathogens, and are now seeking to ingest something else to help block or moderate the effects of the pathogens!

      I have always eaten lemons, or drink hot water with fresh lemon or lime slices in it.

      Does that help?? I don’t really know, but I do it almost everyday just because I do NOT drink soda or tea or alcohol, etc, but want something in my water to flavor it a little, so I have been putting a quarter slice of lime in my hot water, let it sit for a few minutes, which helps release some of the oils from the lime skin (I wash it off, and put a few slices in the skin with a knife to help the release of the natural oils), squeeze it in,… and voila,… just as Dr. Horowitz had kind of suggested as one of the actions you can undertake to change your acidity.

      I don’t know if this helps at all, but there is really no way to counter act these Chem-Trail Pathogens, except to stop them, or move to some place in the world where they are not being released (strategy #1).

      Just another reason to arrest these commie/bolsheviks/zionist-jews and restore the Republic!

      Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that, but some problems do not have easy solutions,.. this is just one of them.

      JD – US Marines – Yes,.. the best solution,.. is to simply restore the Republic, arrest, and hang all the scumbags behind this!!


      1. When outside, you might wear a disposable respirator mask. The surgical doctors is better than nothing. I recommend getting the N95 Dist Mask impregnated with carbon which you can get in most hardware stores. I’m pretty sure the spray particles are smaller than 2 microns so I would try to find a source for the harder to get N100 sometimes referred to FFP3. This is likely the best that is commonly available.

    2. Vitamin C also works, Paul. I’ve had this crud the past week, and the first day I didn’t reach vitamin C tolerance until I got to 12 grams (normally I need less than half a gram a day). I’m on the mend now, and other than some continuing tiredness, I’m 1000% better.

      This upper respiratory crud, plus “stomach flu”, and now influenza A are running rampant throughout nursing homes.

      Karma does come around eventually, and the scumbags are really in for it; we just need to “acquire” their assets, all of them, before they croak, so we can rebuild this nation once they’re tossed over the cliffs.

    3. FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH!!!!!!! My respiratory problems were cleared up in two weeks — after only 3 days, had a heavy duty runny nose, and found dozens of srange looking fibers in the tissue (at first blood red, then eventually clear). No more congestion after a couple of weeks. Gets rid of the fatigue also (maybe because it gets rid of the invaders???). Google “food grade diatomaceous earth testimonials” to see all the conditions it alleviates. MUST be FOOD GRADE, not swimming pool grade — two different compositions! Just take 1 tbsp in juice, water, or smoothie daily. Then have several boxes of tissues ready. Here’s to regaining our health, people!

      1. Good call on the DE, also clays (eating them) will do a mean detox. I would do at least the Zeolite and the Bentonite. The Zeolite will encapsulate heavy metals and toxins and carry them out with the waste. The Bentonite acts as a huge magnet with over a football field of surface area for every half teaspoon to attract positive toxins and metals. Don’t forget the ProBiotics.

    4. I have found snort baking soda clears up the nasal breathing considerably. Do not keep doing it, only once every few months or so only as needed, it contains small amount of Aluminum for caking purposes. Also the use of Chlorphen tabs, avail. OTC. Relieves sinus pressure. The energy needed to get the blood flowing (oxygenate blood) is Potassium, Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc, CoQ-10, Selenium, B6/B12, Vit C, supplements.
      I find these to be the best In getting me off my ass and get going.
      Give up on SODA – use water and lemon.
      Give up on Fructose Syrup of any kind, do not use artificial sweeteners. Avoid milk chocolate dark choc only. Do not eat food that has added sugar. Got sweet tooth, use honey.

    5. Don’t forget the Detox Mix that Mark K. advises:

      Recipe for DeTox Mix

      1 tsp. Mixed into 4 oz. Tomato or vegetable juice. One or two times a day for maintenance. Acute take every 2 hours for the first 24 hours, then three times a day, as needed. Do Not exceed the tolerance of your body! Note; take a non-dairy Acidophilus for thirty days.

      1 cup Curry Powder
 1 lb. Fresh Jalapeno/(or if preferred) Habenaro
      Peppers minced fine.
      3 cups 80,000 BTU Cayenne Pepper.
      3-head garlic, fresh minced fine.
      1 cup Red Hot Pepper seeds.
      2 cups Myrrh Gum Powder- Dissolved.
      2 gallons Brandy (Vodka will work as well – it
      must be at least 80 proof)
 ½ gallon (2 bottles) Water OZ silver mineral
      ¼ cup Celtic Salt (Sea salt was recommended by
      a local health food store for a substitute.)
      Stir myrhh gum powder into vodka first, then stir in other ingredients. Cover, and marinate 14 days, turning/stirring daily. 
Yields 3 gallons.
      As with all Home remedies the quality of the end product is the sum of the quality of the ingredients you use. Try to get the best quality ingredient for the best results. The results may vary from person to person and from batch to batch.
      The silver is photo-sensitive, so it is best to keep the tincture in a dark area, preferably store it in light blocking glass bottles.

      I think the 1 tsp dosage is a bit weak, especially for a larger man or woman. I use 1 tbsp for the maintenance and 2 tbsp for the acute treatment. We made a 3 gallon batch 3 years ago, and are just getting to the point where we will need to make another. We used a 3 1/2 gallon food-grade pail with lid. If you are a smaller family, or just 1 person, make a 1/2 batch. Mark takes it straight, (ugh!) but I prefer mixing it in tomato juice. This will especially help with the mucous issue – it breaks up everything, and enables you to hack it out. And please, hack it OUT – do not re-ingest the toxins your body is trying to get rid of. Get a handkerchief if you are in “polite” company, or leave the room to expectorate.

      Also, I highly recommend the Water Oz “nano silver” by itself, or in conjunction with the Detox Mix for an alternative to antibiotics. It can be used intra-nasally for sinus infections, sublingually to get immediate bloodstream assimilation, or ingested for a gastric assimilation. I have also used it intra-ocularly (drops in the eyes) to address eye infections.

    6. Building up your immune system is a must.(They) by spraying pathogens+ = is breaking your immunity down.So to start just as the comments below is de-tox. i would definitely get your PH up.Apple cider vinegar works well ,I’m not really saying anything different but wanted to give you a web site.It is can check it out,i thought it was a little pricy but the inventor is in Federal prison for giving out his discovering ozone therapy,mixed with other things,especially the metals we do need in our bodies.On Veterans today radio 01/27/15 with Stew Web,he had the inventor on the phone,its around an hour long ,well worth your time to listen.I myself learned about collodial silver,start up costs are around $50.00,most of the cost was in the silver rods,but then there are the Large alligator clips etc.They have videos on you tube on how to make and it is effective and very cheap,i use a table spoon a day,under the tongue is the most effective. It has been proven by the USGOV( someone uncovered) the study that coll silver kills and removes 365,000 known pathogens&viruses.Dirt cheap too.I hope i helped someone out today,peace ,CW

    1. OOPS! This comment was was meant to be a reply to Paul’s 6:21pm comment. My Bad.
      Other than JD @ 7:15 pm, it is the best I can offer you Paul.

  2. Also, the reason they want our DNA so desperately, is because they are genetically creating diseases to murder certain people. So that one particular “vaccine,” or whatever, can be given to the masses, but it will only affect/kill a specific type of people. I’m sure “they” all have the same genetic code, so, all of “their” people won’t be affected when they target the rest of us. They won’t target all of us at once…group by group. Until they have us down to a controllable size. Like Zbigniew Brzezinski said, “To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.” Who is he, you may ask? Former U.S. National Security Advisor and Co-Founder of the Trilateral Commission.
    All of the movers and shakers of this world have spoken of the “masses” in similar ways…pay attention…they make the laws and policies that we have to live by…and with. Or die by. Sick.

    1. We will never know the numbers, but they are hitting large groups now old and in poor health, they are also testing and growing their balls for the real poison thats coming soon!

  3. In the old days, Noah was used to get rid of the fallen angel/satanic DNA…Satan learned, and can not do what Jesus did with a flood, so is
    doing it thru DNA just as j.g. mentioned…..But we can conquer all things thru Christ..I want to add to my comment about collodial silver…Keep close to Jesus…I think I am giving the best advice here…

    1. Great advice…Jesus rebuked the leaders of his day for “taking away the key of knowledge.” GOD said, “My people die for lack of knowledge.” If people would actually read the Bible, the truth really is in there. The very things they are doing to us today…has always been done. Different methods, maybe. Just look at Leviticus 19:19, GOD says not to let cattle gender with a diverse kind, and not to sow fields with mingled seed. Sounds like GMOs to me. But you won’t here that in the sermons of today. There’s a lot you won’t here about in the Bible in mainstream churches except give more money to the church.
      Also, as for disease, before they can kill us off with a disease, they have to break down our immune system…i.e., chemtrails, toxic food/water, gmo foods, medication, etc. I’ve studied health/nutrition and if your body is nutritiously balanced, IT CAN NOT GET SICK!!!!! It will have the right ph from a balanced nutrition. However, all those things mentioned above leach nutrients from our body. Especially pharmaceuticals and preservatives. AND, most diseases are caused by a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. Look at scurvy and pellagra…etc. They didn’t just find all this out in the last couple of centuries. They’ve had thousands of years of study on this…and study, they have. Remember Leviticus 19:19. Now, think about the plagues of the middle ages and such…there were a lot of malnourished people before the plagues wiped them out. Yet, the wealthy rulers didn’t get sick…they had all the nutritious food.
      They have been draining our reservoirs, and those chemtrails serve more than one purpose…they deflect sunlight, modify weather causing droughts/heavy rainfall, burns/kills foliage, poisons the ground and water supplies, as well as us. There’s a verse in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14…but there are two caveats…if we pray and turn from our wicked ways, HE will heal our land.
      Remember when this nations was full of GOD fearing Christians? Until the i.r.s. forced the churches to incorporate, and then the churches were subject to the state…not GOD. They regulated what they could teach and forbid them to be politically active. Now, this happened back in the middle of last century…just look what has happened since the 1960s and the churches couldn’t do anything about it. Up until that time, it was the churches that kept this country moral. And for the sake of “public opinion,” politician had to at least make a show of being a Christian. Now look at ’em.

  4. it amazes me how small and stupid i am and yet so how many beautiful
    the folks their are that i meet as i live my recluse and twisted life that not only like me but actually love me and respect me! JR. Cathleen, Nottlittle, NC, & all…etc above all U Hendry…………………… I am 1 of the 1 behind the scene who I promise is there even when u may think not!

    boy… we go our work cut out!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve had most of these symptoms on and off for months now. I tell my hubby that I must be allergic to him. LOL

    On the serious side, I’ve taken colodial silver, vitimans c and d. Some days are okay, but most are met with constant sneezing fits, congestion, and runny nose, not to mention an itchy throat that seems to never go away. I’ve been up super early on a daily basis due to these symptoms. So now I’m sleep deprived! This spraying has to stop, it’s criminal! I will never seek out help from a doctor or take any kind of big pharma remedy. I’m going to make a batch of MK’s detox and see if that knocks this chem-flu crap to the curb.

  6. I’m making another batch of RSO today. Powerful stuff. What everybody needs is homeostasis and you can find that with hemp seeds, natures perfect food, the Bible calls hemp “the meat”. Marijuana may be the Prince of Peace but Cannabis Hemp was the God of war and was a military secret. No war was ever waged without hemp, hemp made the bow strings, fed the army, made the clothes, the oils. The secret of hemp was as well guarded a secret as any of our secrets today. We were never hunter gatherers, we lived on hemp for all time and developed a endocannabinoid system that needs to be fed. Abraham after winning his battles gave 10% to a mysterious Priest known as Melchizedek. Melchizedek was the hemp. The credit for the battle being won was the hemp. The hemp even beats free energy, it’s energy, jobs, oxygen, paper, food, etc… all the while healing the soil! There were two trees in the Garden. One was the tree of good and evil the other one was the tree of life. Hemp was that “tree”. Even more research uncovers hemp as the primary foodstuffs responsible for the extremely long life spans of old, known as “everlasting life”. Lot’s more…..

  7. Talk about an American sniper – man we need a big group of them to hunt these murdering psychopaths down and send them back to hell

  8. Hi Chris I agree on the hemp. Would sure like more info on it. Jesus is the great healer, but we need know and use what he supplied us with.

  9. I know a guy in LA that is constantly worried about keeping his body alkaline. He has spent thousands on a water filtration system that makes his drinking water alkaline. And he has an air filtration machine that puts ozone throughout the house. I don’t think the ozone is good for the lungs but perhaps it gets more oxygen into the body.

  10. Unfortunately, “THEY” can/will/have/do also use SCALAR WEAPONRY to accomplish the same biological effects & much, much more!

  11. This is what I did: 1. use distilled water and NeilMed sinus rinse. 2. Organic herb teas (throat coat and echinacea w/ lemon and honey) mixed with cayenne pepper. 3. small doses of cinnamon, including Fireball whiskey. 4. no dairy products. 5. Pom Wonderful and/or cranberry juices. 6. Spit the stuff up as much as possible. Wash hands often.

    At first I thought it was a cold I caught, but I knew chemtrails had a lot to do with it! Thanks for posting this!

  12. Colloidal Silver and Baking Soda will address most of these issues.

    Colloidal Silver has been known to kill up to 650 different viruses bacterial infection and toxic pathogens entering our bodies. One tablespoon of Colloidal Silver contains as many particles of silver as you have cells in your body….75-100 Trillion. The trick in taking CS is to ALWAYS hold liquid in mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing. 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda, Bob’s Red Mill, if possible stirred into 8Oz. water and consumed in morning will help your gradually change you system from being acidic to somewhat alkaline. As we age, we need to stay in the alkaline range. The other sources suggested in these responses are well worth taking into consideration. One last ingredient one should incorporate into their daily intake is coconut oil. Look all this crap up, it all has beneficial effects. Try coffee enemas also. Get off all sugars and white bread and now days you might even want to check the ingredients in wheat bread or make your own. Use Stevia as a sugar substitute. We humans are also, the only animal on this planet that continues to drink milk after we are weaned. Hope this information may make you want to research some of the items mentioned in these posts and help a whole lot of people finally come out of “Their COMFORT ZONES”

  13. i am so honored… to all! blessed be us tho we be silent steel of the
    nite! Quite in the dark but quick in the nite! Who all…………………..

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