Chemtrail photos early / late Saturday.

chem 032115 1With an offshore system ready to make landfall Sunday this was really no surprise when I went out to walk one the dogs. Satellite pics show the CA Central Valley, the ‘bread basket’ of the West completely void of any aspects of the off shore system today, as usual.

Here are some pics taken a few hours apart Saturday 03/21/2015 from Carson City, Nevada:  

About 11:50 PST

chem 032115 2 chem 032115 5 chem 032115 4chem 032115 3

About 3 hours later, note the total haze:

chem 032115 b3 chem 032115 b4

Posted a series of pics from the same spot 03/25/2014 – can look at the Authors/Contacts link at the top of FTT for those – yeah, the ones with the pentagrams.

Enjoy your chem filled day!

– Cynicles

9 thoughts on “Chemtrail photos early / late Saturday.

  1. Carson City Nevada,

    Such a beautiful area, going to hell with the chemtrails. You should see the pathetic snow fall in Tahoe. Hardly any snow fall due to chemtrails. This whole region drying up like an unused chamois left in a bucket.

    1. Crazy times indeed.

      My son wanted to get more snowboard time in this year so he saved near all his funds and bought a Heavenly ski pass. Quite the accomplishment for an 8th grader.

      Average snowfall for that resort is about 350″ – season to date this year: 73″ – fortunate we were ‘allowed’ to pull in that much >:(

  2. -> Cynicles, Yes. I’ve been watching the Pacific Satellite here:

    For some time a ” blocking High ” has been manufactured, sending every incoming storm North to Alaska / BC. Chemtrails in conjunction with God know’s what, is behind the intentional droughting of Kalifornia and most of the west.

    Sad thing is, they’re pushing Fukushima into Alaska and BC, where my Sweetheart lives, and they get hammered in the Fraser Valley with Chemtrails Big Time.

    Thanks & good work, may God have mercy on us for letting this crap manifest . . .

    Mark Worsham

    For the record I’m in San Leandro – SF East Bay, and we are totally screwed for water.

    1. Absolutely concur with your conclusion[s].

      All the best to you & yours…in these entirely tyrannical farged up times we spectate [yes, including myself].

  3. I live in Northern California (Jefferson) and watched all day them laying down these billowing clouds of stuff that is NOT anything I know one might expect as condensation trails. I know what a CON-TRAIL is, and this is NOT a CON-TRAIL. I grew up around aeronautical technology and am a pilot myself.

    I also know the clouds coming in now are not going to dump their load on our thirsty valley let alone the mountains. Whatever they are doing it is killing the rain.

    One thing that might be fun is build a couple of Cozy, or Long EZ Burt Rutan type aircraft with a little Williams turbo fan. Might be fun to go up and say hello to these guys at least and take some good pictures to splash all over the media. That doesn’t work then take more active measures to stop them, such as follow them back to their bases. House calls can come later. It might be nice to make sure all the farmers ranchers and everyone who is being hurt by their activities shows up on their door step one day to settle accounts.

    What they are doing?

    NOT COOL!!!!!!

    1. What are ” they ” doing ? Depopulation !!! Weather manipulation is merely one aspect in my view. . . . Just peek at the Georgia Guide Stones, ” they’ve ” told us up front . . . . .

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