CHEMTRAILS: Swiss Gov’t and Swiss Media refuse to acknowledge their roles in the CHEMTRAIL depopulation agenda despite massive evidence

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Before It’s News – by Look up…Wake up

Hello all,

I am the author of “They are killing us with chemtrails in Switzerland” and I recently sent out an email to All Swiss Federal government officials, as well as to all the so-called “journalists” at our local newspaper, the Nouvelliste.  

This email was also sent simultaneously to some 3000 Swiss citizen/witnesses.

In this email, I accused both members of the Swiss government and the Swiss media of being complicit to the criminal and INTENTIONAL act of spraying heavy metal laden aerosols and other toxic concoctions from planes over the Swiss population, farm land and waterways, in a very obvious fashion and on a DAILY basis!



This email contained irrifutable evidence, dozens of photos, videos, whistleblower testimonies and links.

It also included the results of a rainwater analysis (below) I had done of our local rainwater, which showed a 30’000 ug/liter (38mg/l) concentration of aluminum instead of the accepted 50 ug/liter we should have seen. That is 700 times over normal limits!

Barium and strontium concentrations where also off the charts when, in fact, none should have been detected AT ALL!

Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases”

by the Board Certified Neurosurgeon, Dr Russell Blaylock

I then followed up by sending out a worldwide “call to arms” in a post I published on and picked up by, asking all “chemtrail truthers” to use the email addresses supplied of the Swiss government officials, to voice their disgust and demand an IMEDIATE HALT to all aerosol spraying over Switzerland as well as a TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION into the practice.

My thought was…”First we will rid Switzerland of chemtrails…then the World

I have since removed the “Call to arms” post from the net due to dismal response…

And what was the response of the Swiss government and their puppet media to my accusations, you might ask?

Simply nothing…no response.

Not a peep.

No denials, no interest in my rainwater results, no acknowledgement of any kind.


The Swiss government did however respond to a friend of mine who wrote them demanding answers: he was told the same old dis-info…that “there is nothing to worry about”…that “they are just water vapor condensation trials”… “altitude this”…”atmosphere that”…bla, bla, bla!

What broke my heart is that this friend chose to believe the BS rather than to accept the truth along with all it’s implications. He chose to believe the stale, old “official” government explanation over the mountains of evidence, over his better judgment, over his own eyes, over his own intellect, over our friendship.

MORE EVIDENCE of them killing us with CHEMTRAILS over Switzerland:

These are today’s chemtrail shots… Sunday morning, oct 5th 2014.

They started before I woke up…1st photos at at 7:30 am…and went on ALL DAY LONG!

The Swiss government would expect you to believe that this is normal airline traffic for a Sunday morning! They are either fools, blackmailed or paid off!

Either way, they are complicit in these crimes against the naive and trusting Swiss citizens and  against humanity!

2 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS: Swiss Gov’t and Swiss Media refuse to acknowledge their roles in the CHEMTRAIL depopulation agenda despite massive evidence

  1. All we need is for one of those guys filling the spray canisters to fill one up with LSD and all those pesky politicians will be crying like babies and screaming for the chemtrails to stop. Their eyes will open and suddenly they will see them! Everyone will look at the sky instead of their phone. Hey, bad disease calls for serious medicine. It could work??

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