Chicago E-Cigarette Ban: Major City Adds E-Cigs To Public Smoking Ban

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Get ready to take that habit outside, e-cigarette smokers.

The Chicago City Council on Wednesday moved to ban the smoking of e-cigarettes in most indoor public spaces — including restaurants and bars — in addition to anywhere within 15 feet of a building entrance, just as traditional cigarettes are regulated under the city’s existing indoor smoking ban.  

Only four aldermen voted in opposition to the e-cigarette ban, while 45 voted in favor of the proposal backed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Voting against the ban were Alds. Roderick Sawyer (6th), Rey Colon (35th), Nicholas Sposato (36th) and Brendan Rellly (42nd). Reilly was particularly vocal in his opposition to the proposal ahead of the vote.

On Monday, the City Council’s Health and Finance Committees voted overwhelmingly — 15-5 — in support of the proposal, which also requires e-cigarettes be sold only behind the counter at stores.

While critics of the ban say e-cigarettes are harmless to bystanders and argue the change will make it more difficult for smokers who use e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes, others in support of the ban say it will dissuade more people from picking up smoking in the first place.

New York City previously added e-cigarettes to their public smoking banlast month, while Los Angeles has also moved to regulate the battery-powered cigarettes and similar “vaping” devicesjust as they do traditional cigarettes. Just north of the city, Evanston passed a similar ordinance last year, NBC Chicago notes.

A new Illinois law that went into effect on Jan. 1 already bans the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

E-cigarette bans, meanwhile, have also been a topic of consideration for college campuses nationwide as of late and a group of U.S. senators has blasted the “glamorization” of smoking e-cigarettes during Sunday’s Golden Globes broadcast.

15 thoughts on “Chicago E-Cigarette Ban: Major City Adds E-Cigs To Public Smoking Ban

  1. You gotta understand how dangerous smoking is, whereas genitically altered foods, flouride, mercury in vaccines, radiation and wars are designed to eventually kill us. What am I missing here. Did the cigarette people piss off someone or are they not making enough money on taxing them? I am so confused.

    Did you know that not one independent study every revealed any danger in second hand smoke. Both my parents smoked, so did most of my aunts and uncles and I did too up until 2010 but I am 73 now and not a sign of cancer and my heart is fine (just had a echo cardiogram done last summer). There is a fish smell here and I think we know it.

  2. This is a perfect example of a liberal mindset. They deliberately initiate a knee-jerk reaction as if it was actually tobacco related smoking instead of water vapor that it is!
    Because it RESEMBLES smoking it ought to be banned, is their illogical rationale. Simple minds beget simple minded laws.

  3. A couple of years ago I read somewhere that smoking a small amount actually helps against breathing in toxins because the smoke coats the lungs and the toxins are not easily absorbed.

    1. yes cayenne64p I had a nurse tell me that smoking saved an asthmatic patient from sufficating during an attack, because smoking exercised the lungs which kept them strong enough to fight off an attack. Also the information i mentioned in my other post earlier eluded to the fact that lungs have a defensive reaction to smoke which coats the lung lining, which stops radioactive particles from entering the lung tissue, thus actually preventing cancer from occurring from inhaled particles. apparently this was backed up with tests on rodent experiments, and the government shut the studies down. hmmmmmmm.

      1. there is truth to this. I have an aunt with COPD/Emphysema, whom we almost lost 1 year ago this month. I got her to switch to the ego-t model e-cig, 1 year ago. Last month, I caught her smoking a Winston, and she claimed that without that occasional cig, it is much harder for her to cough her phlegm up, due to constricted airways.

        1. ya know Travis Claridge My mother had emphysema, and told me the same thing now that you mention it. I had forgotten all about that. thank you!!! 🙂

  4. ya know Susan….I have smoked all my life. i am now 69. I always wondered why gov. demonized tobacco. My aunt was a smoker and she lived till 95. my dad was the same way, lived till 95. I still do workouts etc. some of my non smoking friends are not near as healthy as i am, and some have died. since the msm and gov are propagandists, i tend to do the opposite of what they say. a friend is a heavy (organic) smoker, and is as healthy as i am, and older. i did some research 20 or so years ago on this subject and came up with information that was the opposite of what our medical people, msm, and gov. were saying. Have long since lost the source of that info. It had to do with covering up lung cancer causing agents from nuclear atmospheric testing done in the 60’s making tobacco the cause of lung cancer when the true culprit was radiation, and fallout. this information also spoke about the correlation of increased use of diesel powered engines with the increase of lung cancers through the years after diesel use inception, saying that one deep breath of diesel fuel exhaust loaded you up with a myriad of carcinogens. As you say there are a lot more substances out there that are much more dangerous than tobacco.

    1. Yep Paul, I do not think that it is so much the tobacco as much as it is all of those real nasty chemicals that they just have got to add to those cig.s for flavoring and also to make them burn up faster. Yes guys, those chemicals that they asdd to tobacco is just like freebaseing tobacco. Makes the tobacco even more addicting and cancerous. 🙁

      1. Hi Digger. your right. i don’t consume american cigs, as they DO have a lot of bad additives. A friend sends me some from europe every now and then. they have very few additives. also they are ultra light. lighter than any american products. Can/t handle regular cigs. too heavy.

        1. Have you tried Natives tobacco Paul. I have known some people that swear by Natives. I quit smoking about 12 or 13 yr.s ago and glad of it because of the costsof cig.s but I sure did like my tobacco though back then. 😎

          1. A friend smokes that. have been talking to him, getting pointers as to how to roll my own. About half price as I understand it.

  5. I think Chicago has a lot more serious issues to deal with than vapor cigarettes..come on many people are murdered each month in that city, but hold on we have those vapor cigarettes to address.
    This issue is the Big Cigarette Companies are losing big bucks to the new vapor brands. So if Mr. Joe has to take his vapor cig. outside, He might as well smoke the real thing..Big Cig Co,s thinking..

  6. This is just nuts. There is so much misinformation out there and misinformation about e-cigarettes. I smoked for YEARS and switched to electronics when I finally had grandkids. I haven’t touched a real cigarette since then.

    I think the best response I saw on the news last night was from a company called ProSmoke. Here is a clip I found on their site: A representative from ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes said “The decision to include electronic cigarettes with the indoor smoking ban was made prematurely and without significant research. This mistake will have a significantly negative affect on the economic growth of Chicago, similar to what occurred when the smoking ban was introduced in 2008. While the research and study of electronic cigarettes continue in the long term, many short term studies, such as the one from the Drexel School of Public Health, indicate results contrary to this new Chicago ban on E-Cigarettes.

    Since electronic cigarettes look and function similarly to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they falsely assume they are the same. They are not. This is as silly as banning water at a Chicago Park simply because it looks like Vodka. The “smoke” you see being released is actually just water vapor, not real smoke from burning tobacco. Since the smoking ban in 2008, The Regional Economist reported that Illinois loses over 200 million dollars in tax revenue from Casinos alone due to the smoking ban. Service industries, including casinos, bars, and restaurants, reported an average loss of 20-22% in revenue due to the smoking ban.

    In our current economy, this e-cigarette ban will significantly inhibit the economic growth of Chicago’s service industry and cause a loss in much needed tax revenue. It is important that Chicago politicians make educated and well researched decisions with both the health of our citizens AND the health of our local economy in mind. Unfortunately, it looks like this precautionary law was more of a knee-jerk reaction than an informed decision.” I just pulled this from on their site but originally saw in on the nightly news last night.

    1. Yes Debby. it’s hard to get at the TRUTH. especially from msm, doctors, attorneys, and politicians. the more you study the more confusing it is.

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