Chicago police chief: We’ll shoot licensed civilians with guns

Guns Save Lives

Chicago’s illustrious Police Chief, Superintendent or SuperNintendo (whichever you wish to call him) got on a local radio station in Chicago and told it like he perceives it.

He said that citizens licensed to carry could be, and indeed predicted they would be shot by Chicago Police Officers.

Like that happens in 49 other states (or 56 other states if you listen to Barack Obama).

Here’s the words from the Chicago’s Chief Street Light Asssassin, as reported by News in Black:

“I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

How is that different than police officers are now trained, Mr. Streetlight Assassin?

Here’s what Second City Cop, a blog by and for Chicago Police Officers thought of McCarthy’s remarks:

…Rahm and McShitForBrains continue to push their belief that Illinois residents in general and Chicago denizens in particular, are completely incompetent when it comes to gun ownership.  Let’s be real – how often do you think you’ll be running into an actual legally carrying citizen?  Those aren’t the people that the police usually encounter.  And if you aren’t treating every traffic stop as one where a gun might be on scene in any event, you’re not being the police.

And not to denigrate the Department, but we’ll bet a sizable percentage of Illinois citizens not only know guns better than the police, they can outshoot them 60-to-70% of the time, 99% of the time if we’re talking long guns.

Remember, McKillTheCitizens was documented to have been shooting out streetlights when he carried a gun in New York – is that really the sort of asshole who should be telling citizens they can’t have guns after a year of 500+ homicides, 2,500+ shootings and a January that is already 200% ahead of last years dismal showing?

76 thoughts on “Chicago police chief: We’ll shoot licensed civilians with guns

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This means cops have declared unrestricted war against Americans.

    Any questions?,….. no?,… good.

    JD – US Marines – How many Americans have to be killed by our treasonous gov’t before open warfare starts?

    1. Well, you put it dead nuts on, JD. This little man has declared WAR on the same people he supposedly took a Oath to “protect”. We figured one of the leaders would let their psychosis run their mouth, so now it’s out in the open.

      He just made every LEO & their families a TARGET. There are NO innocent by-standers in the declaration this little man has made.


      This is Julie, we spoke about 3 weeks ago. I do not have any way to get a hold of you. I must have deleted your email on accident and the phone number I have just rings. Please call me when able.
      (916) 517-8587

    3. Sir! While I have a GREAT deal of respect for you and what you have done for our country and freedom I need to point out that you are (hopefully) mistaken. This means that ONE cop says this. I have a ton of friends in law enforcement and I feel badly for them. They put their lives on the line for the safety of ours just like you have done and I’m sure you still would. And there are WAY too many over zealous cops that will kill your dog and wife if given the chance but the VERY large portion of law enforcement take a lot of risk to protect us and I think we should appreciate that fact. My cop friends are GLAD when they know I’m packing and they say it at every opportunity. You are right in a way and hopefully wrong in a bigger way. Let’s give most of them the benefit of the doubt until we know what each and every person will do. I personally wouldn’t want to take their place NOR yours in what you have done. I mean you NO disrespect and a ton of appreciation. I’m only pointing out what I hope to be the truth. And believe me, I’m COMPLETELY on your side if the need arises that we have to defend our country from enemies, foreign OR domestic. We now have more domestic then foreign and I believe that but try not to condemn ALL law enforcement, for the most part they are good people and fellow Americans. 🙂 Let’s make some attempt to be civil and not jump to conclusions because of ONE (or more) derranged police chief. He’ll get his karma in due time. Now LAWYERS are another story. I don’t know of a good one still (practicing). ALL of them are crooks from the bottom to the top. THEY ARE the enemyand THAT is what I believe.

      1. @ flybob
        Go to here:
        “Justified”: Uniformed Invaders Shoot a Man 16 Times in his Bed. It’s in the recent archives. Many years of experience as a law abiding citizen with only one real fault, The lack of ability to kiss a cop’s ass, has taught me that I have never met a good one.

        If you pin your trust on any one of them because he deigns to smile at you when you call him “sir” and fawn all over him, then you may be playing with fire.

        It would not be unbelievable that he could pump you for a lot of information.

        I think your cop friends may be happy when they know you are packing because they know who their next “patsy” is with their next “throwdown”.

      2. Flybob,you heard what the marine said,SO after they kill someone’s son or wife,IS that when your friends are going to take out the scum who will surely cause a war between the people and your friends ?? or are they going to wait till its to late to take action on rouge assholes who would love to start a war “YOU LOE’S WILL LOSE” I talk to cops all the time and they seem to think america will return to normal after being bombed and shot up to pieces and millions of americans killed by your friends,YOU better tell your friends to ask them selves how a war between government and the people will end,there will NEVER come a day when your friends won’t be hunted like wild animals,you boys might want to ask yourself if they want to play that game?????

        1. Man I hope that’s wrong. I hear ya though. The guys I run around with hunt and pack trip and are serious patriots. I could tell you some stories but I can’t betray them, they are still working in the field. But believe me, if the SHTF they will be on the side of the Constitution. Most are veterans and hate the thought of the direction we’re headed. Yeah I know you’re right about a lot of what you say but if you’re right in every way we’re in SERIOUS big trouble. Of course we are, but if LEO and the military side with the Constitution we’ll come through it and the criminals running the country will be sorry they even considered trying to take the country over. Only time will show that answer but I do know that if we are divided we stand about a snowballs chance in hell of getting our country back. Scary times are in front of us. We MUST stand together! Arm in arm. i’m peeing my damn pants but we have no choice. I’m afraid it’s about to get very ugly. It’s not good, that’s for sure. By the way, I live in Wyoming, not the big city. I sort of CAME from the city but we live in a different world than a lot of people being out west. ALL of my friends hunt and fish, even the ladies do. The cities are full of corruption and filth like this chicago chief of police. You’re probably a lot more safe in afghanistan than chicago. I feel very bad for the people in the big cities. REAL glad I don’t live there. By the way, I don’t live in a bubble, I live in a real world and I fear for my country and our freedom. But where I come from we have pretty decent people for law enforcement. Two of my buddies are former marines and believe me, they’ll DEFINITELY side with the Constitution. I hope that’s the majority.

      3. Hey Flybob, if you have so much respect for police officers, I dare you to go to the Round Rock, TX police department and talk to them in a civilized manner. The last time I tried to do that, I got tased for restraining an attacker in order to protect myself and my wife. I even had a witness inform and describe to them who was the good guy and bad guy on dispatch, while I firmly restrained my attacker, way before they got there. I showed no signs of hurting anyone or attempting to attack anyone after they told me to release my attacker when they arrived, yet they told me to get down on the ground and told me to shut up despite all of the witnesses yelling at them and saying I was the victim and yet they still TASED ME (which left a mark on me for a month) and put me in handcuffs and in a police car because they wanted to be the ones asking questions, rather than listening to my side of the story up front because THEY wanted to be the GESTAPO POLICE in charge. And YES they are the Gestapo police because anyone in Round Rock or Austin in general will tell you that the Round Rock police department CANNOT be reasoned with. That is their way. Austin is no better. For a domestic dispute, they had 6 policeman and 5 police cars come and handle a situation that was already well under control by me until they completely went all pyscho on me and turned it into an all out crisis that didn’t even exist, while using excessive force and severe police brutality and their psychotic-looking Sergeant McDaniels on the scene sided with them. Also, they even had the balls to ask me and my wife if I was on any mental drugs because I was not listening to them when in fact it was THEY who were not listening to ME because they wanted to be in control even though I was trying to tell them the whole story upfront and they just kept telling me to shut up. So don’t come on here and tell me that cops are good cause all I have to say is F**K YOU!!! You come down here and see for yourself, dumbass! And as far as lawyers go, NONE OF THEM WOULD TAKE THE CASE for police brutality and excessive force! They are ALL CORRUPT!!!! Get your head of out of your ass and open your damn eyes, fool! Otherwise, go to Hell!

        1. Well now, isn’t THAT a nice way to respond to someone you don’t even know. Sure there’s bad cops and maybe even bad departments but if the way you responded to me, a man you don’t know, is any indication of your normal demeanor……just sayin. The chitown police chief is NOT a good cop and probably not a very good person. He is most likely for responsible ADDING to the violence there, not preventing it. Obviously he’s got the little dic syndrom or something but he IS the problem just as much as the criminals are and he is most likely a criminal himself. He can’t even remain steadfast to his own oath to the US Constitution. Pity. You on the other hand should take a break. I’m sorry if you have problems in your area and a bad experience with your police department and I can’t tell you that ALL my experience with law enforcement have been perfect but if we let these piss poor excuses for Americans divide US we are already behind the eightball and will most likely lose our path to keeping our country. Besides that the more we go against them the more likely they WILL become the enemy, if for nothing else their own protection. And for the record, you haven’t changed my mind, even with your dirty mouth. And I’m not afraid of you in any way, you’re NOT my enemy, you’re your own. Trust me, I can take care of myself just fine. I AM afraid but for my country, not myself. Catch a breath and calm down, you’ll have plenty of time to vent your anger when the SHTF. If all cops are what YOU think they are we might as well just throw in the towel because if they’re not willing to adhere to their oaths we have a lot bigger problems than you giving me grief. We have WAY too many BIG fish to fry than to throw insults at each other if we’re to get control of our government back. Find some time for yourself and try to be happy, there’s still reason for hope. Pray for our country and be part of the solution. Good luck there bro, trust me, I’m NOT your enemy and I mean NO American ANY harm. Until they try to take my god given rights away. Then we got a REAL problem. I dread that day and so should you. Trying to anger me with your profanity won’t help much and it is nothing to me except to show you’re angry too soon. Like I said, there’s time for that and it is probably sonner than any of us wishes.

          1. You sound just like a cop who can’t handle the truth from a normal person. Sorry I wasn’t a nice and good little obedient slave to you, Mr. Big Brother Policeman. Please be sure not to flash your badge at me because I won’t be coming to your aid in time of need and I’m sure your very own profanity directed at me won’t stop me from not helping you, either. You obviously have never been in the kinds of situations most people have with the police because if you’re a policeman, rule #1, THEY PROTECT THEIR OWN!!!! WELCOME TO REAL LIFE!!! So SCREW YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT!!! I don’t need your help and I certainly ain’t gonna call 911 when the time comes. To hell with you. Go take a flying bob for yourself, dumbass.

          2. Yep You’re full of compliments aren’t you! I”M A PILOT MR BRIGHT! Get it, FLYBOB? Man you got an attitude! And I don’t need your help. Have you tried prozak? Man Get a grip! I’m NOT your goddam enemy! OR anyone elses! I just can’t for the life of me understand why you got crap when SOOOOOO many people claim you’re not a confrontive type! WOW you got a tude. It’s good to know we have such cohesion. Let’s all get mad at each other instead of trying to fix our country! Now go away have a nice night

          3. Well we can’t all be on meds and live half-way in the matrix like you. And you weren’t my “enemy” until you started sticking up for policeman like they are everyone’s saviour. Cops only care about themselves. By the way, how’s TSA treating you? Feeling a little itchy where the sun don’t shine? Do me a favor and save your shit for someone on the plane.

            “Ahhhh……this is your captain speaking…..Ahhh…..TSA will now be groping you on the plane for your safety. I put my complete faith and trust in all law enforcement personnel. Especially the ones like TSA who have ZERO police training and a toy badge. Ahhh….We hope you enjoy your flight. Once again, thank you for choosing Flybob Airlines.”

            Must be fun travelling in your plane.

          4. A little late:
            I’d check & see if you got goosesh!t on your Ray-Bans. Something is sure clouding your assessments & perceptions of LEO unless there’s a possibility that you fly for them.

        2. Sorry Flybob. I think that you are a f`in slut puppy with the PTB. I agree with NC. You – Flybob – I bet know all the feds , don1t you . I got perty good at smelling a rat and you kinda smel like some damn rodent. Yup NC I agree with ya whole heartedly on this Flybob caracter.

        3. NC,
          It all depends on the department and their leadership. Right now I live in a town where cops will help you change a spare tire if you need it. After I had my car stolen a few months ago the cops knew I had a cpl and a side arm, they let me keep my side arm the whole time while giving me a ride home.

          meanwhile in a city I lived in a few years ago getting pulled over meant you were getting cuffed and stuck on the curb while they did an unlawful search of your car. And if you looked at them funny, they’d throw a bag of weed under your seat saying “look what i found” The only exceptions were for the pretty girls that they could intimidate into getting blowjobs from. I know because the girl that I was dating was charged for “resisting a police officer” when the only thing she resisted was putting his c#@k in her mouth. So trust me I know corruption. But it’s all by department. Even if a good guy goes into a corrupt precinct, he’s going to get corrupted becuase the bad cops will make him feel bad for not being a bad cop so he has to join in or they’ll think he’s a rat.

          But seriously look at oath keepers. I know some of these guys, and they’re pretty good people.

      4. If the Chief of Police announces a policy of “shoot first ask questions later” what are we to conclude? If mayhem and rioting starts or even if it does not, the policy is that if you are seen with a gun in your hand, you are going to be shot (or shot at) regardless of whether you are a law abiding citizen. There are many, many cases where homeowners call 911 for help and yet they still have their guns out for protection from home invasion. When the cops bust in, they shoot the home owner! Other times, the police bust in WITHOUT identifying themselves. How are you to know who they are. They just busted down your door! The ancient Common Law concept that “A man’s home is his castle.” is no longer being respected. They see you with a gun — inside your own house — and they shoot you anyway. I leave it to common sense what you would do.

        1. My answer to this question is simple, as a legal gun owner in your own house you MUST KILL OR BE KILLED, COME ON CHIEF LETS GET IT ON.

    4. I think now is a good time for everyone to get on the same page with this latest power grab from the fed. it is becoming obvious we all may have to go 1776 on these people.

    1. …..and wearing 4 stars like he is some kind of top military general.. really, that should tell anybody all they need to know about current cop culture

  2. “but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.””

    1. What happened to rules of engagement?
    2. What happened to serve and protect?
    3. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Oh yea, it’s all gone. “Shoot first and ask questions later” mentality.

    1. To answer you questions: There ain’t no rules for them. These guys are going ‘Cowboy” & will shoot anything that moves. Something right out of a bad cop movie.

  3. Wow he made himself look really smart here in Texas our police are registered carriers too. The funny thing is there is more of us than them and that’s what scare them devil out of them. Keep up with yalls target practicing

    1. I’d keep up with the target practice if there were any bullets available to shoot. These idiots in Texas are wasting their bullets practicing at firing range when they should be saving it for the real thing.

      Since there is a shortage of 9mm bullets, I don’t think you should be wasting them on gun range. Then when you have none available when the time comes, don’t come crying to me when all you have is a very expensive paperweight. I’m not using any of my ammo until the time comes. Preserve what you can folks, because the shortages are already starting and will continue. Save every bullet you have until they are ready to be used on the foreign insurgents. Otherwise, you might as well just throw your guns at them because that’s all they will be good for.

      1. not to mention alternative weapons – they don`t even want to start settin` off these other crude alternative weapons cause these alternative weapons are dirty weapons that I don`t think any LEO wants to F. with.

  4. well, know we know why so many inner city youth have guns. its to protect themselves from law enforcment, there have been no police since the 80s

  5. I hope the rank and file know that this guy won’t be doing any of the dirty work when the party starts.

    This coward will send you to your deaths.

  6. There is a point to address here and I think this is an unfair article as it implies police will knowingly shoot legitimate carriers. ( I admit, they MAY knowingly do it, but the comments are given in the context of mistaken intent.) One can imagine a chain reaction tragedy of errors where a legitimate citizen holds or takes down a shooter, another legitimate citizen arrives, misinterprets the situation and takes down the first citizen and so on domino like. I staunchly support 2nd rights but this is a scenario with some possibility of happening, especially when carrying becomes wider spread. Any constructive comments about reducing this possibility?

    1. Oh realy now then Mr. Logan Fyfe – Your comment reminds me of when ronny reagon said if you smoke just one joint that you support terroism and murder. Not a dirrect quote but close enough, ya know what I mean. Sounds like the “JUST SAY NO” bullsh*t to me!!!!

    2. Why do people insist on thinking that this is an issue that could or would happen regularly? You act like this is the first city in the country to enact conceal carry laws. Those things happen so rarely that you would have an issue trying to find statistics on it. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, because it does. It just doesn’t happen to the extent that you fear. People who get the CCW permits and take the training need to train often to ensure that you maintain ALL of your senses in a high stress encounter so that you can react to commands given to you by the police before you are mistaken for a criminal.

      1. NRA for life you need to read THE DICK ACT OF 1902,after you read it you might want to remember these government officals took and OATH TO PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA,some thing they have never done………………….

    3. they are creating an artificial atmosphere of fear about guns to further their goal of taking them away from us. getting shot at is a danger cops have had to deal with from day one. if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. they are acting like they have a target painted on their chest. give me a break. its the other way around. actually, if they go hitler on us they will have something to worry about.

      1. They are already gone Hitler. All of our gun laws were translated from Hitler’s Nazi Weapons Manual. All genocides are preceded with by gun confiscation and there are NO exceptions to this fact. The late Senator Thomas J. Dodd (CT) got a Nazi Weapons Manual in Nuremberg and had the library of congress translate it placing “rush” on the order. It was 1968 and the GCA68 or gun control act of 1968 followed. It was banning the sat nite special and that is what the civil rights activists mostly had for their protection. All gun control is intended to make it possible to kill us when they are ready. Source:

    4. I have never heard of it happening anywhere not that it hasn’t but the odds are against it. The tragedy is in gun free zones and confiscation or controls that have no place in a free society. We are not in a free country not anywhere near it. All genocides are preceded with by gun control/confiscation.

    1. Of course it could happen if it carries out in the exact same way it’s portrayed in the television show. What makes you think it couldn’t happen in Australia? Your cops carry handguns over there, I was born there and the last time I was there in 2006, cops had handguns, at least in Mildura, Victoria they did. Accidents and mistaken identity can happen anywhere there are firearms.

  7. Chief Street Light Assassin is nothing more than a Drama Queen. But, it is his kind that will start the shooting war that millions of us see coming. As the old saying goes: you can’t cure stupid!

    1. SWIFT,there’s going to be a war alright,and its going to start with the traitors attacking america, and its going from bad to worse fast,in the visions the lord sent me,there going to bomb the shit out of america,and there going to start with chicago……..THEY will turn off all the power you do realize,get ready america,cause you will be living in the dark………….

  8. Really? Will be shot?! OMGosh all these people in the 49 other states are doomed (wringing hands), everyone with a carry permit mowed down by the PoPo.

    Ummm. Hasn’t happened yet. Paranoia, and mayhem. I bet he hasn’t been to Texas, where a lot of people carry and not gotten shot by the police.

  9. So if for some reason you have your gun out and the cops show up shoot them. It’s called self defense! The threat has already been made by the chief of stupid police. And we all know that you can’t fix stupid.

  10. Where does he Live..? Can someone please show me where He and his Officers Live..? How about an Interactive Map, showing the Location, & Street View along with the Officer’s Full Name, Home Address, and Shift, so that We The People Know Who, and Where our Servants Live! I’m sure that can be made Public!

  11. Lets all get something straight about the Second Amendment and gun ownership shall we:
    1. The 2nd Amendment GUARANTEES that the Right to possesses firearms for a US citizen–it DOES NOT say if Washington or the UN allow it, it is an absolute Right and is an integral part of the Rights that are guaranteed in the US to all citizens.
    2. Adams, Jefferson, Washington, etc. were no fools (like the clowns we have running things at the moment), they positively understood that firearms are the ONLY defense a US citizen has against the tyranny of the of the government, currently the far left.
    3. The right you currently enjoy, i.e., to disagree with me is ONLY due to the Rights you have under OUR 1st Amendment–free speech. Which in turn is dependent upon the 2nd Amendment (to prevent some moron with a shiney suit and $500 shoes from making a proclamation–just like a real Roman Emperor–except now it’s called a “presidential [sic] order” as if that gives it some legal authority which it DOES NOT have.

    So, what actually is negotiable about the freedom to keep and bear arms, simple. Nothing.
    Can you change it… you can try, but I would not recommend it.

    1. TIM,they can’t change anything,THE DICK ACT OF 1902,.FORBBIDS ANY AND ALL GUN LAWS as long as america remains a nation,now thats not to say they abide by the LAW,from what I have seen in america over the last 50 yrs. the government doesn’t care what the real law says, they just make up shit to protect their friends in BIG CORPORATIONS AND BIG GOVERNMENT,and NEVER abide by their OATH to protect the people or the US CONSTITUTION…………………………

  12. How dare this asshole for thinking he can turn around and try to make threats towards legal conceal and carry gun owners? The city of Chicago, under HIS watch has the HIGHEST MURDER RATE in the US, and he has the audacity to turn around and say he’ll train his officers to shoot and ask questions later because it might just be a citizen with a c&c permit. This guy is just itching for more power and control over the public. It makes him feel big and important. I hope the poor people of Chicago who have to live in fear because of the oppressive gun laws, tear this man to tiny pieces and scatter him throughout the city when the system crashes.

  13. Remember, this is Chicago, fear mongering and scare tactics, that’s just who they are. Bunch of thugs with a badge.

  14. CONSIDERING the race of the remaining residents in chicago,and the fact OBAMAS crime family is from there,that would explain the russians plan to drop a thermonuclear weapon on chicago,many people who work for the lord have had visions of it,if I lived in chicago I’d be packing my bags ,cause if the lord says its going to happen “IT WILL” remember the” lord” sent you a warning of whats to come………………………

  15. THE LORD ,has shown me many visions of future events to come on america,he says americans are the terrorists of the world,he says america was warned about killing children,yet our government allows thousands to be killed every day,he has warned to stop killing children in other countries,INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO THE WARNINGS,america has chosen to throw the LORD OUT OF AMERICA,for this we no longer have his protection,NATO PLANS TO HELP CHINA TAKE OVER AMERICA and kill 97% of americans,OBAMA and HILLARY the whore,(who both work for the queen of england) SOLD america to the chinese last year (and you thought they borrowed the money),NO they SOLD america and the chinese said you MUST DISARM them first,before we pay the rest of the money,ANYONE who don’t know about this deal,you better check it out fast your out of time,they will be coming I’VE SEEN IT IN VISIONS,THEY ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING,get ready america,ITS GOING TO BE A LONG WAR,everything will be down when its over,WHO’S SIDE WILL YOU BE ON …?…PRAY for the LORDS help and mean it,it really is your only hope,he still loves YOU,and if you call on his name he will answer,HIS NAME IS YAHUSHUA,its his hebrew name,remember he’s hebrew……….and he does rule this world……..remember theres no PAGANS IN HEAVEN…………repent or lose your soul to lucifer………..

  16. That POS talks like he’s bulletproof himself.

    He’ll find out differently, once the SHTF.

    THAT on video would be priceless.

    1. Oh yea #1 I couldn`t agree with ya more so long as it would be more than just a nother reality type show and we could actualy see the damned POS get whats really goimg to be coming to him. I could actualy stand to watch a hour of a cop/politicion getting tortured till death with his bastard spawn waiting in bondadge for their turn after daddy is done for!! That would be a nightly prize winning hour long series. We got a lot of politicion/cop types to have at least one good season of pure fun and torture of a two legged pig type.

  17. Well, I have a RIGHT to defend myself even from a SHOOT’EM HAPPY police officer. This police CHIEF is an idiot and needs to be fired… Put him in a MICKEY DEE’s flipping patties… I can smell REVOLUTION in the air. A bloodless revolution mind you. There are enough voting gun owners who will send these guys hiking next election… Wait and see.

  18. From the start, politicians and police that have declared war on law abiding American citizens was a really stupid idea.

  19. “when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire”

    he is perfectly describing the universal millitary rules of engagement.
    “pointing a weapon at someone implies intent to engage.”

    if that’s how he want’s it then so be it – as long as he understands it goes both ways.

  20. This retard who very clearly has the common sense of a gallapagos tortoise upside down in a hole has basically declared his intent to murder mr and mrs average even though mr or mrs average joe would not be waving a handgun around for all to see. Yer average responsible gun owner would not reveal his weapon in any situation until it is vitally important to do so. Why would Mr retarded 4 star cop “ASSUME” that a concealed carry gun holder would turn to face a cop with his gun in his hand? does he honestly believe an intelligent experienced concealed carrier would do such a thing. What this guy has just basically said is “If we turn up to any situation and anyone on the scene has what appears to be a gun they will die by cop.” That my friends is intent to murder with maximum prejudice regardless of legal carry licences. This guy is as dumb as a rock and very much more dangerous than a concealed carry licence owner.

  21. Part of our concealed handgun training involves what to do in police encounters. One thing is never point your gun toward the policeman. Even though we are nothing but civilian pukes, we are able to understand that much. We now also understand that the Chicago Chief of police is a stupid piece of human excrement.

  22. I trained police as a State Certified Master Firearms Instructor. I can say with first hand knowledge that civilians can and do out shoot most police officers. A civilian spends his own money to learn how to shoot and handle a pistol properly, where as most policeman do not care to learn to shoot, even though it could save their lives. Hey Chief! You had better hope that the civilians do not start to shoot back because your policeman are going to be licking their wounds when the smoke clears.

    1. I am one of those citizens although I do not live in Chicago. I too am a Firearms instructor who teaches civilians to use a firearms effectively. I know some that can out shoot the average police officer. I try to instill in my students that the responsibility to train, and know and obey the firearms laws, is just as important as that the right to keep and bear arms. Some will continue to train regularly on their own, some won’t. But all know not to turn toward the police with a gun in their hand. This police chief needs to sit in on some firearms courses that are taught by responsible, law abiding instructors who feel a great responsibility toward education and training in the proper,moral, ethical,law abiding use of firearms. He lumps everyone in the same bunch and thinks they are all untrained bozos playing cowboy. I train more than his police department does I would be willing to bet, I seek out the best training I can so as to be a better instructor for my students. Chief, you would do yourself a service to educate yourself on the vast majority of honest people with proper training that choose to carry a firearm for personal protection. It’s not to say there aren’t some yahoos out there,that would be intellectually dishonest, there are , but they are a minority. The good people of Chicago deserve better from their police chief.

  23. This guy has been entrusted with the rights and liberties of millions? And this is his attitude? This confirms why you shouldn’t put your trust in paper, law or government to secure your rights.
    If your “permission slip” to own a gun is based on the second amendment you will lose it. Read why here:

  24. Interesting posts. At an early age I found out that cops can be corrupt and dirty. I was 15 when my mother and I, on our way back from a quiet gathering with a family in the nice part of town, were heading home in our little old Metrolpolitan automobile (50+ years ago). We were broke, Mom was in bad health and we were living pretty close to the bone. We couldn’t afford “Christmas cheer” or presents. It was Christmas Eve and very cold in Phoenix. The car was lurching along and Mom was working the choke. Cold cars don’t go fast. We were lurching through an intersection when suddenly a police car came out of the dark gas station at the intersection, lights blazing. Of course we stopped just feet after the intersection and he fined us for running a red light and speeding! Mom was in tears, but the cop just said “tell it to the judge”. He had not been paying any attention and had just looked up from his nap to see us go through a red light which had been green when we had started through the intersection. The judge, called the “Hanging judge” fined us $5. A king’s ransom back then. Mom tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen and said she’d need to post bond for a court hearing or pay now. We didn’t have money for a bond, so she paid. Cops have never been “helping hands” they have often been bullies in my estimation. In NM, they have been trying to clean up their act, and have actually been courteous, but not all and not all the time. A gun is a great equalizer and ensures courtesy if or when the SHTF and the bullies with power come after us.

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