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Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly 50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking Owners With Debt

WBEZ 91.5

Sandra Botello moved to Chicago five years ago for what she called “the opportunities.”

Now 41, she and her children had been evicted from her home in Idaho when her landlord’s property was foreclosed.  

The move to Chicago indeed delivered opportunities. She earned an associates degree and then enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and now works as an executive administrative assistant downtown. And, two of her four kids snagged scholarships to private schools.

But her time in Chicago has also been mired with a major hurdle. It started with citations for the city road tax collected through “city stickers.” After failing to keep up with ticket payments, the city seized her car and sold it to a private towing company, only to have none of the sale price applied to her debt.

Botello is not alone.

According to a WBEZ analysis of thousands of towing records and invoices, the city regularly pulls residents into a nexus of ticket-related debt and car seizures that is stunning in its scope.

In 2017 alone, Chicago booted more than 67,000 vehicles for unpaid tickets. In about a third of those cases, the driver couldn’t afford to remove the boot, and the vehicle was later towed to a city impound lot.

Of those 20,000 impounded cars, more than 8,000 ended up like Botello’s: They were sold off, with the owners receiving none of the sale proceeds. Instead, the city and its towing contractor pocketed millions of dollars, while residents were left with ticket debt.

All told, there have been nearly 50,000 of these sales since 2011.

The vast majority of cars bound in these tow-and-sell operations hail from low-income and minority communities on Chicago’s West and South Sides, where experts have said residents are already hard-pressed to pay for effective transportation.

Read the rest here: https://www.wbez.org/shows/wbez-news/chicago-seizes-and-sells-cars-over-tickets-sticking-drivers-with-debt/1d73d0c1-0ed2-4939-a5b2-1431c4cbf1dd

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9 Responses to Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly 50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking Owners With Debt

  1. TxRdKill says:

    Sounds jewish to me…

  2. Bill in ILL says:

    Forget it, Jake, it’s Chi – Town.

    The Chicago Tribune published a Hall of Frame of Chicago corruption:


  3. H D says:

    Chicago Stole over 50,000 cars an trucks , fix it . Never ever leave home without your BB gun

  4. KOYOTE says:


  5. Mark Schumacher In LV says:

    Gangster land, what the hell did you expect? Al Copone invented the place.

  6. galen says:

    Extortion: Communism’s favorite pass-time.


  7. galen says:

    I fear Communism. I hate Communism. I loathe Communism! I curse Communism!!

    It’s all around me and I am trying to escape it. Must fight it. Sometimes tired. No hammer and sickle for MY grandkids!!!


  8. Sherman says:

    Everything I Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten
    America is overdue for a Great Cleansing.
    One of the most disgusting sights is Police making a self-glorifying public display of “helping underprivileged children” at Christmas. The Criminal, JUST-US System and those police are impoverishing families with onerous fees, fines, “charges”. Perjuring, report falsifying, liars putting on a show of piety. Those who lie also steal.
    The courts, prosecutors, police are vampire parasites wrongfully convicting people too poor to afford ridiculous lawyer fees. They live by feeding off the People.
    This is the same thing the British courts used to do —- wrongfully convict to provide free labor to Britain’s penal colonies and enrich the judges. Though couched in the lofty, Latinate language of the law, a LIE is still a LIE. Part of the reason for the American Revolution. Now it is Judges, Prosecutors, “counselors”, For Profit prisons …… a whole “Incarceration industry” giving itself unlimited employment.
    There is a cycle in human society …. the Haves make rules more and more complicated, expensive, and entangled so that the Haves always win and keep piling up the power …. after time the HaveNots realize that and do the first thing one learns in Kindergarten —- they throw the game table over and slaughter a bunch of the Haves. We are approaching that point now. That is good.
    America needs Jack-Booted-Thug police like It needs Homosexual-Pedophile priests.
    “The privileged have regularly invited their own destruction with their greed.” — John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty
    In Kindergarten we all learned that if the other players in a game keep changing the rules to benefit themselves, the ONLY course of action is to THROW the table over.

  9. Sherman says:

    Under construction/development. Feel free to run with it, share, develop:
    It is Time for a National Memorial to Citizen Victims .
    Mandatory Law needed: The Abused Citizen Victim Apology Law:
    Any time the police botch a raid on the wrong house, murder a Citizen for no cause, recklessly injure, kill, a Citizen, and other false arrests where their TAXPAYER FUNDED body-cameras “just happen” to not work, and every other screw-up situation ……. EVERY cop anywhere in the area shall assemble, “Take a Knee” and cover their hearts with their covers in apology. with their cars flashing lights ……………….. The same actions will take place for Citizen funerals.
    A prominent memorial to be erected in every large city dedicated to the innocent victims of abusive and corrupt police. Perjury, murder, false imprisonment, theft, rape, sexual and physical assault, real ethical police. Annually, a mandatory day of reflection and regret for all police. on date (May 26th?) to be determined, there will be a Citizen Victim Day whereupon EVERY cop will assemble at said monument to meditate and reflect on Murdered Citizens and again kneel, doff covers, and pray to God for forgiveness.
    There will be mandatory monthly ethics classes on such subjects as “Negative Effect on Society of Perjury by police” and “Sociatal impact of Murder by police”.
    These acts shall be in addition to punitive damages and restitution paid.
    Excellent summation of police misconduct: http://patriotrising.com/break-the-cycle-in-2019-say-no-to-the-governments-cruelty-brutality-and-abuse/#comment-1449
    Have you noticed there are no massive funerals with TAXPAYER FUNDED police cars/equipment and TAXPAYER PAID police saluting for the VICTIMS of police MURDERS?
    Where is the recognition and apologies to the VICTIMS of their BLUNDERING???
    Always remember —- these are the “HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS” that the government says will protect you if you just be nice and give the government your guns. Police murder more Citizens every year than do terrorists.
    The cowardice of hiding MURDER behind lies of “resisting arrest” and “I was in fear for my life” should immediately disqualify for life anyone from ever engaging in “law enforcement” . If you are that cowardly you should be a greeter at Walmart.
    Yeah sure, the POLICE – — Currently, in the U.S., law enforcement kills around 1,200 citizens per year. Ironically, that number is actually four times higher than those who die from rifles. As has been recorded, cops have killed 450 percent more people than have died in the past forty years of mass shootings.
    P.S. Have you noticed police & fire are always “exempt” from those glorious “Right to Slave/Work” laws that destroy Citizen’s collective bargaining? Why do the Police not DEMAND their “R to W? BECAUSE “right to work” IS A FRAUD and they want to protect THEIR GUARDS.

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