Chicago sinkhole: Gobbling up tree, sinkhole expands and floods some residences

Chicago sinkhole: Gobbling up tree, sinkhole expands and floods some residencesExaminer –  by Ryan Arciero

Chicago sinkhole, that’s the threat that has gobbled up a tree and flooded some homes with up to two feet of water and counting this week. Appearing on the Chicago South Side between 124th Street and Wentworth on Saturday night, the expanding sinkhole has become a major cause for concern, though city officials believe that they will have the issue fixed before the end of the month, the Christian Post reports this Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013.

The Chicago sinkhole is thought to have spanned a broken water main underneath the ground, causing the giant pit to continue crumbling. It is now posing a real danger to some South Side homes as well, gobbling up a tree on a lawn and inundating a few residents’ basements with at least two feet of water.  

Due to the damaged water main, many of the home owners in the 124th Street and Wentworth areas have been left without water. The Chicago City Water Department has been supplying people with bottled water until the issue is resolved. As for the size of the gigantic Chicago sinkhole, it has now expanded to nearly 20 feet by a full 80 feet, only beginning as a tiny hole in the ground. The leaking water underneath the road is believed to have quite literally eaten away at the underground support, causing the collapse.

There have since been reports of flooding in nearby homes, with some residence owners finding nearly two feet of water in their basements. The sinkhole has also been confirmed to have gobbled up a tree, and the hole has become so big its been difficult for the repair teams to fix it in a timely manner, the press release notes.

Dep. Comm. Bill Bresnahan, of the Chicago Water Department has said, “Depending on what’s underneath it, we’re hoping by the end of the week we should have the street repaired … We will have water on to these people before we leave here, hopefully by the end of the day.”

It is hopeful that the Chicago sinkhole issue will be resolved soon for the residents affected by the expanding hollow.

2 thoughts on “Chicago sinkhole: Gobbling up tree, sinkhole expands and floods some residences

  1. This has become a major problem all over the country. Our infrastructure is archaic and in need of repair. Unfortunately, there is no money for this and in the end it will cost a great deal more to deal with the problem or in time the cities will decay and with it the nation.

    1. Susan…you are so right. But when you look at the fact that this has been planned for years, that this is just a part of the destruction that “they” have planned for America, well, what can I say? Obama is the biggest man-made “storm” to hit America. While we can blame ALL of the Presidents of the last 100+ years for what’s going on right now, Bubba Obama is here to put the destructive icing on the cake. Screw the infastructure, it’s time to pull together as a people. White, Black, Brown, it just doesn’t matter. If you’re a lone wolf, you’re dead. Only by coming together can we kick the children of hell out of this world.

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