Chicago Teachers Union Busing Union Members to Ferguson for Protest

Last Resistance – by Dave Jolly

Have I ever said I hate unions? Rhetorically asked because the answer is I’ve said it many times and this is just one of many examples of why!

Blacks are still up in arms over the shooting death of a black criminal by a white police officer. They don’t care that the large youth had just held up a convenience store. They don’t care that evidence shows that he viciously attacked the police officer leaving the officer with a complete blowout fracture of his eye socket. They don’t care that the officer repeatedly told Michael Brown to stop, but Brown continued to attack the officer forcing the officer to shoot him. They don’t care that the autopsy showed that Brown was shot four times in the arm from front to back in the officer’s attempt to defend himself. They don’t care that Brown’s companion lied like Obama about what happened. They don’t care that the officer was forced to shoot Brown in the head when he attacked him one last time.  

The only thing they care about is a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen who they try to portray as a good little boy. If you saw the pictures of Brown, he was not so little and looked like an offensive lineman for a football team and acted like one when he lowered his head and rushed Officer Darren Wilson.

The incident took place back in August and two months later, black activists are still ignoring the facts and demanding that Wilson be fired, arrested, jailed, hung, drawn and quartered.

In typical liberal union fashion, the Chicago Teachers Union is jumping into the fray by using union dues money to pay for the busing of union members from Chicago to Ferguson so they can join in a racist protest. The protest is called the ‘Justice for All: National March and Rally’.

Also in typical liberal union and Chicago teachers’ fashion, whoever wrote the union invitation was too incompetent to spell Brown’s name right. The invitation reads:

“As you may already know, this weekend will mark an important national response to the brutal murder of Michael Bown (sic) in Ferguson and the continuing racial profiling and police attacks on youth of color throughout our country. Key national organizations such as the AFL-CIO, The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and many others have endorsed a national march in Ferguson on Saturday.” [Emphasis mine]

“We at CTU could not stand silent. Our delegates voted to mobilize and send a bus to the march on Saturday, October 11th in Ferguson. Our bus will leave at 5:00 am on Saturday morning and will return by 9:00 pm on Saturday night.”

“We would like to invite members from your organizations to take our bus and march with us in this historic demonstration. Please join us!”

Just a quick side note, if you thought Chicago was having enough problems with their liberal mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Obama White House Chief of Staff, Karen Lewis, the current president of the Chicago Teachers Union is considering a run for mayor.

Don’t think that the Chicago Teachers Union is the only union heading to Ferguson. A number of other very liberal and racist unions are also sending union members this weekend. They include the ‘national AFL-CIO, SEIU, Color of Change, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Code Pink.’

Liberals have never been interested in the truth or promoting justice. They are more interested in promoting their anti-American, racist and liberal agendas at all cost. In this case, the cost will be the career and life of police officer Darren Wilson.

If you ask me, every white police officer in the Ferguson and St. Louis area needs to walk off the job in protest of how their fellow officer is being treated for protecting himself against a raging bull of a black teenager. Let the people fend for themselves and see what life would be like without police presence. Let them try to stop criminals from ransacking their place and attacking them. Perhaps then they may realize what really took place on that tragic day.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Teachers Union Busing Union Members to Ferguson for Protest

  1. Pictures are worth 1,000 words. This looks like surrender to me with hands up. A lesson in symbology signalling a subliminal message.

    . . .

  2. These are ‘teachers’?

    And they don’t have the intelligence to know they’re being played?

    So much for ‘education’ these days.

    1. Thas what I say,,
      make up a perimeter, and dont let anyone out, no matter how they plead, sorry you wanted to protest, theres your protest area and your peeps, enjoy!
      wait till later tonight when they start burning stuff again,, screw the tear gas, mustard gas would be more appropriate.

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