12 thoughts on “Chicago workers must submit to the “new world order.”

  1. You can hear similar statements coming from the mouths of these creatures all over the world and yet there are still people who claim this is a hoax or conspiracy theory. Remember this people, there is no negotiating with them, they will never stop pushing towards they’re goal, all measures are only a matter of time to them. I think it’s time to understand that there is only one way. God bless you all, trenchers.

    1. And it is only a matter of time for us too brother…!!

      While the clash of swords is unavoidable and needed….

      We must always keep these suits in our sights and make them and their propaganda media the primary receivers of the people’s wrath..!

      Our day approaches….!

      1. More like induce the baboon into projectile vomiting. I was actually referring to the “jungle” Henry talks about on the broadcasts.

  2. Yes we have no employment ….. unless well you show us a vac card ….. you know u have a 30 day grace….. but after that the fines get real heavy!!!!!!!!! FFFFFKKKKKKKUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! Unemployable now what next Foreclosure… LOCK and LOAD!!!!

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