Child Protective Services Corruption

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Lawyers, Judges, Professors, and Activist Speak Out as to why State Sanctioned Kidnapping Accurs. This Documentry was by Paul Ciccotelli

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The federal law Title IV-D of the Social Security Act was established in the late 1980’s. Designed to encourage the collection of support payments for the public welfare, as well as reimburse the court for potential collection expenditures, it grants family court judges, the court system, and the state extra funds and wages for the federal government for each dollar the court extracts from a non-custodial parent in the form of child support.

Mostly impervious to the eyes of scholars and journalists, family courts are cloaked in secrecy: they are held without jury trials, little is recorded of the proceedings, and many issue orders against discussing the terms of the case in public – ostensibly to protect the privacy of the family. Recent journalism and research, however, as well as moral activism on the part of whistleblowers, has revealed that family courts have been increasingly, over the last two decades, operating outside the original intent of Title IV-D. The result is the corruption of the judiciary.

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3 thoughts on “Child Protective Services Corruption

  1. Do research on “common purpose” as it infests our social services over here, where networks of “professionals” work together behind the scenes and outside of the law to remove children from low or working class homes to be placed with middle class or better adoptive homes whilst making vast profits at the expense of the taxpayer in doing so.

    In Britain children have lost all due process and protections from the state, a social worker literally presents an “opinion” not backed with anything other than “I think maybe that there is a risk at some time in the future that this child will suffer in some form emotional or physical harm”.

    Some US states are picking up on this as well as the money to be made by forcing children into long term fostering situations, the vast fees charged by adoption agencies and the continued bilking of the government in claiming back costs which have been inflated considerably by the time they reach the audit offices, an example of this in the UK is where councils employ salaried lawyers at say £40,000 per annum BUT they charge the government by the going rate of lawyers at the upper end, per hour, per case and would charge £100,000 through this thus making a vast profit per lawyer in this one area alone.

    Social workers and service directors are now known too to set up “foster homes” where they help establish a hands off foster home that can’t be linked back to them, in return for a slice of the monthly profits, the social workers and directors will ensure these homes are fully “stocked” for the maximum period and ensure the home receives no problems when it comes to inspections or for monies to upgrade such as these places are entitled to a new kitchen every year at a cost of £15,000 but these places are “inspected” to get that new kitchen but never actually gets a new kitchen as the money is handed over and split between the various parties. The government pays £400-£10,000 per week per child depending on their situation, yes there are approximately 10,000 children here in the UK in placements costing £10,000 a WEEK!!!

    My grandson was stolen in such a situation, he was taken to a home and kept there amongst eight other children, he was adopted off to a relation of the foster carer and then secured my other grandson into their care as well, the adoptive parents are being paid by the social services an unlimited stipend of £500 a week per child which can last indefinitely and the adoptive parents were given all manners of grants totalling thousands before they even got the boys, the fact that all of the principal people involved are Dorsetmen, a particularly nasty branch of the Freemasons who have been investigated many times over corruption should be mentioned here as it will be the same sort of circles over there that will start to milk the system.

    My advice to those out there, record everything, video everything, ensure you have a witness to everything, never be seen alone with these scumbag social workers because your children are big bucks to them.

  2. These creatures will always sink to a new low if there’s a dollar to be made by doing so. Now you have to keep your kids hidden from the government too.
    I’m also willing to bet that CPS is a magnet for pedophiles. They get to snatch any child they like and arrange for them to be living away from their parents, and I’m sure they’re motivated by lust as well as profit.

    With our entire government being corrupt to the core, that’s to be expected.

  3. It’s a sad fact that all our kids are is $$ to these people. They pretend to be there to help the children , to help the families, when all they really want is to help themselves to that big cash bonus for putting your child in foster care and getting them adopted. There is proof everywhere!
    I have compiled a list on my site for people to tell their stories , and there are videos and other things to help parents who are fighting for their children. Please visit to learn more on how corrupt and disgusting these CPS CRIMINALS are.

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