China invades India: Tensions mount as platoon of soldiers slip across border to claim disputed territory

Activists of India's right-wing Shiv Sena, shout anti-China slogans and burn a Chinese flag during a protest against an alleged Chinese incursion. India says Chinese troops set up a camp on its side of the ill-defined frontier in Ladakh regionDaily Mail

A two week Chinese incursion has left India on the verge of crises, it has today been reported.

India says Chinese troops set up a camp on its side of the ill-defined frontier in Ladakh region in the middle of April.

The platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officials.  

The platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officialsThe platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officials

They were ferried across the bitterly cold moonscape in Chinese army vehicles, then got out to traverse a dry creek bed with a helicopter hovering overhead for protection.

They finally reached their destination and pitched a tent in the barren Depsang Valley in the Ladakh region, a symbolic claim of sovereignty deep inside Indian-held territory.

So stealthy was the operation that India did not discover the incursion until a day later, Indian officials said.

China denies any incursion, but Indian officials say that for two weeks, the soldiers have refused to move back over the so-called Line of Actual Control that divides Indian-ruled territory from Chinese-run land, leaving the government on the verge of a crisis with its powerful northeastern neighbor.

Indian officials fear that if they react with force, the face-off could escalate into a battle with the feared People’s Liberation Army. But doing nothing would leave a Chinese outpost deep in territory India has ruled since independence.

‘If they have come 19 kilometres into India, it is not a minor LAC violation. It is a deliberate military operation. And even as India protests, more tents have come up,’ said Sujit Dutta, a China specialist at the Jamia Milia Islamia university in New Delhi.

‘Clearly, the Chinese are testing India to see how far they can go,’ he said.

That is not China’s stated view.

Activists of the right-winged student's organization Akhila Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) burn an effigy representing China.Activists of the right-winged student’s organization Akhila Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) burn an effigy representing China. China denies any incursion, but Indian officials say that for two weeks, the soldiers have refused to move back over the so-called Line of Actual Control

‘China strictly complies with the treaty and documents on maintaining peace and stability in the border region between India and China,’ Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said last week.

‘The Chinese patrol troops did not go across the Line of Actual Control, not by even one step,” she said.

Local army commanders from both sides have held three meetings over the crisis, according to Indian officials. India’s foreign secretary called in the Chinese ambassador to register a strong protest.

Yet the troops did not move, and even pitched a second tent, Indian officials said.

The timing of the crisis, weeks before Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is to visit India, has surprised many here.

The Chinese leader’s decision to make India his first trip abroad since taking office two months ago had been seen as an important gesture toward strengthening ties between rival powers that have longstanding border disputes but also growing trade relations.

Manoj Joshi, a defense analyst at the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation, said the timing of the incursion raises questions about ‘whether there is infighting within the Chinese leadership, or whether someone is trying to upstage Li.’

India’s External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said Wednesday that while he had no plans to cancel a trip to Beijing next week to prepare for Li’s visit, the government could reconsider in the coming week.

‘A week is a long time in politics,’ he told reporters.

Indian politicians accused the scandal-plagued government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of floundering in fear before China.

‘China realizes that India has a weak government, and a prime minister who is powerless,’ said Yashwant Sinha, a former foreign minister from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party.

He demanded a stronger response. ‘A bully will back off the moment it realizes that it’s dealing with a country which will not submit to its will,’ Sinha said.

Former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav called the government  ‘cowardly and incompetent.’

He warned that China was trying to annex more territory to add to the spoils it took following its victory over India in a brief 1962 border war.

Defense Minister A.K. Antony countered that India is ‘united in its commitment to take every possible step to safeguard our interests.’

Supporters of the right-wing Shiv Sena party burned effigies of Singh, Antony and other top officials Wednesday, demanding India retaliate by barring Chinese imports.

It is claimed Chinese soldiers have pitched in the barren Depsang Valley in the Ladakh region, a symbolic claim of sovereignty deep inside Indian-held territoryIt is claimed Chinese soldiers have pitched in the barren Depsang Valley in the Ladakh region, a symbolic claim of sovereignty deep inside Indian-held territory

China is India’s biggest trading partner, with bilateral trade, heavily skewed in China’s favor, crossing $75 billion in 2011.

Analysts feel linking a troop withdrawal to continued trade could work.

‘The Chinese have to learn that such aggression cannot be delinked from trade,’ said Dutta.

Though the two countries have held 15 rounds of talks, their border disputes remain unresolved. India says China is occupying 38,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) in the Aksai Chin plateau in the western Himalayas, while China claims around 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles) in India’s northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Analysts said they were baffled by Beijing’s motives, since its actions could force India to move closer to Beijing’s biggest rival, the United States.

‘The Chinese for some reason don’t seem able to see that,’ said Joshi.

China’s aggressive posture could also force India to accelerate its own military modernization program, analysts said.

The stand-off may eventually be resolved diplomatically, ‘but what it really shows is the PLA’s contempt for our military capability,’ former Indian navy chief, Sushil Kumar, wrote in The Indian Express newspaper.

It could also push the government to agree to the army’s longstanding demand to create its own strike corps on the border.

‘By needling the Indians, they are helping us to accelerate our modernization,’ Joshi said.

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29 thoughts on “China invades India: Tensions mount as platoon of soldiers slip across border to claim disputed territory

  1. Totally IGNORANT, BIGOTED & FALSE report. Bharat invaded Chinese Tibet (falsely claiming Imperial British past attempted land grabs).

    It is India that has committed RACIST GENOCIDE of “MONGOLOIDS” –> I highly recommend you research the FACTS before sprouting British Lies.


    The same Ethnic Cleansing by Bhartis has devasted Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, etc. The local INDIGENOUS inhabitants are being GENOCIDED. Huge Hindu CENSORSHIP occurs. Foreign reportors are PROHIBITED (and massacred) from reporting.


    Don’t celebrate the suffering of other people so soon… they have already invaded Europe by the MILLIONS. Disappointed by you #1 nwo-htr, hope it is an honest reason for your ignorance.

    1. I didn’t write the article, I only sent it in. Since I don’t live there, obviously I can’t vouch for its veracity. That’s why we post articles here, for the purpose of discussion. Any posters who have any additional or conflicting information are absolutely encouraged to share with the rest of us. This isn’t an exact science, not everything is cut & dried when it come to dealing with information.

      1. Thank you for rescinding the false report.

        As you mentioned, this topic is not very well understood around the world –> however, the British media can NOT feign ignorance. Thus, it was a delibrate, pre-meditated spreading of propaganda.

        My apologies if I hurt your feelings. You are correct in stating that articles are posted so others (whom are knowledgeable) can comment on them.

        Also, the issue is not mere several tens of thousand of square km of land. If India was not so greedy, then giving away this land may be acceptable. However, the greed of “AKHAND BHARAT” is beyond reasonable greed.

        Akhand Bharat is a Facist “Neo-Nazi” (actually much worse than Hitler) ideology that seeks to replace the native inhabitants of a much wider area… it is shocking.

        India is claiming Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet-Xinjiang, Uzbekistan, Syria, UAE, EUROPE, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, VN, Malaysia, AUSTRALIA, Indonesia, EASTERN AFRICA, and AMERICAS. 🙂

  2. Further elaboration, in case some of you remain “pompous”…

    Bhartis also claim to be the “Original Aryans”. India is staking claim in ALL OF EUROPE. There is already hues and cries of crocodile tears for the suffering of their “long-lost Gypsies relatives”.

    They have eclipses many large communities in the Middle East. Huge Organized Crime outlets control extensive regions of UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore etc… They have also started taking over Israel (Occupied Palestine).

    But Europeans, Americans, Canadians, and Ozzies will learn the hard way. The nasty part is that they spew a bunch of lies to justify their guilty actions. Very similar to how the Natives of the Americas were genocided.

    This may be “Karma in Action”.

    1. Sharing land with foreigners is acceptable if it is done with limits. This means it is inhumane for a group of foreign invaders to GENOCIDE the local native indigenous peoples of the land. How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot?! You wouldn’t be one bit pleased.

  3. It’s been disputed territory for a long time now.
    As the reports have gone, there’s supposed to be underground UFO cites there, under the Ladakh Mountains….and there have been UFOs seen going in and out.

    Both China and India do not allow any tourist there, only the villagers living there.

    It’s the same thing in the Andes, where the people living here have been seeing UFOs going in and out, since forever.

    THe only ones that don’t believe UFOs exist are the Americans.

    1. They will believe, though, if the so-called ‘government ever feels the need for an ‘alien invasion’ (a la War of the Worlds) to ‘protect’ us from.

      It’s all in the Iron Mountain report.

      1. I completely agree with you on that one, #1. Not trying to quote Independence Day or anything, but from what has been going on lately, I really think the question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe or have been alone, will soon be answered.

        Regardless of that, it’s become like a drug for Americans and American patriots today to expose any or all secret government information and the pace of information is being released and spreading so fast that only thing they can do to stop it or slow it down is by shutting down the Internet, permanently, which would only hurt the government more because it would trigger and all new awakening and an even further distrust with the government anyways. It’s an information revolution at this point in time. It’s a no win situation for the elite. It’s not a matter of if everything will be exposed, but a matter of when.

        1. Let me put it this way, shutting the Internet down would be like making a drug addict go cold turkey. And we all know what happens at that point for people. The SHTF! So I don’t think it would be in the government’s best interests to shut down the Internet. So regardless of what happens, our government’s secrets will be exploited, we will find out the truth about everything that they have lied to us since it all began, we will arrest and hang all the treasonous traitors and WE THE PEOPLE SHALL PREVAIL!!

        2. Well guys, I’m off to pick Chris up to go see the midnight show of Iron Man 3.

          I’ll tell you the whole movie from start to finish tomorrow.

          Heh heh heh.

          NOT ! 🙂

          1. I’ll be back online while waiting for the movie to start, once we get our tickets.

            I love having internet anywhere I go. 🙂

          2. Happy Birthday! #1!
            Enjoy Iron Man 3!
            And your Brothers Home Brewed Beer! & some shrimp later today!
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          3. Thank you, RT.

            Well, the bad news is: 1. I wasn’t that impressed with Iron Man 3, rather disappointing I thought.
            2. My brother had to work today and tomorrow, so no slippery shrimp (I’m still going, but tomorrow, I just don’t feel like fighting the insane work traffic on a weekday, nothing can put me in a bad mood quicker) or beer – bummer.

            The good news is: I made it to my 60th – YAYYYYY!!!

            As you know, I was somewhat skeptical beginning around this time last year (after finally getting back on the internet, being without for two years, a serious lapse of judgement on my part) of reaching this birthday before the SHTF.

            Thanks again, RT. 🙂

  4. One never knows what is really happening anywhere, but this British report appears either as yellow journalism or an error. And, assuming something of the sort happened, the first question to ask is this: Is the Chinese government comprised of total idiots? The answer is: probably not. Next, whose interests are being served by this? China’s rulers? Definitely not. Hence, they are not behind this. India’s rulers? perhaps. America’s rulers? Definitely. Hence, this invasion is most likely a false-flag operation, organized and camouflaged by fascist elements within India and the USA.

  5. As far as this article goes, I know India is allied with the Western Powers while China is considered somewhat rogue by the Western Powers, so from 5 years of living and working in China and understanding their culture, I can only see two things from this,

    1. They want to display a stronger military presence against the Western backed powers who are putting pressure on them.


    2. Someone from India or Al CIA-da did something that made them move so quickly into another territory. Maybe they gave them some bait in order to demonize China even more, just like they are trying to do with China and their dispute with Japan over those ridiculous islands that have been going on for years, but are just happening to come to light now in the MSM and that the Western powers are trying to use to demonize them in any way they can. Instead of protecting Taiwan from China, we are now trying to play the game of protecting Japan from China.

    1. 1. is wrong

      2. not quite so

      This is the result of “Forward Policy 2.0” by Bharat. India unilaterally invaded and build cement bunkers on Chinese land.

      They do this VERY OFTEN. For example, in the India-Nepal border, there are large stone markers demarcating the border. What GOI (gov’t of india) does is either steal this markers, or they shift them northwards by dozens of kms each time.

      Readers may find this amusing until it happens to them.

      1. On the contrary, TG, it sounds as if you have information most of us don’t have easy access to.

        1. Thanks for the compliment.

          I apologize for coming off as a jerk with my first post — it is now obvious you didn’t mean to support this false news report.

          Yes, you are correct. I do a lot of business around the globe. I also have several high-level scientific & technical background (that few possess). This combined with my keen interest at deciphering the truth, and upholding justice makes me especially perceptive to phenomena around me.

          I’m a little edgy lately (as are many of us), due to many bad omens. I’m sure you’ve noticed this as well. Certain powerful people are pushing for a major conflict as they are becoming uneasy.

          I’m trying to focus on my work, but at the same time I am very concerned. It is apparent SHTF will soon happen…

          1. I do appreciate the apology, TG, and I appreciate your insight on this subject, as we are only interested in the truth here on FTT. We can only do so much with the information outlets available to us, so we are definitely dependent on readers coming foward with anything that can either substantiate or refute any articles that are posted here, which is why I was not offended by your comment, but rather, grateful for it.

            Please don’t hesitate to post any information you may have (contrary or otherwise) concerning any articles posted here. Henry, as well as the rest of us, are only interested in the truth, regardless of the source, which is why I now post exclusively on this site. Thanks again for the heads up.

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