2 thoughts on “China Launches Restricted Battle On Philippines Over Spratly Islands

  1. My nephew told me that while he was stationed in Afghanistan that the Chinese are there mining gold. He also stated that there were some areas where he and his fellow soldiers were required to walk through metal detectors upon leaving the area, mainly because of the gold that was just naturally lying on the ground.
    I’ve said this before, China wants those Islands (Senkaka’s? )from Japan because there are Pirate treasure accumulation rooms full of treasure on those islands.
    The Phillipines were another favorite Pirate hang-out, and many of these islands also have accumulation rooms full of treasure. In fact, during WWII, Japan’s leaders were stealing from these rooms, and this is why Japan had most of her forces on Islands, so that the treasures could be stolen. Okinawa, Phillipines, Guam, you name the island, there’s is/was a treasure room(s) on it.
    What we are seeing here with the takeover of these islands in the Phillipines is China taking over the wealth of the world. Not the wealth of Wall Street, but the wealth that was accumulated long ago. Wealth that was, and still is, being used to control the world’s finances.
    The U.S. Navy was created to “navigate the globe” and protect these treasure rooms on the islands. But the crew would sometimes rebel and steal the treasure and kill the ship’s Captain. So the U.S. Navy needed to protect these Captains and the treasure rooms, hence the creation of the U.S. Marines.

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