2 thoughts on “Chinada Government Sends creepy Letters to Unvaxxed Canadians

  1. Christopher Lingle on scientific authoritarianism:

    “An example of ‘scientism’ addressing the natural environment might be identified as ‘ecologism,’ i.e., state-imposed interventions, regulations, and coercion to protect the natural environment. However, these actions must minimize interference with the peaceful exercise of the freedom of choice and the pursuit of personal dignity, or the harm to the human environment could exceed the benefits.”

    “An effect of ecologism is to encourage intolerance toward individual choice and to oppose private ownership of property and resources. Evidence of this is found in acts of ecoterrorism, and the fact that confiscation of private property to promote environmental goals has attracted support.”

    “Attempts to impose unquestioned acceptance of specific scientific claims by publicly denigrating opponents or withholding support for research and projects that do not support the ‘consensus’ narrative does not promote science, per se. Especially if it silences independent thought.”

    “Scientists that seek to present a unified and authoritative voice or are guided by partisan interests should not be trusted when they opine on ‘public health’ or the natural environment.”

    “Resisting the advance of scientific authoritarianism has become the front line for the protection of human liberty and the sanctity of private property.”


  2. Residents of Idaho. The Chinese military is staged in Canada and poised to come down into Idaho to kill you all. Be ready my friends be ready. Your duty is to kill any and all foreign troops on US soil.

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