China’s New Basket Case Weapon Will Turn Entire Cities Into Basket Cases

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we learn that China has a new ‘weapon’ that will turn you and I and entire cities into ‘basket cases‘. Before I go any further, I have to ask, have they already used this upon Washington DC and Capitol Hill and most big cities in America? It might certainly explain….well, you know…never mind. This ‘weapon’ sure sounds like what the US shadow govt. uses upon those who dissent, putting them through electronic torture and harassment. A video about electronic harassment via directed energy weapons is below. Directed energy weapons are real, they are here, and we are the target. This story from Bloomberg shares of China’s new propaganda ‘weapon’ and the tweets about it that have gone viral in China.   

What’s the latest weapon in the Chinese military’s arsenal of high-tech killing machines? It might be an airplane capable of disseminating propaganda so powerful it induces nervous breakdowns, according to report in Tuesday’s Global Times, a state-owned newspaper close to the military.

Detailed photos of the plane – known as the Gaoxin VII — circulated on the Chinese Internet in advance of the article, probably leaked by military sources eager to publicize the new aircraft. In the article, the Global Times neither confirms nor denies the plane’s existence. It does reprint the photos and provide a thorough inventory of the aircraft’s (theoretically) formidable capabilities:

“When carrying out a mission, the airplane will use its own ‘programs’ to forcefully overpower enemy television stations, radio stations and wireless communication networks, interfere with the enemy’s propaganda dissemination programs, affect the enemy’s military-civilian morale, and create rumors and confusion, thus causing the enemy, from government to everyday citizens, to have ‘nervous breakdowns’ and achieving their goal of rendering them helpless and unable to fight.”

In other words, one moment you’re sitting at home watching CNN, and the next you’re a basket case because your television is locked on a steady stream of Chinese Communist Party propaganda. (For the record, CNN already DOES turn people into basket cases!!!) More and a video below.

The Global Times’s story has been tweeted and re-tweeted tens of thousands of times on Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging service — and very rarely with admiration. “Hegemony just around the corner,” tweeted a microblogger in Guangdong province. “According to reports, Obama has drafted his surrender,” wrote another in Beijing.

8 thoughts on “China’s New Basket Case Weapon Will Turn Entire Cities Into Basket Cases

  1. Yep, this wouldn’t surprise me, if true. This weapon has Communist China written all over it. Anything to pollute the environment with noise, bad air and mass propaganda all in one. The way of Communist China.

  2. It isn`t just china, it is all of the world so called POS leaders – if that is what they call themselves and what the people of the world call them sissy bastards. The china govt. as well as the U S govt. are in cahouts with all of the other govt.s of this world to turn on the little people, meaning you and me. Us peple have got to start rebelling against the PTB and hurt them where it hurts – meaning takeing their lives and their families lives and all of what they represent and DESTROY THEM and I do mean DESTROY THEM BASTARDs. Untill we all stand up and do something towards the govt.s of this world to control them evil empires nothing will ever change, and we deserve everything they have to give us because all us people are good at is pissin and moaning and crying about worthless BS. We have got to take them arrogant pos out and burying them and everything they represent. Every damned last one of them.

    1. Nope.

      It’s called television.

      Which is why I said it’s too late. Entire cities are already basket cases, thanks to tv.

  3. Hate to rain on China’s Commie Parade, but Commissar Sorento has kicked that weapons program in long ago.

    Think it’s called the Zioturd Bomb.

  4. LOOK
    You can get a plant called Datura. With ppe, it is able to be dried and ground into a powder and then…lofted at dee sea or you local criminal outpost.

    This will either give them an instant heart attack or make them very zombie-ish. You can tell them to drive you to the bank and give you their money and they will smile and race you to the car. You can tell them to kill them selves and they will happily comply. No matter what they will not remember anything.

    When the shtf this plant may… be deployed on all armed aggressors within my area. They do not need to inhale it. It need only touch their skin. Iv grown these beautiful plants for years. The smell hypnotizes from many feet away.

    I have never used it on anyone(or myself) because im not a piece of sh!t criminal. I have NEVER refined it myself. I hope never to.

    This plant has many names. Datura is its first botanical name. Some call it Angel trumpets. Some call it devils breath.

    I first heard about it on a 20/20 report back in the 90s how kids in Cal where smoking it and dying. If you are familiar with VICE videos, they have a vid where they went to Columbia. It is called a different name there. Soropina or something like that. In that country people know not to fall asleep under this tree. I grow it next to my hammock.(10ft) Maybe I should move You need not worry about pets getting into it because they look afraid when they see it and often run away.

    It is legal to buy and grow in this country. If you have bad intent it then becomes illegal. Be careful with this. 1 gram of it can kill you and a dozen others too. It can give you an instant heart attack. The smell of it is its drug. The contact with it is its poison.

    All this high tech and nature has already out teched us again.

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