Chinese Unveil New Stealth Bomber

Pictures of a new Chinese stealth bomber were leaked onto the internet Thursday.  Apparently by the Chinese government in an effort to show off their new technology and flex their military muscle.  The belief that it must have been the Chinese government that leaked the photo is based on the fact that the internet is censored 100% in China and the picture has not been removed.

What do you want to bet that the plane was made with materials derived from scrap metal from the United States?  For ten years before World War II American scrap metal was being sold to Japan.  This is indeed what they built the war machine with that they used against us.  How ironic would it be if seventy years later we once again had bombs dumped on us from a plane made out of American scrap?

What the people of the United States are failing to understand is that we are already at war with China and have been for quite some time now.  The Chinese are a militaristic people and they pride themselves in using strategies designed to conquer superior enemies with minimal or no loss of life on their side.  They have been for the past twenty years launching a constant economic attack on the United States.  Twenty years ago China was considered to be insignificant on the world stage.  Now they own about a trillion dollars of our debt.

There are those who say that all is just good business and the Chinese have just got the upper hand for the moment.  I respectfully disagree.  Last summer I took a trip to Seattle, Washington where the Chinese have established one of their major beachheads.  I took a boat tour of the Puget Sound.  The gentleman talking over the intercom described one port business after another that had been started as an American company, but that are now Chinese owned.  I don’t believe, besides the tour boat I was on, there was one American ship present.

After the boat ride I toured the waterfront on foot, which really was not necessary as rickshaws littered the streets.  Walking down the sidewalk, passing the various establishments, Mandarin Chinese ran gleefully in my ears.  A further tour of the city, provided by an old friend, revealed Chinese owned gated communities and establishments in every quarter.  I think it is safe to say that Beijing, for every intent and purpose, controls Seattle, Washington, USA.

But it is not just Seattle; the Chinese also own ports in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  Oh, and by the way they also control both ends of the Panama Canal, which we built.

One of the age old strategies in war is the art of diversion.  You get your opponent to concentrate on one hand, thus diverting attention from the other.  Right now the people of the United States have their eyes fixed on the hand that is economic crisis, while the other hand is actually a Chinese fist getting ready to bust us in the jaw.

I usually end my articles by bestowing a blessing upon my fellow Earthlings.  Not today.  God damn the sneaky Chinese.

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  1. Yep. damn the Chinese and everyone else that really “should” not be here. And, you know what else?, on a much less grand scale, is that the Chinese had floats in the Rose Parade. Had to turn it off when I saw them. There is no sister city to any of ours, in China (as was propagandized) and they should be be allowed to infiltrate any institution, even the Rose Parade.

    1. If the Chinese really had something beneficial they would have shown the thing flying. It looks nice but as stated is reverse engineered. I bet the thing falls out of the sky the first time it’s test flown.

      Great article Rick.

  2. I agree with you completely on that, Mark. I guess what I was trying to say was that they’ve stolen enough of our top secret aeronautical plans to try to make a similar looking plane. Looking like a Raptor is one thing, but flying like one is a whole different matter.

  3. You have a valid point there, Dee Dee. We underestimated the Japanese until all of our battleships were sitting on the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

    1. lifeh2o, You are absolutely right. Executing political dissidents and selling their organs to the highest bidder should be considered the epitome of non-violence.

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