11 thoughts on “This is what choking on smoke looks like from space!

  1. Originally from Mt, state burning up, people criticized on social media for saying Pray for Mt, Oregon burning up and now Calif. Hurricane in Tx, controlled by HAARP all of it for the most part.

  2. While Oregon burns, I’ll bet they put this one out in a hurry 😡 :
    “Largest fire in Los Angeles history forces hundreds to evacuate”

    “L.A. Mayor Garcetti declares emergency in 5,000-acre La Tuna Fire”

    “Massive, Fast-Moving Brush Fire Rages Outside Los Angeles, Forcing Evacuations”

    1. Stay Safe.

      It is disgusting that they are not doing more to stop this fire.
      All TPTB seem to care about is major cities, resorts, tourists… 👿

  3. “Chetco Bar Fire now 143,000 acres, slowly moving toward Illinois Valley”

    “Fire danger expands Be Ready to Evacuate notice to communities along Highway 126 corridor around McKenzie Bridge
    Local farms step up and offer help for those evacuating livestock and animals”

  4. Most of what I’ve seen lately (other than in the Trenches) has been re. where to avoid on Labor Day. 😡 👿
    Stories such as these:

    “Oregon wildfires: What to know before Labor Day travels”

    “With Oregon on fire, where should you go, or avoid, this Labor Day Weekend?”

  5. THIS SUCKS!!! 😡

    The smoke is so thick here you can almost cut it with a knife! Could BARELY even see the moon the last 2 nights. The smoke has blocked out SOME of the sun’s heat, BUT… the humidity created reminds me of San Antonio… and London, Parkhill & Grand Bend, Ontario before that. HORRIBLE!!!!!

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