Chris C. Cleverly Lays Out How Covid ‘VackSeenz’ Selling Is TV Marketing; Not Science


February 24th, 2021.

[Ken Adachi Note: Chris Crutchfield is fantastic! He would make the Perfect inner city high school teacher (usually occupied by Marxist robots), combining humor & knowledge in an easy-to-learn, likable delivery. ]

Jan. 28, 2021
From Chris Crutchfield
The One About Vackseenz

Share this to those you know need to hear this… tag someone. Ask questions. I’m down to help my people get a clear understanding on what we’re all dealing with here… but I’m not trying to fight or debate anyone. Take the info… click the linktree in my @67podcast bio for hard evidence if you don’t know where I’m coming from with this perspective, or if you want a head start on swimming through the actual science that’s just not being reported accurately.

It’s one of the touchiest subjects ever, like the imperfect smoothie of talking both politics AND religion at the in-laws’ dinner table… today I explain some really important insights into this new mRNA technology, the proposed “solutions” being offered here, and some of the things they’re leaving out of the conversation that most people should know.


Thank you for this. Praying some of my family and loved ones will listen and realize just what’s happening here. Thank you for explaining it in an easy way to hear. (As well as entertaining )

From AG in UK
Feb 24 2021
Hi Ken,
This video has a young black American guy speaking to appeal to other youngsters by cutting through the marketing in the MSM and revealing the issues we have covered such as the vaccines are not FDA approved but allowed as for an emergency, thus not fully tested. That those vaxxed have ADE, antibody dependent enhancement which means when a real corona virus hits them they will die as their antibodies are not true antibodies. He explains the difference between relative stats and absolute stats, to debunk the claimed 94% efficacy of the vaccines. He covers the history of mRNA vaccines and their failure, he agrees that DNA is not being altered but that the injected mRNA is instructing the DNA to produce spike proteins. He speaks clearly with no video clips of scientists but saying people should research for themselves, not accepting the hype. Hopefully young people may start to think, if they watch it

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Bill Beeby on February 24, 2021
The problem is that the millions of people who desperately need to know this information will never see it and will remain brain washed. I do not know what can be done when the MSM , political and health institutions all 100% push this technology . Already millions have had one or two shots of this concoction and if this is even half true ( which I believe it is ) then they are beyond help . This is beyond evil and we need help from whatever ” good ” powers are out there , providing of course they still exist.

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