Chris Christie On Guns Redux

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

Kurt Hofmann:

If true–if Christie really believes that this will be enough to appease gun rights advocates–he is adding insult to the injury of the extremely draconian anti-gun bills he has signed, like the one that enables the federal government to disarm anyone it chooses, simply by designating political enemies as “suspected terrorists.” One would certainly hope that gun rights advocates are both far too intelligent and far too proud to be bought off that easily.  

Yes.  Read all of Kurt’s assessment of Christie’s recent pandering in his rejection of the ban on .50 rifles.  I am equally unimpressed.  Recall that we’ve discussed Chris Christie before.  Chris Christie is a gun grabber from way back who made his fame in New Jersey by supporting the assault weapons ban.

David Codrea notes another source that points out that Christie opposed concealed carry in New Jersey and is admitted to support strict gun control.

Chris Christie is of the get the hell off the beach crowd of obnoxious, loud mouth, blow hard, windbags who like to run the lives of other people.  However, that’s not what’s really wrong with him.  I may be a loud mouth too, but at least I’m not a totalitarian.  But it would be just like the dead elephant party to nominate this man for national office.

5 thoughts on “Chris Christie On Guns Redux

  1. Perhaps he should spend more time at the salad bar and less time with the Queen’s Pussies [ google: prince phartingham + pastel + ioc + geriatric goose stepper ] I think he and Piers Morgan should go on a love boat cruise and settle in a country that has no guns. Gun control is Treason. Janet Napolitano was removed with a single google:

    napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + McConnell

    napolitano + margie sullivan + redtree + vogt + dunning + McConnell

  2. Is that fat bastard even human? He looks like he should be transported to the nearest zoo so he can find himself a girlfriend in the gorilla cage.

    Herschel Smith (author) is a Jew, and the reason for writing an article to expose that “Chris Christie is a gun grabber”, is to suggest that there are people in our government who aren’t.

    Any politician who seems to support the second article right to keep and bear arms is only doing so as a marketing strategy to get himself re-elected. They ALL want us disarmed, but they sell themselves like whores to the public, pretending to support whatever sells in their area.

  3. This guy is another fascist pig….
    Don’t allow him to be elected to anything, ever again.
    Another one of those people who can’t think……..
    Has a bowl of mush for brains…..

  4. You know what the real difference is between Christie and Jewish neo-comunist Chuck Schumer?

    About 200 lbs.!

    Christie is the poster pig for the necessity of a third party.

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