Chris Cuomo THREATENS to throw man down stairs

Published on Aug 12, 2019

Chris Cuomo threatens to throw man down stairs; says calling him “Fredo” is like “using the n-word.”


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4 Responses to Chris Cuomo THREATENS to throw man down stairs

  1. galen says:

    Have seen many comments of folks wondering if this will get Chris red-flagged. Ha! These guys are comin’ apart at the seams; don’t know what to do with an awakened populace. Imagine their stress level? Imagine ours?


  2. galen says:

    Ha! Pot/kettle.

    Trump heaps MORE scorn on ‘out-of-control animal’ Chris Cuomo following CNN host’s F-bombing threats to beat up a heckler who called him ‘Fredo’ – and says ‘I would not have wanted to see a weapon in his hand!’:


  3. Martist says:

    Narcissism, paranoia and steroids sprinkled on your wheaties will do that to ya.

    Probably also a staged event to plant the idea that that it’s a good idea to not allow some people to have a weapon. After all, chump and chomo are actors.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    That East coast accent is enough to make you want to coldcock that puke as soon as he threatened to throw you down the stairs.

    That would have been entertaining.

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